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shall not err therein. Clusters of comfort hang so low, that the least child in God's family can reach them. The streams of consolation flow so gently, and so near, that any thirsty soul can drink of them. In the val. leys are all manner of trees for food, enough and to spare ;

and every one can pluck and eat. On the hill top there are also some precious fruits, but the sides are steep, the height is great, and the light there is dazzling ; so that few comparatively can reach the summit, enjoy the views, and relish the productions. Looking up from below, we cannot trace the entire road, or see clearly the connection of the parts; and looking down from above, we cannot perceive the harmony of the great whole.

We can see something of the top from the bottom, and we can see the bottom from the top, but much that is intermediate we must leave. Our father knows all about it," but we must be satisfied to know in part at present; looking forward and expecting, that when that which is perfect is come, then shall we know, even as also we are known. Let it comfort us to think that our father knows the whole, and that he will make all plain to us by and bye: and in the confidence of this, let us be satisfied to believe, what we cannot harmonize, if it is clearly stated in God's blessed word.

Anthony Ottway is very much tried by a class of men who seem determined to do lim


all the injury they can. Their designs are against him for evil, and their

plans are clever. ly drawn. He appears to be like the bird in the snare of the fowler, and how to extri. cate himself he cannot tell. He is almost weary of his life, and is often tempted to cry out, “O that I had wings like a dove, for then would I fly away and be at rest." He has called upon God, but obtains no answer. Again and again has he expected deliverance, but has been disappointed ; and now, like David, he is ready in a fit of unbelief to say,

As the Lord liveth, and as thy soul liveth, there is but a step between me and death ;" or a step between me and ruin. Fear not, Anthony, do not give way to despondency, "your Father knows all about it : he will turn the counsel of Ahithophel into foolish

He will make a way for your escape. He will appear to your joy, and every enemy shall be confounded. He knows their de. signs against thee, his eye is on the plans they have formed to injure thee, and he will curb their tongues, control their passions, blast their purposes, and overrule all for your good. There is no darkness or shadow of death, where the workers of iniquity may hide themselves, or conceal their purposes from his eye. Therefore wait on the Lord, trust also in him ; and he will appear for you ; then they who are your enemies shall see it, and be ashamed, and shame shall cover them that said unto thee, " Where is the Lord thy God ?


Beloved, the perfect knowledge that God hath of all objects and subjects, of all that hath been, is, or can be, is a subject full of comfort to us, for he will certainly employ his knowledge, as well as his wisdom, for our welfare. Our heavenly Father knows all about us, our tempers, dispositions, and infirmities. He knows every good desire, and every evil inclination; our conflict with corruption, and our struggling with our foes. He knows all the persons and circumstances by which we are surrounded, and the varied influences to which we are exposed. Every enemy plans, purposes, and schemes against us, under his eye; and he says, “I will frustrate your plans, and cross your designs, for whereas you think to do them ill, you shall really do them good.” Every loss occurs under his eye, nor can a penny go without his permission ; and though we may think we have not enough, he considers that we have just so much, too much, as he allows us to lose. Therefore, as to the dark things of his providence, and the deep things of his grace, let us leave them to him, believing that all is right, and attend to his loving ad. monition, “O fear the Lord, ye his saints; for there is no want to them that fear him!” Gracious Lord, fill us with humility, that we may yield to thy providence, bow to thy word, and believe in thy love, happen what may!

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To me

I HAVE just been charmed by hearing a young lady sing a beautiful hymn, the burden of which is, “My home is in heaven, my home is not here.” This has set me musing, for I am pretty much of a home bird. _ I was never very fond of travelling, and as I get old, I like it less and less. I can enjoy a short visit, but I do not like long ones. there is no place like home. The dear old scenes, and the familiar old faces, are far more pleasant than fresh ones. Still, the best, the happiest home on earth bas its defects. It is not all we wish. We cannot shut out all the disagreeables.

Nor can we bring in all that is desirable. We cannot find perfect enjoyment, nor do we enjoy full satisfaction. The poet has well said, “Full bliss, is bliss divine.” In the happiest home, there are some wants; and in the most satis. fied bosom, there are some wishes. Where is the family in which there is not an Absolom, or a Dinah P Where is the house into which disease and death cannot enter ? In a few years, how changed our houses become!

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Well, our home, as believers in Jesus, is not here. The home of the heart is where Jesus is. Our home, our Father's house is above.

Let us then think of heaven as our home. There our heavenly Father dwells, unveils his glory, displays all his love, and places at the disposal of his children all the riches of his grace. There the whole family meet. The Church of the first born. There, as the Apostle speaks, is Jerusalem which is above, which is the mother of us all. Our elder brother, our beloved Saviour is there. The holy and ever blessed Comforter is there. The Cherubim, the Seraphim, all the elect angels, and every holy and happy spirit redeemed by a Saviour's blood will be there. What glorious society! We shall become acquainted with all. We shall enjoy the company of all. We shall love all. We shall be in the closest union with all. There will be no shyness, no strangeness, no distance there. There will be no empty seat, no vacant place, no missing one there. The whole family, every brother and sister, will be there. All holy. All happy. All at home, and at home for ever. O sweet and blessed home of the Lord's family!

There we shall be free from all that burdens the mind, tries the temper, agitates the nerves, or depresses the spirits. There we shall be free to worship, to serve, and enjoy God without interruption. There we shall be familiar with the Patriarchs and Prophets,

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