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These wars determine : if I cannot persuade thee
Rather to shew a noble grace to both parts,
Than seek the end of one, thou shalt no sooner
March to assault thy country, than to tread
(Trust to't, thou shalt not) on thy mother's womb,
That brought thee to this world.

Vir. Ay, and mine,
That brought you forth this boy, to keep your name
Living to time.

340 Boy. He shall not tread on me; I'll run away 'till I am bigger, but then I'll fight.

Cor. Not of a woman's tenderness to be, Requires nor child nor woman's face to see. I have sat too long.

Vol. Nay, go not from us thus. If it were so, that our request did tend To save the Romans, thereby to destroy The Volsces whom you serve, you might condemn

us, As poisonous of your honour : No; our suit 350 Is, that you reconcile them : while the Volsces May say, This mercy we have shew'd; the Romans, This we receiv'd; and each in either side Give the all-hail to thee, and cry, Be blest For making up this peace! Thou know'st, great son, The end of war's uncertain; but this certain, That, if thou conquer Rome, the benefit Which thou shalt thereby reap, is such a name, Whose repetition will be dogg’d with curses ; Whose chronicle thus writ-The man was noble, 360

1 Act 5


Sone 3.

Thornthwai Soup

Burney da
MYAZES in the Character of VOLUMNIA.

O So we wrill home to Rome,
and die

among our Meighbours

London Printed for John Bell British Library Strand Aug! 229,786 . '

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London Printed for John Bell Britilh Library Strand Ango! 2291786.

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