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ment of


to care and

of corpora.

dred and sixty-four, is amended so as to read as follows:

5. Subdivision two: Children of Roman Catholic Commit. parentage, between seven and fourteen years of age, certain who may be committed from any county embraced in Catholic the eighth judicial district, to the care of such corpora. tion as idle, truant, vicious, homeless or vagrant chil control dren, and those guilty of petit larceny, by the order or tion. judgment of any magistrate or police justice, in said judicial district, empowered by law to make committal of children for any such causes.

2. Section cight of said chapter is amended so as to read as follows:

$ 8. Whenever any child of Roman Catholic parent- Power of age above the age of seven years, and under the age of traies to fourteen years, shall be brought by any constable or certuin vapoliceman before any magistrate or police justice, upon the allegation that such child was found in any way or children do street, highway, or public place, in circumstances of corporawant and suffering, abandonment, exposure, neglect or beggary, or shall be arrested and brought before any such magistrate or police justice, by virtue of the provisions of the Revised Statutes relating to vagrants or disorderly persons, and it shall be proved to the satisfaction of the said magistrate or police justice, by competent testimony, that said child is embraced within the foregoing provisions of this section, or that said child is guilty of petit larceny; and it shall further appear to the satisfaction of said magistrate or police justice, hy competent testimony, or by the examination of the child, that by reason of the neglect or vicious habits of the parents, or other lawful guardian of such child, that it is a proper object for the care of this cor. poration, such magistrate or police justice, instead of sending or committing such child to the jail, penitentiary, poorhouse or almshouse, or to such other place, if any, as may have been provided by law, may in his discretion, by warrant or order in writing, under his hand, commit such child to this corporation, to remain under its care and control until therefrom discharged in the manner provided by law. Such order or com- order mitment shall be by warrant under his hand, and in mannl.



grant and neglected


Form of


Duty of corpora. tion as to clothing, food and training or children.

substance as specified in the section hereby amended, commencing with the words “ State of New York," thence to the end of said section.

$ 3. Section nineteen of said act is hereby amended so as to read as follows:

$ 19. It shall be the duty of said corporation to give said children good, moral and mechanical training, suffi. cient and reasonable clothing, good, wholesome and healthy food; and this corporation is hereby authorized to charge for such care, food and clothing, at a rate not

exceeding one dollar per week for each child so com. tion there. mitted to its care, from the counties of Erie, Chautau

qua, Cattaraugus, Orleans, Niagara, Genesee, Allegany How paid. and Wyoming, which sum shall be paid by the county

from which the child was committed, and shall be levied and collected in the county so charged, as other county taxes are levied and collected, and paid over by the

treasurer of the county so charged to the treasurer of Corpora- this corporation. The institution and affairs of said cor

poration shall at all times be open to visit and inspecand inspec.

tion by the judges of the various courts in the sixth, seventh and eighth judicial districts.

§ 4. This act shall take effect immediately.

Rate of compensa.

tion to be subject to visitation


Chap. 892.

AN ACT to amend an act entitled "An act to incorporate the Carthage Savings Bank.”

Passed October 23, 1868., The People of the State of New York, represented in Senate and Assembly, do enact as follows: · SECTION 1. Section one of chapter seven hundred and one of the Laws of eighteen hundred and sixty-seven, passed April twenty-fourth, eighteen hundred and sixtyseven, entitled "An act to incorporate the Carthage Savings Bank,” is hereby amended so as to read as fol. lows: William M. Coburn, Eugene West, Minor Guyott, Nicholas Wagoner, Orrin S. Levis, James H. Morrow, Roswell W. Keen, Franklin B. Johnson, William Clark,





Patrick S. Stewart, Hezekiah Dickerman, Martin L. Graves, Horace L. Adams, and their successors, are hereby constituted a body corporate and politic, by the name of Carthage Savings Bank, and by that name shall Corporate have perpetual succession, and may sue and be sued in any court of this State, and to be located in the village Business of Carthage, Jefferson county, New York.

$ 2. Section six of said act is hereby amended so as First trusto read as follows: The persons named in the first section of this act shall be the first trustees of the said corporation, and all vacancies by death, resignation, removai Vacancies, or otherwise, in the office of trustee, shall be filled by the board by ballot, without unnecessary delay, and at least seven votes shall be necessary for the election of any trustee.

& 3. The action of the trustees heretofore had, is Action of hereby legalized and confirmed.

84. This act shall take effect immediately.

how filled.

trustees confirmed.

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