The Miscellaneous Works of the Late Dr. Arbuthnot, Volume 1

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James Carlile, 1751 - Authors, English - 312 pages

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Page 24 - Cursed shall be the fruit of thy body, and the fruit of thy land, the increase of thy kine, and the flocks of thy sheep. Cursed shalt thou be when thou comest in, and cursed shalt thou be when thou goest out.
Page 25 - Tied to this massy globe with magic chain Now with swift thought I range from pole to pole, View worlds around their flaming...
Page 181 - Better is he that laboureth, and aboundeth in all things, than he that boasteth himself, and wanteth bread.
Page 24 - I the abandon'd orphan of blind chance, Dropp'd by wild atoms in disorder'd dance? Or from an endless chain of causes wrought, And of unthinking substance born with thought?
Page 154 - Employ'd at home, abides within the gate, To fortify the combs, to build the wall, To prop the ruins, lest the fabric fall : But, late at night, with weary pinions, come The lab'ring youth, and heavy laden, home.
Page 31 - ... to no Rules. There are very few things which we know, which are not capable of being reduc'd to a Mathematical Reasoning; and when they cannot...
Page 216 - Noah, and every living Thing, and all the Cattle, that was with him in the Ark : And GOD made a Wind to pafs over the Earth, and the Waters aflwaged.
Page 26 - tis a king depos'd. Pity him, beafts ! you by no law confin'd, Are barr'd from devious paths by being blind ; "Whilft man, through op'ning views of various ways Confounded, by the aid of knowledge ftrays -, Too weak to choofe, yet...
Page 29 - Blue (Greene) laugh at you, and scorn to keep you company. * * * You have made such musick as never man did before you, nor, I believe, never will be thought of again when you are gone...
Page 16 - Reafon after the fame manner, that he has but one ; what muft become of the whole ? a Law of great Confequence, and the Election of the Member who voteth for that Law, may be both carried by one Vote ; great and important Services for the Liberties of their Country, have been done by ordinary Men : I have read, that the Inftitution of the Tribunes of Rome, or the whole Power of the Commons, was owing to a Word fpoke in feafon by a common Man.

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