The Safety-valve of Life: How to Prevent Disease and Promote Health. Vaccination and Its Results. Why Have Fevers and Smallpox? The Soul and Brain, Startling Ideas. Brain Fever and the Ice-pad Treatment. Cholera and Hydrophobia. Facts from Personal Experience, Showing how Life and Health was Restored, Etc., Etc

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Allen, 1885 - 120 pages

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Page 104 - ... letters. Upon their separating from one another into distant countries, they agreed to withdraw themselves punctually into their closets at a certain hour of the day, and to converse with one another by means of this their invention. Accordingly when they were some hundred miles asunder, each of them shut himself up in his closet at the time appointed, and immediately cast his eye upon his dial-plate.
Page 103 - Lucretius, gives an account of a chimerical correspondence between two friends by the help of a certain loadstone, which had such a virtue in it, that if it touched two several needles, when one of the needles so touched began to move, the other, though at never so great a distance, moved at the same time, and in the same manner.
Page 104 - Accordingly when they were some hundred miles asunder each of them shut himself up in his closet at the time appointed, and immediately cast his eye upon his dialplate. If he had a mind to write anything to his friend he directed his needle to every letter that formed the words...
Page 78 - To exhaust a soil, however, a parasite less vigorous and destructive than the really virulent one may suffice ; and if, after having by means of a feebler organism exhausted the soil without fatal result, the most highly virulent parasite be introduced into the system, it will prove powerless.
Page 15 - Can have got to it over or under the ground. But of all things the most I would have you beware Of breathing the poison of once-breathed air ; When in bed, whether out or at home you may be, Always open your windows and let it go free.
Page 14 - But the skin within is the skin without Doubled inwards, and carried completely throughout. The palate, the nostrils, the windpipe, and throat Are all of them lined with this inner coat; Which through every part is made to extend— Lungs, liver, and bowels, from end to end. The outside skin is a...
Page 10 - admitting that there may be some unperceived fallacy in the experiments, and that the quantity is not so great as is here stated, still, after making every allowance, enough remains to demonstrate that exhalation is a very important function of the skin. And although the precise amount may be disputed, it is quite certain that the cutaneous exhalation is more abundant than the united excretions of both bowels and kidneys ; and that, according as the weather becomes warmer or colder, the skin and...
Page 14 - It will have its effect on your blood, be sure. The food which will ever for you be the best Is that you like most, and can soonest digest ; All unripe fruit and decaying flesh Beware of, and fish that is not very fresh. Your water — transparent and pure as you think it...
Page 104 - By this means they talked together across a whole continent, and conveyed their thoughts to one another in an instant over cities or mountains, seas or deserts.
Page 104 - If he had a mind to write any thing to his friend, he directed his needle to every letter that formed the words which he had occasion for, making a little pause at the end of every word or sentence, to avoid confusion. The friend, in the...

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