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Page 66 - Roman law, and the most refined and equitable distinctions are established and vindicated. Trusts are settled and pursued through all their numerous modifications and complicated details, in the most rational and equitable manner. So, the rights and duties flowing from personal contracts, express and implied, and under the infinite variety of shapes which they assume in the business and commerce of life, are defined and illustrated with a clearness and brevity without example.
Page 65 - Emperor by quickness of dispatch ; but with all its imperfections, it is a most valuable mine of judicial knowledge, it gives law at this hour to the greatest part of Europe, and though few English lawyers dare make such an acknowledgment, it is the true source of nearly all our English laws, that are not of a feudal origin.
Page 66 - But upon subjects relating to private rights and personal contracts, and the duties which flow from them, there is no system of law in which principles are investigated with more good sense, or declared and enforced with more accurate and impartial justice.
Page 35 - He had one ruling purpose of his life — the doing good to his fellow-creatures in his generation. He was eminently courteous and kind, generous, simple-hearted, of great modesty, of the strictest honor, and of spotless integrity.
Page 52 - Rome by observing that the empire was above two thousand miles in breadth, from the wall of Antoninus and the northern limits of Dacia to Mount Atlas and the tropic of Cancer ; that it extended in length more than three thousand miles, from the Western Ocean to the Euphrates ; that it was situated in the finest part of the Temperate Zone, between the twenty-fourth and fifty-sixth degrees...
Page 34 - Institutions ; with ^Observations on the Punishment of the Pillory ; and an Appeal against the Act for regulating Royal Marriages.
Page 65 - Upon a review, I think it may be maintained, that a great part of the Civil law is part of the law of England, and interwoven with it throughout.

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