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What the other reviewer said. I bought this book following my diagnosis of Asperger's Syndrome and was rather disappointed for it to be brought to my attention that I didn't exist (and that if I did exist then that would be terrible).
Insulting, astonishingly ignorant and just generally deeply unpleasant, this is a book to be avoided at all costs by anyone who ... actually, no, by anyone. Unless you're planning to pulp it and make it into a papier mache sculpture or something.

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From the book:
"There are now a number of people who have diagnosed themselves as having Asperger syndrome. ... They do not need the attention of a clinician. ... To them it is merely a difference
, and a difference to be proud of.
"Some campaigners go even further and say that for the whole of the autism spectrum it is wrong to talk of brain abnormalities, wrong to focus on deficits of the mind, and wrong to highlight impairments in behaviour. Instead there should only be talk of differences in brain and mental make-up, some of which represent the autistic mind. This is a strange proposition. To someone who is familiar with classic cases and other severe cases of autism, and knows of the suffering that is associated with autism, it seems perverse. You may disagree, but then this book is not for you."
You can say that again!
Persistently uses dehumanizing and objectifying language to talk about autistic people, including relentless use of narrative "we" to a presumably neurotypical readership and "they" to identify autistic people.

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