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CUSTOM-HOUSE, an office established by goods and profits, to give an account to the w the authority of the king, in maritime cities, or escheator, who did the like to the exchequer.

port-towns, for the receipt and management of the CU'STREL, n.'s. Fr.coustillier. A bucklercustoms and duties of importation and exportation, bearer; a vesel for holding wine. The word is

imposed on merchandise, and regulated by a sometimes written coistrel. I book of rates. And here we were about to digest, for the benefit of our readers, a fair por

Every one had an archer, a demi-lance, and a custrel.

Lord Herbert. tion of the goodly folio account of the building of the new custom-house of this metropolis ;

CUSTRIN, a fortified town of Prussia, the but the fabric itself, alas ! has given way in capital of the New Mark of Brandenburgh, is almost every part of its foundation, before our situated in a plain at the junction of the Wartha humble narrative is completed ! We must, and the (der. The town though small has spatherefore, hope, that under the word London, cious suburbs, and contains 4500 inhabitants. It no similar disappointment may prevent our re

is encompassed by extensive morasses, which curring to this subject.

add to its strength; a fortified dike also comCUSTOS BREVIUM, the principal clerk be

mences at one of the suburbs, and is continued longing to the court of common pleas, whose for the space of three miles by means of thirtybusiness it is to receive and keep all the writs six bridges, across a succession of marshy ground. made returnable in that court, filing every return. In the month of August, 1758, this place was by itself; and, at the end of each term, to re- boinbarded and laid in ashes by the Russians, ceive prothonotaries of all the records of the but afterwards rebuilt in a style of great regunisi prius, called the posteas. The posteas are larity. It is forty-eight miles east of Berlin. first brought in by the clerks of assize, of every circuit, to that prothonotary who entered the CUT, v. a., v. n. & n. s. ) Fr. couper, couissue in the causes, in order to enter judgment;

Cutter, n. s.

teau ; Sans. kuand after the prothonotary has entered the ver CUTTINO, n. s.

tan. West Gotb. dict and judgment into the rolls of the court, he CUTTER-OFF, n. s.

kota, delivers them over to the custos brevium, who CUT-THROAT, n. s. & adj.

Few words have biods them into a bundle. The custos brevium CUT-PURSE, 11. s.

more shades of also makes entries of writs of covenant, and the meaning than to cut, but in all of them division, concord upon every line; he likewise makes out producing, in some way or other, a solution of exemplifications and copies of all writs and re- continuity, is expressed or implied. To cut is, cords in his office, and of all fines levied, which, to penetrate with a sharp instrument; to hew; being engrossed, are divided between him and to sculpture; to form by cutting; to divide by the chirographer, which last keeps the writ of passing through; to pierce with an uneasy sencovenant and the note, and the former the con- sation ; to divide packs of cards; to intersect; cord and foot of the fine. The custos brevium to castrate; to avoid a person, or pretend not to is appointed by the king's letters patent. see or know him ; to make way by dividing ; to

Custos RotulORUM, an officer who has the perform the operation of lithotomy. It obtains custody of the rolls and records of the sessions many additional meanings from its conjunction of peace, and also of the commission of the with down, off, out, short, up, and in. To peace itself. He is usually a nobleman, and cut down is, to fell; to level with the earth by a always a justice of the peace, of the quorum, in blow from a sharp instrument; to diminish the the county where he is appointed. This officer amount of any demand; to excel; to overpower. is appointed by writing under the king's sign To cut off is, to separate by cutting; to extirpate; manual, being the lord chancellor's warrant to to bring to an untimely death; to rescind; to put them in commission. He may execute his take away; to intercept; to put an end to; to office by a deputy, and is empowered to appoint obviate ; to withhold ; to preclude; to interrupt; the clerk of the peace; but he is prohibited from to abbreviate. To cut out is, to shape; to selling his office, under divers penalties. scheme; to adopt; to debar; to excel. To cut

Costos SPIRITUALIUM, he that exercises short is, to interrupt; to abridge. the spiritual jurisdiction of a diocese, during the is, to divide an animal, or some article of animal yacancy of any see, which, by the canon law, food, into convenient parts; to eradicate. To belongs to the dean and chapter ; but at present, cut in is a phrase used in card-playing, partiio England, to the archbishop of the province by, cularly at whist, when the cut made by the parprescription

ties determines who are to be the players. To Custos TEMPORALIUM, the person to whom cut a caper is to dance. The meanings of the a vacant see or abbey was given by the king as noun are also numerous. It denotes the action supreme lord. His office was, as steward of the of a sharp instrument; the separation made by Vol. VII.-PART 1.


To cut up

such an instrument; an incised wound; an arti My lady Zelmane and my daughter Mopsa may ficial channel; a part cut off from the rest; a draw cuts, and the shortest cut speak first. Sidney. small particle; a lot made by cutting into un Why should a man, whose blood is warm within, equal portions, a stick, straw, or bit of paper, Sit like his grandsire cut in alabaster? Shakspeare. which portions are held between the finger and

Ah, cut my lace asunder, thumb, while another draws the lot;' a near That my great heart may have some scope to bear, passage, which saves distance, by cutting off an Or else I swoon with this dead killing news. angle; an impression taken from an engraving

Id. Richard III. on wood or copper; the plate on which the draw

He that cuts off twenty years of life, ing is engraved; the dividing of a pack of cards;

Cuts off so many years of fearing death. anciently, a fcol or cully; a gelding. Cut and

Id. Julius Cæsar. long tail is a proverbial expression for all kinds

By the pattern of mine own thoughts I cut out the of men. The participial adjective, cut, signifies purity of his.

Id. Winter's Tale. prepared for use, in which case it is joined with

To have an open ear, a quick eye, and a nimble dry; rather the worse for liquor; hurt in the hand, is necessary for a cutpurse.

Id. feeling. Cut and come again is a trivial ex

Send her money, knight, if thou hast her not in pression, denoting that there is an abundance. the end, call me cut.

Id. Twelfth Night. Cutter is the agent that cuts any thing; a small

Their clothes are after such a Pagan cut too, swift-going vessel ; the incisores, or cutting

teeth; That, sure, they've worn out Christendom. an officer in the exchequer; a ruffian. Cutter

Id. Henry VIII. off means a destroyer. Cutting is, a piece cut

A paultry ring off; an incision; a caper, but this is obsolete ;

'That she did give, whose poesy was division, as of a pack of cards. Cut-purse is a For all the world like cutler s poetry thief; cut-throat a murderer; a butcher of

Upon a knife : love me, and leave me not. men; the animal which is sometimes miscalled

Shakspeare. a hero. For CUTLERY, see the article.

At quintin he, And they did beat the gold into thin plates, and In honour of this bridaltee, cut it into wires.

Exod. xxxix, 3.

Hath challenged either wide countee :

Come cut and long tail ; for there be
And they caught him, and cut off his thumbs.

Six bachelors as bold as he.
Jud, i. 6.

Ben Jonson. Underwood. Thy servants can skill to cut timber in Lebanon.

2 Chron. ii. Nor can good Myfon wear on his left hand

A signet ring of Bristol diamond, Who cut up mallows by the bushes and juniperroots for their meat.

Job xxx, 4.

But he must cut his glove to shew his pride,

That his trim jewel might be better spyd. Hall. A bowe in honde and arowis had she, Her clothis cuttid were unto the kne.

The king of this island, a wise man and a great Chaucer. The Legende of Dido.

warrior, handled the matter so, as he cut off their land forces from their ships.

Bacon. . Right as a sword forcutteth and forkerveth An arme atwo, my dere son! right so

It is no grace to a judge to shew quickness of conA tonge cutteth friendship all atwo.

ceit in cutting off evidence or coursel too short. Id.

Id. Cant. Tales. I, for iny part, do not like images cut out in juniper, Now draweth cutte or that ye fort her twinne;

or other garden-stuff: they be for children. Id. He which that hath the shortest shal beginne.

The burning of the cuttings of vines, and casting Id. Prol. Cant. Tales. them upon land, doth much good.

Id. The cotelere dwellith in this town that made the

All the timber whereof was cut down in the mounsame kuyff, tains of Cilicia.

Knolles. And for to prove the trowith he shall be here as

This great cut or ditch Sesostris the rich king of blyve.

Id. Cant. Tales.

Egypt, and long after him Ptolemus Philadelphus, Either with nimble wings to cut the skies,

purposed to have made a great deal wider and deeper, When he them on his messages doth send,

and thereby to have let the Red Sea into the Media Or on his own dred presence to attend.

terranean. Spenser. Hymn on Hearcnly Love

Will you then suffer these robbers, cut-throats, base But that same squire to whom she was more dere people, gathered out of all the corners of Christendom, Whenas he saw she should be cut in twaine,

to waste your countries, spoil your cities, murder your Did yield she rather should with him remaine people, and trouble all your seas?

I. Alive then to himself be shared dead.

Id. Faerie Queene.

If to take above fifty in the hundred be extremity,

this in truth can be none other than cut-throat and Eftsoones her shallow ship away did slide

abominable dealing. Carew's Survey of Cornwall. More swift than swallow sheres the liquid skye, Withouten oare or pilot it to guide,

In this form, according to his description, he is set Or winged canvas with the wind to fy:

forth in the prints or cuts of martyrs by Cevallerius.

Browne. Only she turnd a pin, and by and by It cut away upon the yielding wave.


There is some help for all the defects of fortune ; All Spain was first conquered by the Romans, and for if a man cannot attain to the length of his wishes, filled with colonies from them, which were still in he may have his remedy by cuttiny of them shorter. creased, and the native Spaniards still cut off:

Cordley. Id. On Ireland.

Presume not on thy God, whoe'er be be . It hath a number of short cuts or shreddings, which Thee he regards not, owns not, hath cut of may be better called wishes than prayers. Hooker. Quite from his people. Milton's Agonistes.'


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His tawny beard was th' equal grace

Before the whistling winds the vessels fily,
Both of his wisdom and his face;

With rapid swiftness cut the liquid way,
In cut and dye so like a tile,

And reach Gercstus at the point of day.
A sudden view it would beguile. Hudibras.

Id. Odyssey. To cut off all further mediation and interposition, When the teeth are ready to cut, the upper part is the king conjured him to give over all thoughts of bbed with hard substances, which infants, by a naexcuse.

tural instinct, affect.

Arbuthnot. He chose no other instrument than an ordinary knife, which he bought of a common cutler.

The antiquaries being but indifferent taylors, they Id.

wrangle prodigiously about the cutting out the toga. A man may have the stone, and it may be useful,

Id. on Coins. more than indirectly and at a distance useful, to him

How can the muse her aid impart, to be cut; but yet this usefulness will not justify the

Unskilled in all the terms of art? most skilful surgeon in the world, by force to make

Or in harmonious numbers put him endore the pain and hazard of cutting ; because

The deal, the shuffle, and the cut. Swift. he has no commission, no right, without the patient's own consent, to do so.


Sets of phrases, cut and dry, This doctrine cuts up all government by the roots.

Evermore the tongue supply.

Id. H. If we could imagine a whole nation to be cut-purses A man may as reasonably draw cuts for his tenets, and robbers, would there then be kept that square and regulate his persuasion by the cast of die. Id.

dealing and equity in such a monstrous den of thieves ? The ignorant took heart to enter upon this great

Bentley's Sermons. calling, and instead of their cutting their way to it

Sharp weapons, according to the force, cut into the through the knowledge of the tongues, the fathers, bone many ways; which cuts are called sedes, and and councils, they have taken another and a shorter

are reckoned among the fractures. cut.


Wiseman's Surgery. The boar's intemperance, and the note upon him afterwards, on the cutting him up, that he had no

Suppose a board to be ten foot long, and one broad, brains in his head, may be moralized into a sensual

one cut is reckoned so many foot.

Mortimer's Husbandry. Dan.


From tne marrowless bones of these skeleton estaThe molares, or grinders, are behind, nearest the centre of motion, because there is a greater strength blishments, by the use of every sort of cutting, and of or force required to chew the meat than to bite a

every sort of fretting tool, he flatters himself that he piece; and the cutters before, that they may be ready may chip and rasp an empirical alimentary powder, to

diet into some similitude of health and substance the to eat off a morsel from any solid food, to be transmitted to the grinders. Ray on the Creation.

languishing chimeras of fraudulent reformation.

Burke. And when two hearts were joined by mutual love, The sword of justice cuts upon the knot,

I am a son of Mars, who have been in many wars, And severs 'em for ever. Dryden's Spanish Friar.

And show my cuts and scars wherever I come;

This here was for a wench, and that other in a trench, Thus much he spoke, and more he would have said, When welcoming the French at the sound of the drum. Bat the sterr: bero turncd aside his bead,

Burns. And cut him short.

Id. Æneid.

He says you and your cut-throats have a plot upon The ruffian robbers by no justice aw'd,

his life, and swears he bad rather see his daughter And unpaid cut-throat soldiers are abroad;

in a scarlet fever than in the arms of a soldier. Those venial souls, who, hardened in each ill,

Sheridan. To save complaints and prosecution, kill.

Id. Jwenal. Her first thought was to cut off Juan's head; You know I am not cut out for writing a treatise, Her second, to cut only his acquaintance ; not have a genins to pen any thing exactly. Rymer.

Her third, to ask him where he had been bred; Supine they in their heaven remain,

Her fourth, to rally him into repentance.

Byron. Don Juan, Bxempt from passion and from pain; And frankly leave us, human elves,

Two casks of biscuit, and a keg of butter To cut and shuffle for ourselves.

Prior. Were all that could be thrown into the cutter. Id. The man was cut to the heart with these consolations.


Cutting is particularly used in heraldry, It may compose our unnatural feuds, and cut off from right to left

, parallel to the horizon, or in

where the shield is divided into two equal parts, requent occasions of brutal rage and intemperance.


the sse way. The word is also applied to the Every man had cut out a place for himself in his honorable ordinaries, and even to animals and own thoughts : I could reckon up in our army two or moveables, when they are divided equally the three lord-treasurers.


same way; so however, as that one moiety is A third desires you to observe well the toga on .color, the other metal. The ordinaries are said sach a reverse, and asks you whether you can in con to be cut, couped, when they do not come full science believe the sleeve of it to be of the true Roman to the extremities of the shield. cut.

Id. CUTTING, in painting, the laying one strong So great is his natural eloquence, that he cuts down lively color over another, without any shade or the finest orator, and destroys the best contrived argu- softening. The cutting of colors has always a ment, as soon as ever he gets himself to be heard.

disagreeable effect.

Id. Count Tariff Cutting, in surgery, denotes the operation of I am cut out from any thing but common acknow- extracting the stone out of the bladder by the ledgements, or common discourse Pope.. knife. See LITHOTOMY.

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Cuttino, in the manege, is when the horse's by the Gillysinde river. The chief towns are feet interfere; or when with the shoe of one foot Dewagur and Soonel. he beats off the skin from the pastern joints of CUTH, signifies knowledge or skill. So another foot. This is more frequent in the hind Cuthwin is a knowing conqueror; Cuthred, a feet than the fore: the cause is commonly bad knowing counsellor ; Cuthbert, famous for skill. shoeing.

Much of the same nature are Sophocles and CUTTING IN Wood is a particular kind of Sophianus. sculpture or engraving; the invention of which, Cuth, or Cuthah, a province of Assyria, on as well as that in copper, is ascribed to a gold- the Araxes, the same with Cush; but others take smith of Florence: hut it is to Albert Durer and it to be the country which the Greeks called Lucas they are both indebted for their perfection. Susiana, and which to this day, says Dr. Wells, See Engraving and Printing. Hugo da Carpi is hy the inhabitants called Chusistan. Calinet invented a manner of cutting in wood, by means is of opinion that Cuthah and Scythia are the of which the prints appeared as if painted in same place, and that the Cuthites who were clair-obscure.

removed into Samaria by Salmaneser (2 Kings CUTTINGS, or slips, in gardening, the branches xvii. 24), came from Cush or Cuth, mentioned in or sprigs of trees or plants, cut or slipped off to Gen. ii. 13. They worshipped the idol Nergal, set again; which is done in any moist fine id. ibid. 30. He adds that they came from Cusb, carth. The best season is from August to April; or Cutha upon the Araxes; and that their first but care is to be taken, when it is done, that the settlement was in the cities of the Medes, subsap he not too much in the top, lest the cut die dued by Salmaneser and the kings of Syria, his before that part in the earth have root enough predecessors. The Scriptures inform us, that the to support it: nor must it be 100 dry or scanty; Cuthites, upon their arrival in this new country, the sap in the branches assisting it to take root. continued to worship the gods formerly adored In providing the cuttings, such branches as have by them beyond the Euphrates. Esarhaddon, joints, knots, or burrs, are to be cut off two or king of Assyria, who succeeded Sennacherib, three inches beneath them, and the leaves to be appointed an Israelitish priest to go thither, and stripped off so far as they are set in the earth. instruct them in the religion of the Hebrews. Small top branches, of two or three years' But these people thought they might reconcile growth, are fittest for this operation.

their old superstition with the worship of the CUTCII, an extensive province of the south- true God. They therefore framed particular gods western part of Hindostan, situated principally for themselves, which they placed in the several between the twenty-third and twenty-fourth de- cities where they dwelt. But afterwards they grees of north latitude. It is bounded to the gave up idolatry, and adhered solely to the law north by a sandy desert and the province of of Moses. The Samaritans were their descendSindy; to the south by the gulf of Cutch; to ants. the east by Gujrat, and to the west by Tatta, from

CUʻTICLE, n. s. Lat. cuticula. The outwhich it is separated hy the most eastern branch Its limits northward are not ac

CUTI'CULAR, adj. of the Indus.

ward skin of the body; a CUTA’NEOUS

, adj. S thin skin formed on flie curately defined, but it may be estimated at 110 milos in length, by seventy the average breadth. surface of any liquor. Belonging or relating to

the skin. The greater part of the province is composed of woods and uncultivated plains; where a number This semus, nutritious mass is more readily circuof very fine horses are bred, superior camels, lated into the cutaneous or remotest parts of the body. and black cattle. Other parts produce grain and

Floyer on Humours. cotton. It is chiefly possessed by various independent chiefs, who are often connected with the When any saline liquor is evaporated to cuticle and pirates of the coast: the inhabitants are princi- let cool, the salt concretes in regular figures, which pally Mahommedans. The chief towns are Boo

argues that the particles of the salt, before they con.

creted, toated in the liquor at equal distances in rank jehooje, Luckput, Bundar, and Mandavie.

Newton's Opticks. Cutch GONDAVA, a district of Baloochistan, in Persia, situated at the bottom of the Some sorts of cutaneous eruptinns are occasioned by mountains south-east of Kelat, and about 150 feeding much on acid unripe fruits and farinaceous miles in length, by forty-five in breadth. The substances.

Arbuthnot. soil is black and rich, growing every species of

In each of the very fingers there are bones and grain, together with cotton, madder, and indigo. gristles, and ligaments and membranes, and muscles, The rains are in June, July, August, and in the and tendons, and nerves and arteries, and veins and spring months, during the summer, the simoom, skin, and cuticle and nail. Bentley's Sermons. or pestilential wind, is frequent and very destructive. The climate is otherwise good, and Where the spontaneous adhesive electric atmothe soil excellent, producing a large revenue to spheres are employed to charge plates of air, as in the the khan of Kelai. Great quantities of grain Galvanic pile, or probably to charge their animal are exported to the sea-ports of Corachie and membranes or cuticles, as perhaps in the shock given Sonmeany. To the northward of Cutch Gunda- by the torpedo or gymnotus, it seerns necessary that va lies Anund Dijil.

the intervening non-conducting plate must be extremely thin.

Darwin. CUTCHWARA, a district in the province of Malwah, Hindostan, situated about the twenty Those parts of our system which are in health ex. fifth degree of north latitude, and mostly tribu- cited into perpetual action, give us pain when they tary to the Malwah Mahrattas. It is intersected are not excited into action : thus, when the hands are

and file.

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