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Turner Mr. John, Bottom's Lodge Whittaker Mr. James, Wirksworth (two Turner Mr. Henry, Duffield

copies) Turner Mr. John, Duffield

Whyman Mr. William, Derby
Turner Mr. Edward, Hayfield
Turner Mr. Christopher, Derby

Whysall Mr. George, Heanor

Wild Mr. William, Stony Middleton Twigg Mr. J. A. Chesterfield

Wightman Mrs. Sarah, Derby Twigge Mr. Joseph, Ashover

Wigley Mr. Mansfield

Wilkins and Son, Messrs. Derby (sit Wade Mr. George, Mickleover

copies Wadsworth Mr. Charlesworth

Wilkson Mr. George, Taddington Wagstaffe Mr. John, Glossop

Willder Mr. Samuel, Derby Wagstaffe Mr. Thomas, Woodseats Willder Mr. Thomas, Derby Waine Mr. Avery, Chesterfield

Williams Mr. Sudbury Wainwright Mr. William, Sheffield Williams Mr. German, Derby Wall Mr. James, Wirksworth

Williamson Mr. Richard, Derby Wall Mr. Richard, Wirksworth

Williamson Mr. Chapel-en-le-Frith Wallis Mr. George, Derby

Willis and Andrew Messrs. Eyam Walker and Son Messrs. Derby

Willock Mr. William H. London Walker Mr. Thomas, Derby

Wilmot Mr. William, Little Eaton Walker Mr. James, Belper

Wilson Mr. Joshua, Derby Walker Mr. Thomas, Belper

Wilson Mr. George, Wirksworth Walters Mr. Henry, Alfreton

Wilson Mr, Matthew, Chesterfield Walters Mr. John, Normanton

Wolstenholme Mr. Thomas, Eckington Walters Mr. William, Edensor

Wood Mr. John, Glossop Walton Mr. Thomas W. Derby

Wood late Mr. William, Buxton Ward Mr. Thomas, Ashbourn

Wood Mr. George, Buxton Ward Mr. Robert, Derby

Wood Mr. John, Derby Wardlow Mr. Charlesworth

Woodhead Messrs. Chesterfield (three Warin late Mr. Ashbourn

copies Warren Mr. William, Derby

Woollatt Mr. John, Burley Waterall Mr. George, Wirksworth Wormsley Mr. Robert, Chesterfield Watson Mr. John, Derby

Wragg Mrs. Margaret, Castleton Wayte Mr. Ashby-de-la-Zouch

Wright Mr. John, New Brampton Webster Mr. Thomas, Mercaston Hall Wright Edward and Son, Messrs. New ( 4to copy)

Brampton Webster Mr. John, Derby

Wright Mr. Thomas, Derby Webster Mr. George, Derby

Wright Mr. John, Derby Weston Mr. Joseph, Belper

Wright Mr. John, Chesterfield Wheatcroft Nathaniel and Son Messrs. Wright Mr. George, Newark Cromford

Wright Mr. Charles, Wirksworth Wheatcroft German and Son Messrs. Wright Mr. James, Dronfield Cromford

Wright Mr. Richard, Ashby-de-la-Zouch Wheeldon Mr. Samuel, Derby

Wright Mr. Samuel Job, Derby
Wheeldon Mr. George, Derby
Wheelhouse Mr. John, Eckington Vallance Mr. John, Matlock Bath
Whiston Mr. Joseph, Ashbourn
White Mr. John, Sutton

Yates Mr. Abraham, Walton on Trent White Mr. William Morledge, Chad. Young Vr. Thomas, Derby desden

Young Messrs. Derby Whitehurst Mr. John, Derby

Young Mr. Charles, Sandiacre


and is illustrated by a geological plate, and a variety of other

Stephen Glover has been induced, contrary to his original
intention, to publish the work in parts, on account of his
having obtained an accumulation of interesting materials,
far exceeding his most sanguine expectations. This mass
of important matter is the result, partly of his own re-
searches, and partly of kind contributions of intelligent per-
sons in every portion of the County. For this reason,
the History will necessarily be extended to a size MUCH
GREATER than was originally projected ; and will comprise
THREE OTHER PARTS of considerable bulk.

The SECOND PART, which will complete the FIRST
VOLUME, will contain

The remainder of the General Political History,

Statistics, Government, &c. of the County,
Ancient Genealogical History,
Biography of eminent persons, either natives of Derbyshire,

or long resident in the County.

The THIRD PART (which will form the FIRST PART of the
SECOND VOLUME) will comprise about HALF OF THE

General History of the Towns, Villages, &c. obtained from
sources entirely, or for the most part, new.

PAROCHIAL HISTORY, will terminate the work.

The SECOND VOLUME, the FIRST PART of which is
nearly ready for publication, will contain above fifty copper
and steel engravings of noblemen's and gentlemen's seats,
churches, monuments, &c. and about one hundred and twenty
shields of armorial bearings of the resident families, with
tables of genealogy.

The Plates.
Chatsworth House, by Sir Jeffry Wyatville, knt. -
Hardwick Hall
Countess of Shrewsbury's Monument, by Mr. Cubley
Haddon Hall, by Mr. Henry Moore
Stanton Woodhouse, by Mr. John Rayner
Bretby House, by Mr. Henry Moore
Bretby House, by Mr. Henry Stevens
Kedleston House, by Mr. Henry Moore
Doveridge Hall
Sudbury Hall and Monuments, by Mr. H. Moore
Melbourn Hall, by Mr. Henry Moore
Calke Abbey, two views, by Mr. Glover
Drakelow Hall, by Mr. Henry Moore
Tissington Hall, by Peter Bainbrigge, esq.
Ashbourn Hall, by Mr. Henry Moore
Egginton Hall, by Mr. Henry Moore
Wingerworth Hall
Willesley Hall, by Mr. R. L. Wright -
Duffield Hall, by a Lady
Stony Middleton Hall, by Mr. Henry Moore
Willersley Castle, by Mr. George Glover
Beauchief Hall. by Mr. Henry Moore
Brookfield Halí, by Mr. Henry Moore
Dunston Hall, by Mr. Henry Moore
Stanton House and Lodge, by Mr. John Rayner -
Snelston Hall, by - Nash, esq. ..
Langley Park, by Mr. Henry Moore
Bridge Hill House and Cotton Mills, by Mr. H. M.
Portrait of Jedediah Strutt, esq. by Joseph Wright
Radbourn Hall, by Mr. H. Moore
Radbourn Rectory and Church, by Mr. H. Moore
Dalbury Church and Rectory, by Mr. H. Moore.
Barlborough Hall

The following and others are engraved at the expense of the Proprietor :

All Saints Church, by Mr. R. V. Knight Portrait of Sir Richard Arkwright, by J.

Ashbourn Church, by Peter Bainbrigge, esq. Wright

Monuments in Ashbourn Church

Portrait of Samuel Oldknow, esq. by Mr.

Wirksworth Church, by Mr. John Rayner
Monuments in Wirksworth Church, by Ditto View of Belper Church, by Matthew Haber-
Portrait of Flamsteed, the Astronomer

shon, esq.
Portrait of Joseph Wright, by Himself Geological Plate of the Strata of Derbyshire
Portrait of Whitehurst

A Map of the County, with fourteen views
View of the Town Hall, by Matthew Haber round the border.

shon, esq.

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Preliminary observations ..

Springs (with alphabetical list)
Situation, extent, &c. . .

Mineral waters

Form, surface, mountain ridges . 4 Ebbing and flowing well . . 32

Great alpine ridge and minor ridges 6 Rivers

List of mountains, hills, &c.


Trent . . . .

Valleys . . .


Derwent ..

List of narrow rocky valleys.

Dove .


Erewash, Mease, An

Peak Hole Cavern

Bootle, Wye

Poole's Hole .

Bradford, Lathkil, &c.

Elden Hole . . . 17 Cascades and waterfalls . . 40

Crystallized Cavern .

Ponds and reservoirs

Caverns at Matlock . 22 Scenic character

• . . 41

List of natural caverns, water swal Climate, winds and rain . . 42

lows, &c.

. . 24 Temperature and longevity . . 43



· 44 Hillcar, Cromford and Wirksworth

Primary rocks, transition or inter-


mediate rocks

. 45 Rights of miners in the king's field

Millstone grit . .

. 45 Lessees of mineral duties

Shale or shiver

. 46 Origin of the laws ..

Limestone and toadstone

46 Sorts of ore and smelting furnaces. 68

Principal strata

• 48 Miners' standard dish

Red marl

. 49 Smelting furnaces

Magnesian limestone

50 Annual produce


50 Veins of lead ore, antiquity of lead

List of collieries

mines and Roman pigs of lead · 71

History and mode of working the Mineral laws

coal mines

• :

56 Barmaster gives possession . . 74

Measures of strata

Method of working. the mines ..

Shipley deep field and West Ancient laws injurious to improvement 75
Hallam . . . 59 List of lead mines

Ilkeston, Alfreton common, Cupolas . . .

Pinxton and Stubley 60 Average produce of lead ore

Adelphi and Hady

61 Slickensides


62 Ironstone and mode of getting

Nature of Derbyshire coal

Iron furnaces and founderies

Gritstone and shale

62 Ores of iron .

First grit rock


Great shale or schistus

63 Copper, zinc, sulphuret of zinc and

Mineral limestone


Veins of lead ore

65 Silver, grey ore of antimony

Rake veins

· 65 Limestone and list of quarries :


. 65 Marble

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Natural productions of Derbyshire,

CLASS 2. Birds.


103 Observations . .. . . 139


Golden eagle, osprey, kite and buz-

Class 1. Monandria . . 105 zard

2. Diandria

· 105 Goshawk, hen harier, ring tail, kes-

3. Triandria . . 106 trel, sparrow hawk, little buzzard,

4. Tetrandria . . 108 merlin, white owl, horned owl

5. Pentandria . 109 and short-eared owl

. . 145

6. Hexandria . . 112 Screech owl, brown owl, little owl,

7. Heptandria . . 112 butcher bird, raven, crow and rook 146

8. Octandria .. . 112 Royston crow, jackdaw, jay, magpie,

9. Enneandria .. . 113 cuckoo and wrynecki .

10. Decandria .

. 114

Woodpecker, kingfisher, nuthatch,

11. Dodecandria . . 115 creeper and starling . . 148

12. Jcosandria . . 115 Misletoe, song and heath thrush,

13. Polyandria . . 116 redwing, fieldfare, blackbird, ring

14. Didynamia ..

. 117

ouzel, water ouzel, rose coloured

15. Tetradynamia . 119 ouzel and waxen chatterer . 149

16. Monadelphia . . 119

Crossbill, grosbeak, greenfinch, bull-

17. Diadelphia . . 120 finch, bunting, yellow hammer,

18. Polyadelphia 121 reed, house and tree sparrow . 150

19. Syngenesia . . 121 Chaffinch, brambling, goldfinch,

20. Gynandria

. 124 common linnet, greater and lesser

21. Monoecia

. 124

red-headed linnet, siskin, fly-

22. Dioecia

catcher, sky, tit and wood lark . 151

23. Polygamia . . 126 Pipet lark, white, grey and yellow

24. Cryptogamia . 126 wagtail, nightingale, hedge spar-

Zoology of Derbyshire

row and redstart

. . 152


Wood wren, lesser pettichaps, gold-

Horse and ass

. 130

en-crested wren, lesser white-

Ox and sheep

throat, sedge warbler, robin red-

Goat, stag and fallow deer . . 132 breast and wheatear . . 153

:.. . . . 133

· 133 Willow wren, wren, whinchat, stone-

Dog, several varieties

. 134 chat, white-throat, blackcap,

Wolf, fox, wild cat, badger and otter 136 greater, cole, marsh and blue tit-

Polecat, marten, ferret, weasel, stoat, mouse

. . . . 154

hedgehog and mole . . 137 Longtailed titmouse and swallow 155

Hare, rabbit, rat (varieties of) Martin, sand martin, swift and goat-

mouse (varieties of) and squirrel' 138 sucker . . . . 156


. . . . 139

. 131

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