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FEBRUARY- continued.
21st.-Notice of election of auditors should

be given not later than this date,
and nominations ho sent in to town

Copy of parliamentary register to be

sent to the Secretary of State on or
before this date (31 & 32 Vict. c. 58,
s. 37)
Mayor to attend at town hall and
receive and decide upon nominations

to office of auditor
24th.-Nominations, &c., for auditors to be

published 26th. If poll be demanded for election of

auditors, give notice of polling places

not later than this date* 28th.-Last day for sending name of officer

to vote at guardians' elections


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1st.–Election of auditors (unless some other

day appointed)
Mayor should appoint' his auditor on

pablication of result of election 25th.- Annual accounts (under Local Taxa

tion Returns Act, 1877) must be
made up to this date, and return
made one month after completion of

audit (after 1891–31st of March) Generally-Annual account of receipts, &c.,

relating to highways, &c., should be
sent to Secretary of State (12 & 13 Vict.
c. 35, s. 1)

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• See also paragraph 2 of Part III. of the Third Schedule (page 72).

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JUNE 1st.-Overseers should give notice between

this date and 20th to voters (parlia-
mentary, county, and borough) who
have not paid all poor rates due on

Jan. 5th last
Return of market tolls and other matters

to be made to Secretary of State before
end of the month, (23 & 24 Vict. c. 51,

ss. 1 and 2) 10th.-Town clerks to issue precepts to over

seers to make out lists of parliament

ary and other voters 20th.-Overseers should affix on or near

church doors, &c., for a period in. cluding two Sundays at least, notices to persons entitled to vote to make claims before August 25th

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JULY. 1st.—Copy rules, &c., respecting police to be

sent to the Secretary of State by

Watch Committee 15th.— Date to which qualification is com

puted for £10 occupiers and lodgers in connection with parliamentary lists. The latter must claim between August 1st and 25th in the first year, and July 26th every succeeding year. This is also the date for which qualification is computed for the county

lists and burgess rolls 18th.-County and town clerks must send

“ corrupt, &c.” lists (if any, to over20th.-Assessed taxes and poor rates due

Jan. 5th to be paid on or before this day to prevent disqualification for voting Last day in counties to claim as owner for parliamentary vote (claims to be published until 25th) Clerks of the peace to issue precepts

to overseers to make out jury lists 22nd.-Overseers to make out (and publish

for 14 days) list of rate defaulters . 25th.-Lodgers already on parliamentary list

must renew their claim not later than

this day 31st.-Overseers in counties to make out

occupiers' lists in divisions or with supplemental lists ; also separate lists of non-residents qualified to be county councillors, and lists of parliamentary ownership claimants and old lodgers, with marginal objections. Overseers in boroughs to make out occupiers' list in divisions, old lodgers' list with marginal objections, reserved rights' list, if any, aldermen and councillors' list, and parish burgess lists; the town clork must make out the freemen's roll

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Overseers should publish notices that
non-payment before the 20th July of
poor rates made during the twelve
months immediately preceding the
5th January last will disqualify par-
liamentary ten pounds occupiers and
householders, also burgesses and
county electors. Notices should state
that non-payment of assessed taxes
will disqualify ten pounds occupiers
for local government franchise, and
for parliamentary occupation fran-
chise in parliamentary boroughs; and
non-payment of county rates will
disqualify burgess occupiers under
section 2 in counties, and non-pay-
ment of borough rates will disqualify
burgesses not being ten pounds occu-
piers under section 3
Overseers should send notices to voters
where rates have not been previously

AUGUST. 1st.—(Note)County and borough lists of elec

tors to be affixed to church doors (first two Sundays in August). Lodgers claiming for the first

time must do so between this date and the 25th. Freemen's roll must be published on or

before to-day. 10th.-Rate books may be inspected antil 31st

by voters and claimants 20th.-Last day for giving notices of claims

and objections to county and borough voters to the overseers, persons ob

jected to, and their tenants 25th.–Last day for serviog objections to

voters, and for claiming to vote
On this day overseers should make up
lists of all claims and objections in
the form prescribed and send lists
of electors, claims, and objections to

town clerks
31st. – Last day for inspecting rate books

SEPTEMBER. 1st.- Objections to voters to be affixed to

church doors on two Sundays preceding the lóth inst., aud jurors' lists on first three Sundays in September. Notice should be given of dates for holding revising barristers' courts (must be between 8th of this month

and 12th October inclusive) bth.-Declarations under sections 10 of the

County Voters’Registration Act, 1865 and section 24 of the Parliamentary and Municipal Registration Act, 1878 should be sent to the clerk of the peace, or the town clerk respec

tively, on or before this date 8th. Earliest day for holding revisiog bar

risters' courts.

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1st.-Copy rules, &c., respecting police to be

sent to the Secretary of State by the
Watch Committee
Special constables to be appointed by

borough justices during this month. 12th.–Revising barristers' courts may not be

held after this date* 20th.– The county lists and burgess rolls

must be completed on or before this 21st.-Notice of election for the ist of Novi

should be given by the town clerk not

later than to-day
24th.-. Last day for delivering nominations

of councillors to town clerk for elec-
tion on Nov. 1st.
Notice of nomination to candidates for
council on the 1st Nov. should be

given to-day
25th.-Mayor must attend at town hall to

receive and decide upon objections,

&c., to nominations .
27th..-List of nominations for councillors

should be published.
Notice of polling places should be

given not later than this datet 31st.Criminal returns should be sent to

Home Secretary by clerks to justices

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1st.–The new burgess roll comes into opera-

tion (also county electors' lists for
county councils)
General election of borough councillors
General election of county councillors

every third year from 1891 inclusive 7th.-Quarterly-fixed-(and annual) meet

ing of county councils
9th.—Quarterly-fixed—(and annual) meet-

ing of town councils to be held to-
day at noon. First business : Elec-
tion of mayor, followed by that of
sheriff (where there is one); aldermen
(every three years) ; and officers.
Quarterly meetings to be fixed for
year, and Committees appointed

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31st.-Last day for revising barrister to

deliver to town clerk lists of parlia-
mentary voters
Parliamentary election lists must be
sent to returning officers not later
than this date .
Assessment clerks should make out
valuation returns

• Extended in the year 1888 only.
See also paragraph 2 of Part III. of the Third Schedule (page 72).



Regulated and Governed under the Municipal Corporations Act of 1882, and subsequent Acts with the population (according to the Census of 1881),

on September 1st, 1888. The area of certain Cities and Boroughs having been extended since 1881, the increased population, according to the census of that year, has been shewn in accordance with particulars supplied by local officials. The figures shew the population for the municipal area ; those for the parliamentary area differ in some cases.

* Episcopal and Prescriptive (ities. | Prescriptive Cities only.

Cities and Boroughs which are Counties of themselves. (a) Cities and Boroughs (to have a Commission of the Peace) named in Schedules A, and (6) Cities and Boroughs (not to have a Commission of the Peace except on petition

and grant) of Schedule B of the Municipal Corporations Act, 1835.
(c) Cities and Boroughs incorporated after the passing of the Act 5 & 6 Will. 4.
c. 76, and before the passing of the Act 45 & 46 Vict. c. 50 (1882); all
others came into corporate existence after the passing of the

Act 45 f: 46 Vict., c. 50 (1882). (Q.S.) indicates Boroughs having a separate Commission of the Peace and Court of Quarter

Sessions. (C.P.) indicates Boroughs having a Commission, of the Peace only (in practice the County Justices do not act in such Boroughs); in all others the County Magistrates do or can

exercise a concurrent jurisdiction with the Mayor and immediate Past Mayor.

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<BRADFORD (Yorks) (Q.s.) :
cBURY (Lanc.) (C.P.) .


13,998 11,425 3,088 6,512 84,006 400,774

1,788 104,014 14,229 1,373

5,061 105,414 27,374 14,941

2,504 194,495

*aBATH (Q.S.)
aBEDFORD (0.8.):

25,034 3,600 9,500 29,790 12,282 47,259

6,372 5,885 12,007

6,795 107,546 206,874

3,585 58,571 26,622 39,288 16,111 64,608

6,681 51,814 27,505 2,239 5,721 19,633

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