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Thou for whom Jove would swear
Juno but an Ethiope were :
And deny himself for Jove,
Turning mortal for thy love.


My flocks feed not,
My ewes breed not,
My rams speed not,

All is amiss :
Love's denying,
Faith's defying,
Heart's renying,

Causer of this.
All my merry jigs are quite forgot,
All my lady's love is lost, God wot:
Where her faith was firmly fix'd in love,
There a nay is plac'd without remove.

One silly cross

Wrought all my loss;
O frowning fortune, cursed, fickle dame!

For now I see

More in women than in men remain.

In black mourn I,
All fears scorn 1,
Love hath forlorn me,

Living in thrall:
Heart is bleeding,
All help needing,
(O cruel speeding!)

Fraughted with gall!
My shepherd's pipe can sound no deal
My wether's bell rings doleful knell.
My curtail dog that wont to have play'd,
Plays not at all, but seems afraid ;

My sighs so deep,

Procure to weep,
In howling-wisc, to see my doleful plight.

How sighs resound

Through harkless ground,
Like a thousand vanquish'd men in bloody fight!

Clear wells spring not,
Sweet birds sing not,
Loud bells ring not

Herds stand weeping,
Flocks all sleeping,
Nymphs back creeping

Fearfully :
All cur pleasure known to us poor swains,
All our merry meetings on the plains,
All our evening sport from us is fled,
All our love is lost, for love is dead.

Farewell, sweet lass,

Thy like ne'er was For a sweet content, the cause of all my moan :

Poor Coridon

Must live alone,
Other help for him I see that there is none.

And when thou com'st thy tale to tell,
Smooth not thy tongue with filed talk,
Lest she some subtle practice swell;
(A cripple soon can find a halt :)

But plainly say thou lov’st her well,

And set thy person forth to sell.
Apd to her will frame all thy ways;
Spare not to spend, -and chiefly there
Where thy desert inay merit praise,
By ringing always in her ear:
The strongest castle, tower, and town,

The golden bullet beats it down.
Serve always with assured trust,
And in thy suit be humble, true
Unless thy lady prove unjust,
Seek never thou to choose anew :

When time shall serve, be thou not slack

To proffer, though she put thee back. What though her frowning brows be bent, Her cloudy looks will clear ere night; And then too late she will repent That she dissembled her delight;

And twice desire, ere it be day,

That with such scorn she put away. What though she strive to try her strength, And ban and brawl, and say thee nay, Her feeble force will yield at length, When craft hath taught her thus to say,

Had women been so strong as men,

In faith you had not had it then.
The wiles and guiles that women work,
Dissembled with an octward shew,
The tricks and toys that in them lurk,
The cock that treads them shall not know.

Have you not heard it said full oft,

A woman's nay doth stand for nought?
Think, women love to match with men,
And not to live so like a saint:
Here is no heaven; they holy then
Begin, when age doth them attaint.

Were kisses all the joys in bed,

One woman would another wed.
But soft; enough, too much I fear;
For if my lady hear my song,
She will not stick to ring mine ear,
To teach my tongue to be so long :

Yet will she blush, here be it said,
To hear her secrets so bewray'd.

Take, oh, take those lips away,

That so sweetly were forsworn; And those eyes, the break of day,

Lights that do mislead the morn: But my kisses bring again, Seals of love, but seal'd in vain. Hide, oh, hide those hills of snow

Which thy frozen bosom bears, On whose tops the pinks that grow

Are of those that April wears : But first set my poor heart free, Bound in those icy chains by thee.

XVIII. Let the bird of loudest lay,

On the sole Arabian tree,

Herald sad and trumpet be,
To whose sound chaste wings obey


When as thine eye hath chose the dame,
And stall’d the deer that thou would'st strike,
Let reason rule things worthy blame,
As well as fancy, partial tike:

Take counsel of some wiser head,
Neither too young, nor yet unwed.

But thou shrieking harbinger,

Foul pre-currer of the fiend,

Augur of the fever's end,
To this troop come thou not near!
From this session interdict

Every fowl of tyrant wing,

Save the eagle, feather'd king :
Keep the obsequy so strict.
Let the priest in surplice white,
That defunctive music can,

Be the death-divining swan,
Lest the requiem lack his right.
And thou, treble-dated crow,

That thy sable gender mak'st

With the breath thou giv’st and tak'st, 'Mongst our mourners shalt thou go. Here the anthem doth commence :

Love and constancy is dead;

Phænix and the turtle fled In a mutual flame from hence. So they lov'd, as love in twain

Had the essence but in one;

Two distincts, division none: Number there in love was slain. Hearts remote, yet not azunder;

Distance, and no space was seen

'Twixt the turtle and bis queen But in them it were a wonder. So between them love did shine,

That the turtle saw his right

Flaming in the Phenix' eight. Either was the other's mine

Property was thus appallid,

That ine self was not the same;

Single nature's double name Neither two nor one was call'd. Reason, in itself confounded,

Saw division grow together;

To themselves yet either, neither Simple were, so well compounded; That it cried, how true a twain

Seemeth this concordant one !

Love hath reason, reason none, If what parts can so remain. Whereupon it made this threne;

To the phænix and the dove,

Co-supremes and stars of love;
As chorus to their tragic scene.

Beauty, truth, and rarity,
Grace in all simplicity,
Here inclos'd in cinders lie.
Death is now the phonix' nest;
And the turtle's loyal breast
To eternity doth rest,
Leaving no posterity :-
'Twas not their infirmity,
It was married chastity.
Truth may seem, but cannot be;
Beauty brag, but 'tis not she;
Truth and beauty buried be.
To this urn let those repair
That are either true or fair;
For these dead birds sigb a prayer.





Agnize, acknowledge, confess, vow. Argument, subject for converse Abate, to depress, sink, subdue. A-good, in good earnest.

tion, evidence, proof. A B C, a catechism. Aim, guess, suspicion.

Arm, to take up in the arms. Abhor, to protest against. Airy fame, mere verbal eulogy. Aroint, avaunt, begone. Abjects, debased servile persons. Aider-liefest, best beloved. A-row, successively. Able, to qualify or uphold. Ale, a merry-meeting.

Art, practice as distinguished from Abortive, issuing before its time. A'life, at life.

theory; also, theory. Absolute, complete, perfect. Allow, to approve.

Articulate, to enter into articles.
Abuse, deception.
Allowance, approbation.

Artificial, ingenious, artful.
Abused, deceived.
Amaze, to perplex.

As, as if.
Aby, to pay dear for, to rue, to Amazonian chin, a beardless chin. Ascaunt, askew, sideways

Ames-ace, the lowest chance of Aspect, countenance. Abysm, abyss.

the dice,

Aspersion, sprinkling. Accite, to cite or summon, Amiss, misfortune.

As point, completely armed.
Accuse, accusation,
Amort, dispirited.

Assay, test.
Achieve, to obtain.
An, as if.

Ascapart, a giant.
Aconitum, wolf's-bane.
Anchor, a hermit.

Assinego, a male ass.
Acquittance, requital.

Ancient, an ensign, or standara- Astringer, a gentleman falconer. Action, direction by mute sigas, bearer.

Assurance, conveyance or deed charge, or accusation. Angle, a fishing-rod.

Assured, affianced.
Action-taking, litigious.
Anight, in the night.

Ates, instigate from Até, the god.
Actures, actions.
Answer, retaliation.

dess of bloodshed. Additions, titles or characters. Anthropophagi, cannibals. Atomies, minute particles visible Address, to prepare, to make Antick, the fool of the old play.

in the sun's rays. ready. Intiquity, old age.

Attasked, taken to task.
Addressed, or addrest, ready. Antres, caves and dens.

Attended, waited for.
Admittance, favour.
Appeache, to impeach.

Attent, attentive.
Advance, to prefer.
Appeal, to accuse.

Atone, to reconcile.
Advertising, attentive.

Appeared, made apparent. Attest, attestation. Adversity, contrariety.

Apple-john, an apple that will Attorney, deputation. Advertisement, admonition.

keep for two years.

Attorneyship, the discretional Advice, consideration, discretion, Apply, to attend to, consider.

agency of another. thought

Appointment, preparation. Attornied, supplied by substitution Advise, to consider, to recollect. Apprehension, opinion.

of embassies. Advised, cool, cautious.

Apprehensive, quick of compre- Audacious, spirited, animated. Aery or Aierv, a hawk's or eagle's bension.

Audrey, a corruption of Ethelrea. nest.

Approbation, entry or probation. Augurs, prognostications. Affect the letter, to practise alli- Approof, approbation, proof. Aukward, adverse. teration.

Approve, to justify, prove, esta- Aunts, strumpets. Affect, love.


Authentic, learned. Affection, affectation, imagination. Approved, experienced.

Awful, reverend. Affectioned, affected.

Approvers, those who try. Awless, failing to produce a ve. Affects, affections.

Aqua-vitæ, strong waters, proAffeered, confirmed. bably usquebaugh.

B. Affied, betrothed.

Arabian bird, the phenix. Baccare, stand back, give place Affined, joined by affinity. Arch, chief.

Bairn, brushwood.
Affront, to confront.
Argentine, silver.

Baldrick, a belt.
Affy, to betroth

Argentine, the goddess Diana. Bale, misery. Aglet-baby, a diminutive being, Argier, Algiers.

Baleful, baneful. not exceeding the tag of a Argosies, ships laden with great Balked, bathed or piled up. point, from aiguilettes.

Ballase, ballast.


early life.

Balm, the oil of consecration. Benumbed, inflexible.

Bottled-spider, a large bloated Ban, curse. Beshrew, may ill befall.

spider. Band, bond.

Besmirch, to foul or dirty. Boulted, sifted.
Bandog, village-dog.
Best, bravest.

Bowlins or bowlines, tackle of
Bandy, to exchange smartly. Bestowed, stowed away, lodged. ship.
Bank, to sail along banks. Bestraught, distracted.

Bollen, swollen. Banning, cursing.

Beteem, to give, pour out, perinit, Bordered, restrained. Banquet, a slight repast.


Bower, a chamber.
Bar, barrier.
Bewray, betray.

Brace, armour for the arm.
Barbason, the name of a demon. Bezonian, a mean fellow.

Brach, a hound. Barbe, a kind of veil.

Bias-cheek, swelling out like the Brack, to salt. Barbed, warlikely caparisoned. boas if & bowl.

Braid, crafty, deceitful. Barber-monger, an associate of Bid, to invite.

Brain's-flow, tears. barbers.

Bid-the-base, to challenge in a Brake, an instrument of tortare; Bare, to shave


also a tnicket. • Bare, mere. Bifold, two-fold.

Brands, a part of the andirons on Barful, full of impediments. Biggin, a cap.

which the wood for the fire Barm, yeast. Bilberry, the whortleberry.

was supported. Barn, or bairn, a child.

Bilbo, a Spanish blade, made at Brasier, a manufacturer of brass; Barnacles, a shell-fish.


also, a vessel in which char. Barns, keeps in a barn. Bilboes, fetters.

coal is burned. Barren, ignorant.

Bill, articles of accusation. Brave, to defy, also to make fine. Base, dishonoured.

Bill, a weapon, formerly carried Bravely, splendidly, gallantly. Base, a rustic game called prison- by watchmen.

Bravery, finery. base. Bin, is.

Brawl, a kind of dance. Bases, a kind of loose breeches Bird-bolt, an arrow shot at birds Braying, harsh, grating. worn by equestrian knights. from a cross-bow.

Break, to begin. Basilisks, a species of cannon. Bisson, blind.

Break up, to carve. Basta, 'tis enough.

Blank, the white mark in a target. Break with, to break the matter to. Bastard, raisin wine.

Blank and level, mark and aim, Breast, voice. Bat, a club.

(terms of gunnary.)

Breath, speech, also exercise. Bate, strife.

Blaze of youth, the spring of Breathing-courtesy, mere verbal Bate, to flutter as a hawk.

compliment. Batlet, an instrument with which Blear, to deceive.

Breeched, foully sheathed, mired. washers used to beat clothes. Blench, to start off, to fly off. Breeching, liable to be flogged. Batten, to grow fat. Blent, blended.

Breathed, inured by constant Battle, army:

Blind-worms, the cæcilia, or slow- practice. Bawcock, a jolly fellow.

Breathe, to utter. Bay, the space between the main Blood-boltered, daubed with blood. Breed-bate, an exciter of quarrels. beams of a house.

Blown, puffed-up, swollen. Bribe-buck, a buck sent as a bribe. Bay-curtal, a bay docked horse. Blows, swells.

Bridal, the nuptial feast. Bay-window, a bow-window. Bloody, sanguine.

Bring, to attend or accompany Beadsmen, religious persons, main- Blue caps, the Scotch.

Brize, the gad, or horse-fly. tained to pray for their bene- Blunt, stupid, insensible.

Broach, to put on the spit, to factor.

Blurt, blurted, an expression of transfix. Beak, the forecastle.


Brock, the badger.
Bear a brain, to perfectly resemble. Board, to accost.

Brogues, a kind of shoes,
Beard, to defy.
Bobb, to trick.

Broken, communicated.
Bearing, demeanour.

Bodged, boggled, clumsy. Broker, a match-inaker, a proBearing-cloth, a mantle used at Bodkin, a small dagger. christenings. Bolted, sifted.

Brooched, adorned.
Beat (in falconry), to flutter. Bolting-hutch, the receptacle in Brought, attended.
Beating, hammering, dwelling which the meal is bolted. Brow of youth, the height of

Bombard, or bumbard, a barrel. youth.
Beaver, helmet in general. Bombast, the stuffing of clothes. Brown-bill, a battle-axe.
Beck, a salutation made with the Bona-robas, strumpets.

Brownist, a follower of Brown, a head. Bond, bounden duty.

sectarian. Becomed, becoming.

Bony or bonny, handsome. Bruising-irons, an allusion to thu Beetle, to hang over the base. Book, paper of conditions.

ancient mace. Behave, to manage.

Boot, profit, something over and Bruit, report with clamour. Behests, commands.


Brush of time, decay of time. 'Beholding, viewing with regard. Bore, demeaned.

Bug, bugbears, false terrors. Bebowl, to howl at.

Bore, the calibre of a gun. Bumbard, a large drinking vesBeing, abode. Bores, stabs.

Beldame, ancient mother.
Bosky, woody.

Bung, a cut-purse.
Be-lee'd, becalmed.
Bosom, wish, heart's desire.

Bunting, a bird.
Belongings, endowments. Bots, worms in a horse's stomach. Burgonet, a helmet.
Be-mete, be-measure.

Bourn, boundary, rivulet. Busky, woody. Be-moiled, bedraggled, bemired. Bow, yoke.

Butt-shaft, an arrow to shoot at Bending, unequal to the weight. Bolds, emboldens.

shafts with Benefit, beneficiary. (sivn. Boltered, bedaubed.

Buxom, obedient. Bent, utmost degree of any pas- Borne in hand, deceived.

By’rlaken, by our lady.




Clear, pure.



Caviare, too good for, or above Cicatrice, the scar of a wound. Caddis, worsted lace.

the comprehension of; 80 Circummured, walled round. Cade, a barrel.

called from a delicacy made Circumstance, conduct, detail, cirCadent, falling.

of the roe of sturgeons, eaten cumlocution. Cage, a prison.

by the quality

Cite, incite.
Cam-coloured, yellow.
Cautel, subtlety.

Cital, recital.
Caitiff, a scoundrel.

Cautel or canile, the corner, or Civil, grave, solemn. Calculate, to foretell.

piece of anything.

Civil, human. Caliver, a musket.

Cautelous, insidious, cautious. Cittern, a musical instrument. Call, to visit.

Cearment, the wrapping of an Clack-dish, a beggar's dish. Callet, a woman, a witch.

embalmed body.

Clamour, a term in bell-ringing. Calling, appellation. Cease, decease.

Clap-in, fall to. Calm, qualm.

Censure, to give an opinion. Clapped i' the clout, hit the white Camelot, a place where King Ar- Centuries, companies of a hun. mark thur is supposed to have kept dred men each.

Clap, to join hands. - his court.

Ceremonious, superstitious. Claw, to flatter.
Canary, a dance.
Certes, certainly.

Clean, completely.
Candle-wasters, those who sit up Cess, measure, tax or subsidy.

Clean kam, awry. all night to drink

Chair, throne. Canker, the dog-rose.

Chaliced, i.e. flowers, with cups, Clearest, purest. Canstick, candlestick.

from calic.

Clepe, to call. Cantons, cantos.

Challenge, the right of refusing a Clerkly, learned, scholar-like. Canvas, to sift.


Cling, to dry, or shrink up. Canvas-climber, a sailor.

Chamber, ancient name for Lon- Clinquant, glittering. Cap, the top, the chief.

don; also, a piece of ord-Clipt, embracea. Cap, to salute by taking off the

Clout, the white mark at which cap. Chamberers, intriguers.

archers shoot. Capable impressure, hollow mark. Champian, an open country. Clouted, hobnailed. Capitulate, to make head against. Chantry, a small chapel in a ca- Coach-fellow, one who draws with Capocchia, a sot.


a confederate. Capon, metaphor for a letter. Character, hand-writing. Coasting, conciliatory. Capricious, lascivious.

Charactery, the matter with whica Codling, an unripe apple. Captious, capacious.

letters are made.

Cob-loaf, a crusty, uneven loaf. Carack, a ship of great bulk. Chares, task-work.

Cock, cock-boat. Caracts, characters.

Charge-house, free-school. Cock-and-pye, a vulgar oath. Carbonado, a piece of meat cut Chariest, most cautious.

Cockshut-time, twilight. crossways for the gridirop. Chariness, caution.

Cockle, a corn-weed. Card, a sea-chart, perhaps also the Charitable, dear, endearing. Cockle-hat, a pilgrim's hat. compass.

Charles-wain, the constellation Codding, amorous. Carded, mixed.

called the bear.

Codpiece, a part of the dress. Care, inclination.

Charm your tongue, be silent. Coffin, the cavity of a raised pie. Careires, the motion of a horse; Charmer, one who deals in magic. Cog, to cheat with dice, to lie. to pass the careires, means to Charneco, a sweet wine.

Cognizance, badge or token. overstep the bounds of de- Chance, fortune.

Cogging, lying.
Chary, cautious.

Coigne of vantage, convenient
Carkanet, a necklace.
Chases, a term in tenuis,

corner. Carl, clown, boor. Chaudron, entrails.

Coignes, corners. Carlot, peasant.

Cheater, for escheatour, an officer Coil, bustle, stir. Carnal, sanguinary.

in the Exchequer.

Cold, naked. Carowses, drinks.

Checks, probably for ethics. Collection, consequence, cr coCarriage, import. Cheer, countenance.

rollary. Carried, conducted.

Cherry-pit, a game with cherry- Collied, black, smutted. Carry, to prevail over.


Colt, to trick. Cart, a chariot.

Cheveril, soft leather; also, con- Co-mart, a joint bargain. Case, skin, outward garb.


Come of, to pay.
Case of lives, a set of lives Chew, to ruminate, consider. Come of will, to succeed.
Casques, helmets.

Chewet, a chattering bird. Co-meddled, mingled.
Cassock, a horseman's loose coat. Chide, to resound, to echo; also, Combinate, betrothed.
Cast, to empty; also to dismiss, to scold, be clamorous. Comfort, to aid.
Chiding, sound; poisy.

Comforting, abetting.
Cast, reckoned.
Child, a knight, a hero.

Comma, connection.
Castilian, an opprobrious term Child, a female infant.

Commission, authority.
Castiliano vulgo, a cant term of Childing, unseasonably pregnant. Commend, commit:
Chopine, a high shoe.

Committed, lain with.
Cast-lips, left off lips.

Chough, a bird of the daw species. Commodity, self-interest. Cast the water, to find out disor- Christom or chrisom, the white Commonty, a comedy.

ders by inspecting the urine. cloth put on a new baptized Compact, made up of. Cataian, a liar.


Companies, companions. Catling, a small lutestring, made Chuck, chicken, a term of endear Compare, comparison. of catgut:


Comparative, a dealer in comCavalero-justice, a cant term. Chuff, rich, avaricious.

parisons. Cavale oes, gay fellows. Chopping, jabbering.

Compassed, round.


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