Form of Process Before the Court of Session, the New Jury Court, and the Commission of Teinds, Volume 2

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A. Lawrie & Company, 1818 - Procedure (Law)

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Page 265 - Their method of decision deserves to be noted, as being the origin of juries; an institution admirable in itself, and the best calculated for the preservation of liberty and the administration of justice that ever was devised by the wit of man.
Page 151 - Debt, to be by them applied in the manner and for the purposes directed and " specified by this Act, and the receipt of the cashier or cashiers of the Bank " shall be a full and sufficient discharge to the said trustee, and to the said pur...
Page 300 - You swear by God, and as you shall answer to God at the great day of judgment, that you will...
Page 173 - Court to which the petition has been presented when sitting, or to the Lord Ordinary on the Bills in time of vacation ; on which motion the parties shall be heard and the application be disposed of, either by adjustment of a special case when allowed, or by refusal of the application. 21.
Page 209 - ... by imprisonment ; and whether such deeds be executed or not, the whole estate and effects, of whatever kind, and wherever situate, (in so far as may be consistent with the laws of other countries when the effects are out of Scotland,') shall be deemed to be vested in the trustee for behoof of the creditors.
Page 365 - CD did then and there propose their aforesaid exception to the opinion of the said chief-justice, and requested him to put his seal to this bill of exceptions, containing the said several matters so produced and given in evidence on the part of the said...
Page 364 - CD did then and there pray the said chief-justice to admit and allow the said matters so produced and given in evidence for the said...
Page 265 - Alfred took care to temper these rigours by other institutions favourable to the freedom of the citizens; and nothing could be more popular and liberal than his plan for the administration of justice. The borsholder summoned together his whole decennary to assist him in deciding any lesser difference which occurred among the members of this small community. In affairs of greater moment, in appeals from the decennary, or in controversies arising between members of different decennaries, the cause...
Page 364 - And the jurors of the jury aforesaid einpannelled to try the said issue being called, also came, and were then and there in due manner chosen and sworn to try the same issue; and upon the trial of that issue the counsel learned in the law for the said AB to maintain and prove the said issue; on his part gave in evidence, That...
Page 281 - The unanimity of twelve men, so repugnant to all experience of human conduct, passions, and understandings, could hardly in any age have been introduced into practice by a deliberate act of the legislature.

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