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An Act to amend an act, entitled "An act to establish an Academy in the

county of Monroe," passed 5th December, 1825, and for other purposes.

Powers of

SECTION 1. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Tennessee, That James A. Haire, Guilford Can- Trustess added non, Robert F. Cooke, Rev. Wilson Chapman, Rev. A. A. Mathis, Joseph Upton, and Joseph B. Heiskell, be and they are hereby added to the present Board of Trustees of said Bolivar Academy, with equal rights and privileges, with other Trustees of said Academy.

SEC, 2. The Board of Trustees of said Academy, Female branch shall have authority, and they are hereby required to established. establish a Female Academy as a branch of said Bolivar Academy, and shall locate the same in the town of Madisonville, or within one mile thereof; that it shall require a majority of all the Trustees to constitute a body to do business.

Sec. 3. The said Trustees of Bolivar Academy are hereby authorized and empowered to purchase, receive, Trustees. hold and dispose of any lands, tenements, goods, or chattles, which have or may be given, granted, or devised to them, or purchased by them, for the exclusive use and benefit of the female department of said Academy, in such manner as they may deem right and proper.

SEC. 4. Said Trustees shall have power to make May make such rules, by-laws and regulations relating to the man- by laws. agement, interest or government of said female department, as a majority of said board may deem expedient. Provided, They are not inconsistent with the laws of the land.

Sec. 5. The one-half of the funds now in the hands Funds to be of said Trustees of Bolivar Academy, derived from divided. bank dividends, be applied and appropriated to the said female department of said Academy, and, also, whatever sums of money may bereafter be allowed to said county of Monroe for said Bolivar Academy from bank dividends, be equally divided between said Bolivar Academy and the said female department thereof.

SEC. 6. This act shall be in force from and after the

passage thereof.

Trustees of

SEC. 7. James Fields, Asa Faulkes, Zacheus B. Phillips, Robert S. Thomas, John Wynne, E. A. Fergu- Dyer Academy

appointed. son, and M. R. Hill, are hereby appointed trustees of Dyer Academy; and the said persons and the present trustees of said Academy, may divide said Academy into two branches, one for the education of males, and the other of females, to be separately organized, but under

the same trustees, and the said trustees shall appropriate
the Academy fund of said county to the joint use of said
branches of said Academy equally, in such proportions
as they may deem proper.

Speaker of the House of Representatives.


Speaker of the Senate. Passed, January 25, 1848.

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An Act to incorporate the Sycamore Shoals Iron Manufacturing Company,

and for other purposes.


SECTION 1. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the Incorporation. State of Tennessee, That a body corporate and politic is

hereby established in Carter county, by the name and style of the Sycamore Shoals Iron Manufacturing Company, for the purpose of manufacturing iron machinery and implements, and all articles composed in whole or in part of iron, steel and wood, and that the said company is empowered to make and use a common seal, to change it at pleasure, to make such by-laws (not inconsistent with the laws of this State, or of the United States) as may be necessary and useful, to sue and be sued, to have succession, to hold by purchase or otherwise, (and to dispose of the same) any real estate or personal property, which may be convenient or necessary for carrying on its operations, or which it may become possessed of in payment of debts due to it, in whole or in part, or otherwise purchased; Provided nevertheless, That the real estate, so held, shall at no time exceed double the maximum amount of its capital hereinafter provided.

Sec. 2. The capital stock of said company shall be Capital stock. divided into shares of one hundred dollars each, the

capital stock of which shall not be less than one hundred thousand nor more than three hundred thousand dollars, transferable only on the books of the company, and then only with the consent of the board of directors, unless the full amount of such share shall have been paid. The company shall have power to declare forfeited to it any stock upon which the instalments called for remain unpaid for, in whole or in part, or it may at its op


tion sue for and recover the unpaid amount before any tribunal having jurisdiction of such sums, first however having given thirty days legal nouce of such call having been made. Said company shall have power to transact ils business at one or more points, as may be deemed expedient.

SEC. 3. The officers of the said coinpany shall consist of five directors, who together with a President by them elected from their own body, shall manage its affairs. The said five directors shall be elected by the stockholders, each stockholder being entitled to one vote for every share of stock he may hold; said stockholder may vote either in person or by proxy, the directors shall hold their office for one year and until their successors shall have been elected.

Sec. 4. Charles K. Gillespie, of the county of Carter, Commissioners and William S. McEwin, and George L. Gillespie, of the county of Roane, are hereby appointed Commissioners to open books for subscription to the capital stock of said company; all or either of said commissioners, afier having given ten days notice thereof, and when the suin of twenty-five thousand dollars shall have been subscribed, or such greater number, not exceeding the maximum sum herein before provided, the said commissioners, or either of them, shall, after due noticę, proceed to hold an election for directors as provided in the third section of this act. Should there be a less amount of stock subscribed than the maximum sum provided in the first section, the company when organized, may increase the same to that amount, in such manner as it shall seem proper. Nothing herein contained shall be construed to authorize the said company, to incur any liabilities which are not incident to manufacturing companies.

Speaker of the House of Representatives.


Speaker of the Senate. Passed, January 19, 1848.


An Act to enable the commissioners of the Poor-house, in Hickman county,

more effectually to provide for the poor of that county, and for the protection of public property.



Whereas, By the present mode of appointing commissioners of the poor on the first Monday in January, much inconvenience and loss in the price of provisions is incurred, and whereas the present mode of subsisting and managing the poor of said county is defective in other respects, and whereas the property of the poor house has been injured and wasted, therefore,

SECTION 1. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of County Court the State of Tennessee, That from and after the passage appoint Com of this act, the county court of Hickman county, shall missioners

appoint commissioners of the poor at their quarterly term next preceding the first day of January, which commissioners shall hold their said office three years and until their successors are appointed, and they (said commissioners) shall have power to appoint a superintendent who shall continue in office until said commissioners shall appoint another in his place.

Sec. 2. Be it enacted, That said commissioners may, when they think it for the public interest, let out to the lowest bidder or at private contract, the keeping of any of the paupers committed to their care.

SEC. 3. Be it enacted, That if any person shall injure, Penalty for or commit any trespass or waste upon, the timber, buildinjuring

pra ings or other property of the said poor house, he, she

or they shall be indicted as for a misdemeanor, as in
other cases of misdemeanor, and upon conviction, shall
be fined at the discretion of the court according to the na-
ture and extent of such injury or trespass.

Speaker of the House of Representatives.


Speaker of the Senate. Passed, January 26, 1848.



An Act to incorporate the Andrew College, to be located on the site selected

for the Jackson Academy of Putnam county, and for other purposes.


SECTION 1. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Tennessee, That Isaac Buck and Jonathan Incorporation Buck, Jr., the proprietors of said site, shall compose the faculty of said College, with the power of appointing other professors, and they and their successors are hereby constituted, and shall forever hereafter be a body corporate and politic to be known in law by the name of the faculty of Andrew College, and shall have succession for a period of five hundred years, and a common seal.

Sec. 2. Said Andrew College shall enjoy all the rights, privileges liberties, exemptions, dignities and immunities enjoyed by any literary institution in this State, and said body corporate and politic, by the name aforesaid, shall have and are hereby invested with all legal powers and capacities. to buy, receive, possess, hold, alien and dispose of any property; to sue and be sued, to plead and be impleaded, in any court of law or equity, and to do whatever may by them be deemed necessary for the benefit of said institution.

Sec. 3. The Faculty shall have full power and au- Power of con thority to prescribe the course of study, and to enact any ferring Degreer by-laws, rules and regulations for the government of the same; Provided, they do not conflict with the constitution and laws of the United States, and the State of Tennessee, and they shall have full power and authority by and with the consent of the board of visitors hereinafter mentioned, to confer the degrees of Bachelor and Master of Arts on any student or any other person, who may possess the requisite moral and intellectual attainments, and any other degrees known and conferred by any College or University in the United States; diplomas or certificates of the same shall be signed by the Faculty and Professors, and witnessed by the Chairman and Secretary of the Board of Visitors.

Sec. 4. A Cullom, Wm. B. Potter, S. D. Lisle, Na- Visiton ap than Jud, A. Dibrell, Wm. Jased, A. Rodgers, R. G. pointed Burton and B. D. Hunter, and their successors, are hereby constituted, and shall hereafter remain for a period of five hundred years, a board of Visitors to said College.

Sec. 5. Said board of Visitors shall on their first meeting, elect a Chairman and Secretary from their own body, and for ever thereafter elect said officers on the last regular meeting in each scholastic year, to serve

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