Santo Sebastiano: or, The young protector, by the author of 'The romance of the Pyrenées'.

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Page 170 - called to his wife; and Lady Gaythorn started up. — " My dear Miss De Clifford !" said her ladyship, with the most winning politeness and cordiality, " I hope you will give me the pleasure of your company at dinner to-morrow, to meet a party of my friends, whom
Page 408 - impossible for the feeble pen of the present historian to portray the feelings which this letter awakened in the susceptible, grateful heart of Julia De Clifford. She threw herself, almost convulsed with agitation, upon the bosom, of Mrs. Goodwin, and
Page 283 - custom to it— I should feel as if I had too much of courage, could I make attempt, to do it. So, to-night, I will be observer only; and if, by seeing how others manage, I think, I may venture too, why then, when again, I do meet* Lord Francis, at the ball, I shall
Page 26 - maturer years; but here her fortitude forsook her. Her grandmother had long been the only relative known to her: she now felt as if left alone in a pitiless world; and her spirit seemed broken by the thread of Mrs. St. Clair's life. She fell upon the bosom of my wife, in an agony of
Page 231 - am, for Mr. Fitzroy's admirer; not Mr. Fitzroy, for mine." " Indeed!" said Mrs. Goodwin. " Yes, indeed," replied Julia. " I should be insensible, for the charms of virtue, for all, the attraction, of philanthropy, and benevolence, which emanates, from his so matchless mind, did I not, Mr. Fitzroy admire, exceedingly more, than I have expression to
Page 103 - piping hot from a boarding school. Lord bless us! Oh ! then, if it is not she, that's the flog of all that ever I saw! Moll Fluggins, who led the bear through Connaught, was a mannerly lamb to her. If she has not been perched below, in the servant's hall, upon the top of the
Page 346 - Heavens! sir," replied Mr. Smith, " don't talk of virtues here, where there is no humanity. Will no one have the commiseration, the bowels of compassion, to get me a burnt cork to roll beneath this beautiful nose (which still is beautiful, though unlike my own), or give me a glass of water to
Page 108 - with a smile, she replied—" Indeed* I could nothing claim,, for the admiration excited: for I was such a spectre, of illness,, that the only emotion, could I awaken, was pity very much in the beholder." " I know not what you then might have been," returned this pleasant-looking, cheerful old man;
Page 47 - is not of any, madam, that I ever did blush at all for, until this moment," said Julia, rising, with the most striking dignity, to take her leave; and as she reached out her hand to remove a chair which impeded her way, she found it gently taken : she looked to see by whom, and

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