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MAY 1 1939

U.S. Supt. of Documents


This volume is the fourth edition of the Coast Pilot of Alaska from Yakutat Bay to the Arctic Ocean, including the Aleutian Islands. In the surveyed areas it is based mainly upon the work of the United States Coast and Geodetic Survey. In the unsurveyed areas it is a compilation of information gathered from a wide variety of sources. The preceding (third) edition of this publication appeared in 1931.

Navigators are requested to notify the Director, United States Coast and Geodetic Survey, of any errors or omissions that they may find in this publication, or of any additional matter which should be inserted for the information of mariners.

Corrections and additions affecting all Coast Pilot volumes are included in Notice to Mariners, published weekly by the United States Department of Commerce. The aids to navigation mentioned in this pilot are those in existence, according to the latest available information, on September 30, 1938.

A supplement, giving the more important changes to the text, is issued about 1 year after a Coast Pilot volume is published, and again at approximately yearly intervals thereafter until a revised edition appears. Each supplement is complete in itself and cancels all previous issues. The date of the latest supplement to each Coast Pilot is given in the List of Coast Pilots published each month in Notice to Mariners.

In using this volume reference should be made to the latest supplement and to Notices to Mariners issued subsequent to the volume or supplement, and due regard should be given to the possibility of changes having occurred since the date of the latest of these publications. The supplement may be obtained, free of charge upon application to the United States Coast and Geodetic Survey, Washington, D. C., or to any of its field stations.

The present edition was prepared by Commander F. B. T. Siems, chief, coast pilot section. The United States Lighthouse Service, the United States Coast Guard, the Bureau of Fisheries, masters of vessels navigating in Alaskan waters and other authorities all cooperated in furnishing information.

L. O. COLBERT, Director. September 30, 1938.


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