Biology of Parrotfishes

Andrew S. Hoey, Roberta M. Bonaldo
CRC Press, 5 mars 2018 - 420 pages

Parrotfish are found on almost every coral reef in the world. This ubiquity and uniqueness of their feeding action make them one of the most important groups of fishes within coral reef ecosystems. But why, exactly, are parrotfish so important to reefs? Can the evolution of a particular jaw morphology and feeding action really have had such a large impact on the health and functioning of the world's coral reefs? This book introduces the reader to this fascinating group of fishes (Labridae, Scarinae), from the morphological innovation of a jaw that has the power to bite through solid calcium carbonate, to the threats currently faced by parrotfish populations around the world. It contains new insights into their diet and food processing ability, and lifehistories, and concludes with an overview of emerging and future research directions.


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Innovation and Diversity of the Feeding Mechanism in Parrotfishes
Nutritional Ecology of Parrotfishes Scarinae Labridae
Investigations of Lifehistory Variation in
Vision and Colour Diversity in Parrotfishes
The Influence of Species Body Size
are they Complementary
The Role of Parrotfishes in the Destruction and Construction of Coral
Phenological Aspects of Parrotfish Ecology on Coral Reefs
The Ecology of Parrotfishes in Marginal Reef Systems
The Ecology of Parrotfishes on Low Coral Cover Reefs
Rebecca J
Notake Marine Reserve Effects on Parrotfish and Parrotfishbenthos
Differential Vulnerabilities of Parrotfishes to Habitat Degradation
FAQs about Caribbean Parrotfish Management and their Role in Reef
Parrotfishes are We Still Scraping the Surface? Emerging Topics

Parrotfishes as Coral Predators
Michel Kulbicki Alan M Friedlander David Mouillot and Valeriano

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À propos de l'auteur (2018)

Andrew S. Hoey received both his PhD and BSc(hons) from James Cook University and his BEc from Macquarie University. He is currently employed at the ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies at James Cook University. Dr. Hoey has contributed to over 30 publications.

Roberta M. Bonaldo received her PhD from James Cook University and her MSc Ecology and BSc Biological Sciences at Universidade Estadual de Campinas. She is an Associate Researcher at the Laboratório de Biogeografia e Macroecologia Marinha at the Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina. Dr. Bonaldo has contributed to seven publications.

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