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Whole number of certificates issued to December 31, 1883..............2,706 Of these, the number issued without examination to parties in

business at passage of pharmacy law, with green seal........1,839 To graduates, without examination, with red seal............... 23 By examination, with gold seal....

2,706 Number of certificates revoked. Number reported retired from business. Number reported dead. ...... Number reported as having left the State...... Number green seal certificates superseded by gold seal certificates......

.................. 61 Number out of business, left the State, and dead, unreported, or delinquent..

....... 234 Number registered since March 22, 1883....

110– 706 Number of active Registered Pharmacists in State Dec. 31, 1883. 2,000 Number of active green seal certificates.

.1,402 Number of active gold seal certificates...

........ 583 Number of active red'seal certificates.

. 15

2,000 Against 2,240 as per last report.


Page 23, in 23d line, for “A Commissioner” read a commission, and in 26th line, for “a commission” read A Commissioner.

Page 24, 8th line, for “ Pharmico” read Pharmaco.
Page 27, 21st line, for “ in any other day” read on any other day.

Page 47, in the latest reported address column, read “Greeley” to the name of Milo Blodgett, and not to “Bion A. Baker."

Page 51, for the place of registration of C. D. Beeman, read Waukon instead of “Waukee."

Page 52, In removal column, after the name of Theo. B. Burr read "1882" as a blank.

Page 53, For the place of registration of W. J. Brownrig read Persia, not Peoria.

Page 53, certificate No. 2543, read Orvis M. Burhaus, not Orris.
Page 61, cerficate No. 2535, read David T. Densmore.

Page 66, after certificate No. 2249, read at “At New Hampshire," instead of New Hampton.

Page 67, certificate No. 2658, read C. S. Goodell, not E. S. Goodell.
Page 67, certificate No. 256, read F. L. Gordinier.
Page 69, certificate No. 1599, read Fred. T. Goodall.
Page 69, certificate No. 1864, read A. M. Golliday.

Page 69, certificate No. 2361, for the latest address read Ogden, not Fredericksburg.

Page 70, certificate No. 299, read P. C. Henry, not Heury.
Page 71,' certificate No. 624, read Thos. M. Hedges, not Theo.
Page 73, certificate No. 1196, read Byron M. Hopper.
Page 73, certificate No. 1482, read Jas. S. Herries, not Harries.

Page 74, certificates Nos. 1722 and 1731 read without examination, instead of “by examination.”

Page 75, read the number of Charles F. Hyde's certificate 1922, instead of 1929; and of Wm. Hinshaw's certificate 1929, instead of 1928.

Page 77, read R. B. Ingersoll's latest address Des Moines, instead of“ Ingersoll.”

Page 77, certificate No. 133, instead of the word graduate, read without examination.

Page 80, certificate No. 1805, read Ernst Kroskuph, instead of Kroskoff. Page 81 certificate No. 1995, read Bevington, instead of Berington.

Page 81, certificate No. 2038, read E. H. King, instead of E. R. King.
Page 82, certificate No. 849, read L. W. London, not Loudon.
Page 85, certificate No. 42, read Milton F. Mills, not Milton J.
Page 89, certificate No. 1298, read F. M. Matbews, not Mathers.
Page 89, certificate No. 1411, read W. F. Merrell, not Merrill.
Page 89, certificates Nos. 1434 and 1413, read McCandless, not McCanduss,
Page 89, certificate No. 1672, read Charles H. McEwen, not Chas. A.
Page 89, certificate No. 1680, read Fred. D. Merritt, not Merrill.
Page 89, certificate No. 1776, read John K. Miller, not John R.
Page 91, certificate No. 2450, read John McMeehan.
Page 92, certificate No. 2600, read N. E. Mighell, not A. E. Mighell.

Page 93, for David Nowlan's place of registration read Reasnor, not Reasuer.

Page 94, in renewal column, after Adolph Oberman, read 1882-83 as blank, he having left the State; and after Richard Olive read renewal for 1882-83.

Page 97, in latest address column, after Geo. H. Packard, read Webster City, and after Ira W. Packard, in same column, read as blank.

Page 99, certificate No. 165 read U. A. Rice, not N. A.
Page 100, read number of Thos. H. Rowland's certificate 770 instead of 779.
Page 101, certificate 1097, read Lon F. Rass instead of Lou.
Page 102, certificate No. 1441, read G. A. Reinicke, not Reiniscke.
Page 102, certificate No. 2029, read without examination.
Page 102, certificate No. 2049 read by examination.

Page 104, read Urbana P. O. after Marysville in certificate No. 191, and not after Walkerville in certificate No. 157.

Page 108, certificate No. 1337, read Harvey L. Shutts instead of Henry L.
Page 110, certificate No. 2015, read Lewis O. Schaffer.
Page 112, certificate No. 2591, read Richard M. Smallpage.
Page 113, certificate No. 227, read G. F. Thormann.
Page 114, certificate No. 1828, read Thompson instead of Tomson.
Page 115, certificate No. 2275, read Colorado instead of Colento.
Page 116, certificate No. 1623, read Virden instead of Verden.
Page 117, certificate No. 217, read Zearing instead of Learing.

Page 117, certificate No. 403, read Z. A. Wellman instead of L. A. Wellman.

Page 118, certificate No. 698, read 2203 instead of 2202.

Page 120, certificate No. 1683, read Willis instead of Willie; and same certificate read by examination instead of without examination.

Page 121, certificate No. 2185, read Fort Madison instead of Madison.





· For the Years 1882 and 1883.



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