Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the Superior Court of the City of New York [1871-1892], Volume 39

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Page 380 - Reason and justice seem to prescribe that, at least as a general rule, where a man, by gift or purchase, acquires property from another, with knowledge of a previous contract, lawfully and for valuable consideration made by him with a third person, to use and employ the property for a particular purpose in a specified manner, the acquirer shall not, to the material damage of the third person, in opposition to the contract and inconsistently with it, use and employ the property in a manner not allowable...
Page 387 - Probable cause" has been defined as a reasonable ground of suspicion supported by circumstances sufficiently strong in themselves to warrant a cautious man in the belief that the person accused is guilty of the offense with which he is charged.
Page 300 - A trial is a judicial examination of the issues, whether of law or of fact, in an action or proceeding!
Page 171 - An act, deed, or conveyance, executed or performed by the husband without the assent of his wife, evidenced by her acknowledgment thereof, in...
Page 105 - ... diligence which persons of common prudence are accustomed to use about their own business and affairs. Story, Ag. 183. For a loss to his principal from neglect of these duties he is liable.
Page 461 - It is undoubtedly settled law that a judgment of a court of competent jurisdiction upon a question directly involved in one suit is conclusive as to that question in another suit between the same parties. But to this operation of the judgment it must appear, either upon the face of the record or be shown by extrinsic evidence, that the precise question was raised and determined in the former suit. If there be any uncertainty...
Page 233 - The trial by jury in all cases in which it has been heretofore used shall remain inviolate forever; but a jury trial may be waived by the parties in all civil cases in the manner to be prescribed by law.
Page 228 - No member of this state shall be disfranchised, or deprived of any of the rights or privileges secured to any citizen thereof, unless by the law of the land or the judgment of his peers.
Page 274 - Upon the trial of a question of fact by the court, its decision shall be given in writing, and shall contain a statement of the facts found and the conclusions of law, separately...
Page 202 - Should the Owner, at any time during the progress of the said Building request any alteration, deviation, additions or omissions from the said contract, he shall be at liberty to do so, and the same shall in no way affect or make void the contract, but will be added to or deducted from the amount of the contract, as the case may be, by a fair and reasonable valuation.

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