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Page 36 - ... town or village shall hereafter give any money or property, or loan its money or credit to or in aid of any individual, association or corporation, or become directly or indirectly the owner of stock in, or bonds of, any association or corporation ; nor shall any such county, city, town or village be allowed to incur any indebtedness, except for county, city, town or village purposes.
Page 99 - But no law shall authorize the construction or operation of a street railroad except upon the condition that the consent of the owners of one-half in value of the property bounded on, and the consent also of the local authorities having the control of, that portion of a street or highway upon which it is proposed to construct or operate such railroad be first obtained...
Page 3 - He shall communicate by message to the Legislature, at every session, the condition of the State, and recommend such matters to them as he shall judge expedient.
Page 120 - ... carrying out the provisions of this act, payable by the treasurer on the warrant of the comptroller, on the order of the chairman of such commission. The commission may also receive and expend for the purposes of this act any money contributed by voluntary subscription. | 5. This act shall take effect immediately.
Page 121 - There is hereby annually appropriated out of any money in the state treasury not otherwise appropriated the sum of two thousand dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary for the purposes of carrying out the provisions of this act.
Page 49 - I am not unmindful of the fact that this bill originated in response to the demand of a large portion of the people of New York for cheaper rates of fare between their places of employment and their homes, and I realize fully the desirability of securing to them all the privileges possible, but the experience of other States teaches that we must keep within the limits of law and good faith, lest in the end we bring upon the very people whom we seek to benefit and protect, a hardship which must surely...
Page 122 - ... the expense of which shall be paid by the treasurer on the warrant of the comptroller ; and the secretary of state shall annually report to the legislature the results of the information obtained in pursuance of this act.
Page 48 - ... under existing circumstances, involves a breach of faith on the part of the State, and a betrayal of confidence which the State has invited. "The fact is notorious that for many years rapid transit was the great need of the inhabitants of the city of New York, and was of direct importance to the citizens of the State. Projects which promised to answer the people's wants in this direction failed and were abandoned. The Legislature, appreciating the situation, willingly passed statute after statute,...
Page 194 - From a deliberate and premeditated design to effect the death of the person killed, or of another...
Page 46 - I am of the opinion that in the legislation and proceedings which I. have detailed, and in the fact that pursuant thereto the road of the company was constructed and finished, there exists a contract in favor of this company, which is protected by that clause of the Constitution of the United States which prohibits the passage of a law by any State impairing the obligation of contracts.

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