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1 Are ye in earnest*, O faction, when ye talk of

righteousness, Do ye give-sentence uprightly, O ye sons of


2 Nay, but in your heart you work wickedness upon

the earth,
You concert your schemes of violence. +[A]

3 The impious are alienated, from the womb; From the very-birth, they go astray t, speakers of


4. Their malignant temper [B] is like the serpent ;

Like the deaf adder that stoppeth his ear,

* The insinuation of a hypocritical pretence to righteousness, strongly points at the Scribes and Pharisees of our Lord's times.

t Schemes of violence, literally, “ the violence of your “ hands.” i. e. You lay out, in your imaginations, the schemes which your hands are to execute.

† “ They wander,” i. e. they are unprincipled ;-they wander over the field of life, not determined to any certain path.

5 Which will not hearken to the sound of muttered

charms, [To the voice] of the skilful enchanter. [C]

6 God is breaking their teeth in their mouths; The grinders of the young-lions Jehovah is break

ing out. [D]

7 They shall [E] melt away like water which is in

continual flow, He shall level his arrows against them, And like ***** they shall split in pieces. [F]

8 Thou shalt dissolve them like wax,

Like as a woman's untimely birth is gone, [G] Never seen of the sun *.

9 Before your pots feel the bramble, In whirlwind and hurricane he shall

sweep them

away. [H]

* Or, “ not having seen the sun."

10 The Just ONE shall rejoice when he seeth the

vengeance, He shall wash his feet in the blood of the impious


11 So that mankind * shall say, Truly there is a re

ward for the Just ONE; Truly there is a God who executeth-judgement

in the earth.

* Literally, “a man.”




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