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1798.) Lyceum of Foreigners. New Publications.

59 ftates that he has made a present of an who have secured the success of this astronomical clock to the society of establishment, would concur successfully, Milan.

and bestow on it a new luftre. A Com The following pieces were read. A mittce of literature will accordingly be Dissertation on the Ancient Nation of the especially charged to examine the works Arcadians, bx Dupuy. A Fragment on which authors will be invited to send to Xenophon, by Gall. A Treatise, by the Lyceum. The pieces which Ihall be Conn, on the Richness, Copiousness, approved by the Committee, will be and Advantages of the Greek language. read each decade (in the course of every Another, by Bocquilion, on the Greek ten days) in a fitting set aside for that and Latin Languages. A Discourse, by purpose. At the commencement of each Cousin, on Education, and Republican half year, a subject for a prose discourse Institutions. And, la tly, a Poem, by will be proposed, and the prize distributed Gournand, on the Four Seasons of Life. in the course of the half year. The au

Lalande closed the fitting, by paying a thors whofc productions shall be read public tribute of gratitude to the great three times at the Lyceum, will be preServices rendered to the learned this year, fented with an admission for the fcafon. by the Prince of Peace and the Portu- Those who shall have obtained a prize, guese ambassador, and to their zeal in the will have a perpetual admission as memfurtherance of the sciences.

bers of the society. In the first quarterly LYCEUM OF FOREIGNERS. courses, the following subjects will be On the 21st of November last, this treated: Trcatife on Epic Poetry, by cry opened its fittings. The with to revive Mezover. Complete Course of Experithe arts and industry, to excite emulation, mental Philosophy, by Dubois. Course and more especially, to offer resources to' of Moral Philofophy, by Demoustier. In literature, has determined the administra, each decade there will be besides, two tion to make new facrifices. To obtain circles set aside for music and dancing. these objects, it has considered that a The reading-room will be abundantly fociety of the molt diftinguished literary supplied with journals, periodical publica men, united to the different professors, tions, and the most interesting pamphlets.


A CORRECT LIST OF NEW PUBLICATIONS. The following is ofered to the Public as a complete Life of all Publications within the

Monıb.-- Autbors and Publifbers who defire a conreat and early Notice of their Works, are intreated to transmit copies of the fame. ASTRONOMY,

The Candid Friend ; addressed to a young LECTURES on Astronomy, by Margaret Gentleman, being Instructions to him on en Bryn, of Marzate, 4to. plates, 11. 5$. tering Life, ss 68. bound.

Lowe. in boards. recommended by Dr. Hutton, of

Discours sur l'Article, compofé pour l'Ecole Woviwickr.

des Mefficurs Strahans, à Enfield, & lu dans

vne Société de Gens de Lettres; par M. Observations on the various Systems of Ca- l'Abbé de Lévizac.

Dulan and Co. nal Navigations, , by William Chapman, 4to. The Youth's Miscellany; or, 'a Father's 65.

Gift to his Children, by W. Mavor, LL.D. 48. The Coffee Planter of St. Domingo, with

Newberry. an Appendix, containing a View of the Con

GEOGRAPHY. 1111ution, Government, Laws, and State of A general View of the State of Portugal, that Colony, previously to the year 1789, by cont ining a topographical Description thereof, P. . Laborie, boards, 1os. Od. with 22 and including an Account of the physical and plates,

Cade!l and Davis. moral State of the Kirgdom, by James Muro

pky, royal 410. 15 plates, 27. boards. The Castle Spectre, in five acts, by M. G.

Cadell and Davies. Lewis, M.P. 25.



Memoirs of the House of Medici, from its The Beauties of History, by L. M. Stretch, Origin to the Dsath of Francisco the Second, M.A. abridged into one volume izmo, 3s. 6d. Grand Duke of Tuscany, and of the great bound.

Dilly. Men who flourithed in Tuscany within thac The Youth’s infallible Instructor, comprizing period; transated from the French of M. Tenthe different degrees of Literature necessary to

hove, with Notes und Observation's, by Sir complete an English Scholar, by W. Card, in Rickard Ciayton, bart, 2 vols. quarw, a1. 28. four parts, 2s, eachia

Scatchard. Woards.






35. sewed.

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28. 6d.


List of New Publications in January. [Jan

A new edition of Heraldry in Miniature, Reports of Cases argued and determined in

Lax, &c. the Courts of Common Pleas and Exchequer The Masquerade ; or, a Colle&tion of New Chaniber, in Easter and Trinity Terms, 1797, Enigmas, Logogriphs, &c. &c. vol. II, conby J. B. Bosanquet and C. Puller, ss. taining the Solution of vol. I, to be continued Bu terworth. annually, Is. 6d.

Wilkie. A Digest of the Acts of Parliament for An Economical and New Method of raising the Provisional Cavalry, by E. Bofwell, Cookery; describing abuve to cheap, whole. Hatcliard. fome, and nutritive Dishes, by Eliza Mehik,

Chapple. A Treatise on Leeches, wherein the proper

Etrennes Nouvelle & Royale, ou Almanac ties, use, &c. of that valuable reptile is dear. Historique, Pulitique, & L'tréraire, pour l'An ly let furth, by George Thorning is. 6j. 179&de la Naissance de J. C. & pour l'An 6

Symonds. du Règne de Rober(pierre & de ses Success A new Edition of Dr. Wallis on the Art of seurs, par M: V-, zs.

Dulan and Co. preventing Diseases and restoring Health, with Considerations on the original and proper considerable Alterations and Additions, 18. 6d. Oljects of the Royal Hospital of Bride well, bound,

Robinson. addressed to the Governois, by Willian Wada Enchiridion Syphiliticum ; or, Directions for dington, Esq. rs. 6d.

Rivingtoos: the domcftic treatment of Venereal Complaints, MILITARY AND NAVAL AFFAIRS. by A P. Buchan, M.D: zs. 60. Callow. The Monthly Army List, for February,

An Essay on the Gout, with a candid Exa- with Corrections to the laft Month, and with mination, &c. of Dr. Latham's Principles, by the present Head Quarters of every Regiment George Wallis, M.D. &c. 45. Robinsons. of tlie Regulars, the Fencibles, and the Mili

A Lecture introductory to a Course of Popu- tia ; in the manner of Steel's List of the Nary lar Instruction on the Constitution and Manage

Hookham and Carpenter. ment of the Human Body, by Thomas Beddoes, NATURAL PHILOSOT**, &c. M.D. 8vo. Is. 6d.

Johnson. A New System of Phyfiology, compre

fending the Law by which Animated Beings METAPHYSICS, Elements of the Critical Philosophy, con

in general, and the Human Species in particutaining a concise Account of its origin and

Hr, are governed, in the various states of

Health and Disease, by R. Saumarız, surgeon Tendency; a View of all the works of its Founder, Kant ; and a Gloffary for the Ex

to the Magdalen Hospital, 2 vols. 8vo. boards 145.

Cor. planation of Terms and Phrafes. To which are added, three Philological Extiys, from the

EfTays on the Microscope, by the late German of J. C. Adelung, by A. F. M. Will George Adams, the second edition, with con

fiderable Additions and Improvements, by lisk, M.D. Svo. 65. boards. Longman. Frederick Kanmacher, fellow of the Lincæin

Suciety, 410.32 plates, 28s.

Jones. The posthumous works of the Suther of a Geometrical and Graphical Essays, containVindication of the Righis of Wiman, containing ing a general Description of the Mathematical the Wrongs of Woman, á Fragment; Leiters, Initruments used in Geometry, Surveying, & and Miscellancous Pieces, in 4 vols. 145, in &c. Second Edition, corrected and cnlarged, boards. Alio, in I vol, lame fize, price 35. 6d. by W. Jones, 2 vols. 8vo. 145. Joges. with a portrait, by Opie and Heath, Memuirs of the Author, by William Godwin. Johnion. The Castle on the Rock; or, Memoirs of

A new edition of Kearney's Annual Tax the Elderland Family, by tke Auther of Derwez: Tables, rod.

Prirry, 3 vols. 103. 64. boards. Symonds. Thoughts on the Necesity of Moral Dir- Enelle, by M. de Florian, translated by tipi ne in Prisons, by Thimas Baven, M.A. Ans. S. Cummyng, 2 vols. 12 mo. gs. boards. Rivingtons.

Wrigtit. The Economist; or, English man's Maga- Parental Duplicity; or, the Power of Antizina, No. I. for January, 1798, price three fice, a Novel, cos. 6d.

Kearley. talfpence, or 250 for sl. Is.

Milistina ; or, the Double Interest, a vols. 8s. Rid:way's Annual Town Guide, or Com

Love plete Register of Taxes, to the 8th of Fe- The Heir of Montague, 3 vols. Ias. 68 bruary, 1798, containing a 'copious Abstract fewed.

Lane of every Clause in the Aflefied Tax Multiplita:ion Act, 6d.


ENEA NTEPOENTA ; or, the Diversions The Four Ages, cogether with Essays on of Purley, by J. Horne Tooke, A.M. formerly varivus Subjects, by William Jackson, eiq. of of St. John's College, Cambridge, published, Exeter, 8vo. 75. boards. Cadell and Co. by Subscription, in 3 vols. 4to. price 21. 25.

A Catalogue of Books now on Sale, by The First Volume is now ready to be deli Thomas Payne, boykseller, is.

vered to Subscribers.

Juhofon. Religious and Philanthropic Tracts, addreft

POETRY ed to Friendly Societies, by 7. Cowe, M.A. The Columbiad ; an Epic Poem, on the Dis. vicar of Sunbury, 25. 6d. Robson. covery of America and the West Indies, by







7798.] List of New Publications in January.

61 Columbus, in twelve books, by the Rev. Parliament is particularly considered, by the 1. L. Mcore, 8vo. 155. boards. Rivingtons. Earl of Lauderdale, Is. 6d.

Debrett. An Elezy so the Memory of the Rt. Hon. Propofals for liquidating Sixty-six Millions, E. Burke, by the Rev. I.'C. Euftude, 4:0. Įs. &c. of the 3 per cents. by converting the Land

Rivingtons. Tax into a permanent Annuity, is. - Wright. Miracles, a Scatonian Prize Poem, by Proposals of a Subftitute for Funding in William Bolland, M.A. iS. Rivingtons. time of War, by John Prinsen.

Debrett. 11f2n! Institutes, Part the Fift. or, a Nur- The Jacobin's Lamentation; or, the Pour serical Effay on the Poetry of the earlier Ages, too Rich. 15.

Hatchard. with an Appendix, 8vo. 15. 6d. Rivingtons. The Patriot's Pocket Companion for 1798, The Progress of Satire ; an EfTay in Verse,

Is. 8d.

Williams, with Notcs, containing Remarks on the Pur- Trois Lettres à my Lord ***, sur lcs Afsuits of Literature, is. 6d. Bell. faires de Pays-Bas

L'Homme, The Invincible Ifand, with introductive An Address 1o the Rt. Hun. W. Pitt, occaObservations on the Present War, by Percival fioned by his Proposal of the Triple Assell$. xkdale, 8vo. 23.

ment, 1s.

Beckett. An Epifle from Lady Grange to E. Do, The Third Report of the Society for betterErq. written during her Confinement in the ing the Condition of the Poor, 15. Beckett. Illand of St. Kilda, 25. Cadell & Davies. Emigration to America, candidly confidered,

The Warning Voice !!! 25. Cawthorn. in a Series of Letrers from a Gentleman, refiThe Grove, a Satire, 35. Westley. dent there, to his Eriend in England, 13, 6d. Nancraria, or Naval Dominion, by H. 1.

Rickman. Pje, Esq. 55.

Nicol. Mémoires pour servir à l'Histoire du JacoThe Druriad; or Strictures on the principa! binisme, par l'Abbé Barruel, tume 3, ss. boards. Performers of Drury-Lane Theatre, a Satire.

Dulau & Co. Richardsons.


A Sermon delivered at Providence Chapel, The Case of the People of England, ad- on Dec. 19, 1797, by W. Huntington, S.S. is. drefied to the Lives-and-Fortune-Men, both in

Baynes and out of the House of Commons, as a A Sermon, on the same day, by the Rev. Ground of National Thankfgiving, by One of Edm. Poulsier, 16.

Cadell & Co. the 80,000 incorrigible Jacobins, is. 6.1. Fifty-one Sermons by the late Rev. Richard

Weitley. Southgare, with a Biographical Preface by Geo. Mr. Harper's Observations on the Dispute Gaskin, D.D. 2 vols. 125. bds. Rivingtons. between the United States and France.

Three Letters addressed to the Readers of

Debrett. Paine's Age of Reafun, by One of the People The Parliamentary Regifter, No. I to VIII, caliel Christians, 6d. Darton & Harvey. price is. each, of the Present Sefiions. Debretra, The Duty of Thankfgiving : a Sermon

A Letter to the United Parochial Com- preached at the Foundling Hospital, Dec. 19, mittees appointed to oppure the Afleiled Tax 1797, being the Day appointed for a General Bill, by a London Householder, 3d.

Thanksgiving, by the Rev. John Hewleti,

Evans and Bone, B.D. niorning-pieacher to the said Charity, A General View of a Pian of uoiversal and 80. is.

Johnson. eqiial Taxation, 60. Cudell and Davies. A Sermon preained in the Parish Church An accurate List of the Members of the

of Swindon, at the Visitation, and published House of Commons, who voted on Mr. Pit's at ihe request of the Rev. Arthur Conam, A.M. Alleised Tax Multiplication Bill, with their by the Rev. I. Hane, A.M. 28. - Rivingtons. Realons for supporting it: alfu, a Lift of the A Sermon on the late Thanksgiving, by Minority, and a General Lix us those Men- the Rev. J. T. Langhorne, Is. Rivingtons, bers w hold Places and Appointments undes A Sermon), on th same occasion, by the Government, ed. or ico Copics, 21. Ridgway. Rev. 1V. Gorde, A.M. 18. Rivingtons

Journal Historique & Pulirique, de l'Ad. A Charze deli:ered to the Clergy of the miniftration de la République Française, puse Diocese of Durham, in 1997, by Shure, dant l'Année 1797, par Sir Francis l'Ivergcis, Bin.js of Durham, 4to. zs.--8vo. Is. Elimdy & Biemmer.

Rivingtons. Analyse sur la Justice du Commerce du The Duty of Thanksgiving for National Rachet des Elulaves de la Cute d'Afrique, par Blesirgs, a Sermon on the 19th of December, 1. I. de Condu da Azarrido Continho Portugaię, by W. Mavor, LL.D. 15. Rivingtons.

Dulau & Co,

VOYAGES, TRAVELS, &c. The ebquent and interesting Speech of the A Sketch of modern France, in a Series of Rt. Hon C. 7. Fox, on the third reading of Letters to a Lady of Falhion, written in the Afleffed Tax Bill, 63.

Jordan. 3796 and 1797, during a Tour through France, A Letter to the Earl of Warwick on his by a Lady, edited by C. L. Moody, LL.D. Oppofition to the Resolutions of the Inha- F.A.S. 8. bds.

Cadell & Davies. bitants of Warwick, against the Affefsed Tax Travels in the Two Sicilies and some Parts Bill, 6d.

Johnson. of the Apennines, translated from the original A Letter on the Present Measures of Italian of the Abbe Lazzaro Spallanzani, 4 Finance, in which the Bill aow depending in vols, 8vo. with ar Piates, il. 8s. bds. Robinsons.


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35, 6d.

THE Twelfth Cake," a juvenile Amuse: fra dubbi miei,” is ftrongly chara&teristic,

ment; consisting of little Ballads, with and, in fome parts, conveys the sense of 2 Finaje and Introduction. The Music with the words so emphatically, that the audian Accompaniment for the Piano- Forte, tor may say, in the language of Metastacomposed by Reginald Spoffcrih. Price 3s. 6d. fio himself,

Lon, man and Broderip. “ L'aure che ascolto intorno
“ The Twelfth Cake" is formed on

" Mi fanno palpitar.
plan entirely noved. The fongs are per The Genealogy of the British Kings, including
fectly appropriate to the occalion, which

the Heptarchy, composed by T. Attwood.
furnishes the title of the work, and are The words written by G. Saville Carey. Price
written in the several characters of king,

Longman and Broderig,
queen, a sailor's wife, a march-girl, Simon

This production is professedly com:
Pure, a ballad-finger, and harlequin. posed for the laudable purpose of imprefi-
These characters, generally speaking, are
fupported with judgment, and at the fame ing on the memory of youth, by the at-

traction of new and succeffive melc dies,
rime, present to us familiar but pleasing the important and interesting subject of
airs. The introduction consists of two
, is purely inftrumental, and English History, To undertakings of this

nature, under whatever form they appear,
inay be considered as a fhort overture.

we cannot but avow ourselves to be the The finale is a chorus, and concludes the zealous friends. But furely, the object production with a spirited and pleasure of mental improvement can never be more able cffect.

engaging to the juvenile mind, than when
The President's March, arranged for two Pere recomniended by 10 alluring a vehicle as

formers on one Piana-Forte, by R. Tvlor. that of music.
Price is.

Preston and Son.

Considering the tender age of those for The President's March is an Amcrican whole benefit this work is chiefly decomposition, The ftyle in which it is fyned, and that a fainiliarity and plainconceived is lively, but wants confequence nefs, bordering on puerility, was an absoand strength of effect. In the form, in lure requisite of the plan, both Mr. Carey which Mr. Taylor here presents it to and Mr. Attwood 'have ücquitted them the English public, ir furnishes a good selves with much address. But, to con exercife for young performers, and pois fine our observations to the music; the releiscs, in a considerable dcyrec, the quali- veral airs and recitatives, of which the fication common to piano-fore duets; genealogy confits, are so pleasingly conwhich is that of improving the young cerved, and-ro jueliciously arranged and practitioner in his time.

contracted, as to maintain and interest the
Six Duets for Two Voices, or One only (ad attention to the end. Wherever the

liticum), with an Accompaniment for the composer has found the fubject of the
Piano-Forte; composed by Gro. Bianchi; the words sufficiently prominent and dir-
words by Metastasio. Price 75. Skillern. tinguished to demand a particular cast of

expression, he has attended to that cir.
We have perused thele duets with con-

cumstance, and generally with great sucfiderable pleasure. Much elegance of cefs. In a word, the happiness of the Ayie prevails through the work, and fome execution scarcely yields to the excellence of the airs do high credit to fignor Bi- of the design. anchi's talenes, buth on account of their accurate and forcible expression, as well as Goosey Goofey Gander ; with Variations for Their theoretical excellence.

the Harp or Piano-Forte ; composed by C. dir che sia tormento," is moft happily

Bryan. Price is.

Skillesa. ftudied in the above points, and “ Trova This air, originally trivial in itself, un fol, mia bella Clori,” poffcffes much assumes, in its present state, somewhat of eriginal sweetness.

“ Se ti basta ch'io refpcctability. The variations were given t'ammiri,” is particularly refined; the to it by Mr. Bryan, are calculared to atpaffages beginning at Sei vezzosa,” and tract the attention of Piano-Forte pracending at " e la belta,” are intimately con- titioners. They are easy, progressive, Dected with the sentiment of the poet, and faithful to the theme, and every way suitreturn to the original subject with greated to the improving finger of the juvenile Iciety of effe&t. The last duet, “ Tremo musician,


• Sol può


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From the 20th of December to the 20th of January.

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2 1


No. of Cafes. No. of Cases. Hysteria

身 4 Palpitatio Inflammatory Sore Throat


3 Ulcerated Sore Throat


Hemiplegia Typhus Mitior


Paralyfis Typhus Gravior


3 Intermittent Fever

Tremor Meatles

Vertigo Ephemera

Herpes Acute Rheumatism

i Herpes Puftulofus, Triimus Traumaticus


Plora or (tch



Tinea Hoarseness

Nephralgia Cough and Dyspnea

Procidentia Vagina

Chronic Rheumatism

7 Pulmonary Consumption

Sciatica Hydrothorax


3 Ascites

Menorrhagia Lochiales Analarca

8 Prolapsus Vaginæ Cephalalgia


Hæmorrhois Ophthalmia

Enuresis Fluor albuis


Stranguria Menorrhagia

Mastody nia Amenorrhea

II Swelling of lower Extremities Menorrhagia Difficilis


3 Chlorofis


3 Obstipatio

Convulfo Gastrodynia


Imperforated Anus

Crufta Lactea

Ophthalmia purulenta
Procid ntia Ani

Worm Fever Hernia

3 The present season being uncommonly Colica Pictonum

mild, the number of catarrhal and pneuDarhaa Dysentery

monic diseases has been comparatively Hemorrhofs


1mall. Many persons, who are usually Duria


afflicted with these complaints at this time Enuresis

of the year, have either entirely escape_i, Idterus

or have been very lightly affected by Scrofula

them. The frost, however, though it Hypochondrialis

lasted but for a few days, rather increased

the number, and aggravated the symptoms * It having been announced to the public, in of these diseases. In one case of catarrhal the last Magazine, that the late reporter of fever, besides a considerable degree of pain the Monthly State of Discases in London ha in the head, particularly about the frontal fufpended his periodical communications, and finus, foreness and excoriation of the that a fimilar correspondenie habeen citablished fauces, and some rigidity in the muscles of with a Gentleman in a different part of the

the lower jaw, the cough and difficulty of town; it may be proper to observe, that the limics of the Dispensary which he attends in- breathing were so urgent, as to require clude the whole of the City, and extend like the application of leeches and a blister to wile considerably to the North and to the the iternum; these means, accompaniid East It may not be improper farther to re- with gentle purging, and the use of antimark, that his fituation affords a favourable op- monials and squills, succeeded in the reportunity of giving some report respecting the moval of the disease. diuse of Puerperal and Infantile Diseases.



7 Icteritia

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