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3. The lessee, his executors, administrators, or assigns, shall not add to or alter the character of the building without the consent in writing of the corporation.

4. If at any time the lessee, his executors, administrators, or assigns, fail to duly pay the rent hereby reserved, or to fully observe and perform any stipulation herein contained, the corporation may, if they think tit, re-enter on any part of the site in the name of the whole, and thereupon the term of

years shall absolutely cease.
In witness whereof, &c., this

(Corporate Seal.)

4.B. (L.B.)

day of


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The Municipal Corporations Act, 1882.

(Working Men's Dwellings.)
Borough of

Transfer No.

(Lease No.

.) A.B. of

(herein referred to as the assignor) by virtue and in pursuance of the above-mentioned Act, and in consideration of paid to him by C.D. of

hereby assigns to the said C.D. (herein referred to as the assignee,) his executors and administrators, the site comprised in the within written lease* (or the lease No. under the said Act, dated the

day of

18 +], with the appurtenances, and with the dwelling and other buildings thereon, for the residue of the term of

years, at the rent and subject to the stipulations and conditions at and subject to which that site is held immediately before the execution of this assignment.

And the assignee for himself, his executors and administrators, covenants with the assignor, his executors and administrators, that the assignee, his executors or administrators, will pay the yearly rent and observe and perform the stipulations and conditions aforesaid, and will at all times keep the assiguor, his executors and administrators, indemnified in respect thereof. In witness whereof, &c., this

day of

18 A.B. (L.s.) C.D. (L.s.)

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* In case of assignment by indorsement.
+ In case of assignment by separate deed.

Part IV.- Forms relating to Borough Bridges.


The Municipal Corporations Act, 1882.

(Borough Bridges.)
Borough of

Mortgage No. We, the mayor, aldermen, and burgesses of the borough of by virtue and in pursuance of the above-mentioned Act, and in consideration of the sum of paid to them by A.B., of

for the

purposes of the said Act, do grant and assign unto the said A.B., his executors, administrators, and assigns, such proportion of the borough fund and borough rate as the said sum of

doth or shall bear to the whole sum which is or shall be borrowed on the credit of the said fund and rate, to hold to the said 4.B., his executors, administrators, and assigns, from the day of the date hereof, until the said sum of

with interest at the rate of

per centum per annum for the same, shall be fully paid and satisfied. And it is hereby declared that the said principal sum shall be repaid on the day of

at place of payment].



In witness whereof, &c., this

day of

(Corporate Seal.)



The Municipal Corporations Act, 1882.

(Borough Bridges.) Borough of

Transfer No.

(Mortgage No. I A.B. of

in consideration of the sum of paid to me by C.D. of

do hereby transfer to the said C.D., his executors, administrators, and assigns, a certain mortgage, dated this

and made by the mayor, aldermen, and burgesses of the borough of

under the abovementioned Act, for securing the sum of

and interest thereon at

per centum per annum [or, if the transfer is by indorsement on the mortgage, insert, instead of the words immediately following the word assigns," the within security], and all my right, estate, and interest in and to the money thereby secured, and in and to the fund and rate thereby assigned.

day of


day of

In witness whereof, &c., this

[blocks in formation]





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Part II.

Particular References. 14 & 15 Vict. c. 55.-An Act to amend the law relating to the expenses of prosecutions and to make further provisions for the apprehension and trial of offenders in certain cases :

In section 24, for Schedule C. to the Municipal Corporations Act, 1835, the Sixth Schedule to this Act.

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In the First Schedule, for section 28 of the Municipal Corporations Act, 1835, 80 much of the provision of this Act relative to disqualifications for being councillor as relates to being in holy orders.





General Rules of the Judges under the Corrupt Practices (Municipal Elections)

Act, 1872. Rule

1. Petition, mode of presenting, receipt of same, copy of petition. 2. Petition, contents and form of. 3. Petitions to be divided into paragraphs, numbered, &c. 4. Petition, conclusion of. 6. Petition, form of. 6. Petition, evidence need not be stated, court may order particulars. 7. When office claimed because of a majority of votes, a list of votes objected

to and heads of objection to each to be delivered. 8. When respondent intends to disqualify person claiming the seat, a list of

votes objected to and heads of objection to be delivered. 9. With petition, petitioners to leave with master the name of some attorney

entitled to practise in the High Court of Justice as agent. 10. A person elected may leave notice with a Master appointing an attorney to

act as his agent should there be a petition, or stating that he intends to

act for himself, &c. 11. The master to keep a book to enter addresses of agent. 12. The master to send a copy of petition to town clerk, with name of petitioner's

agent, &c., town clerk to publish from particulars cost of publication. 13. Time of giving notice of presentation of petition. 14. Service of petition where respondent has named an agent, service of petition

where no agent named, when personal. 15. Evasion of service of petition, provision in case of. 16. As to deposit of money by way of security of costs and charges. 17. Receipt of certificate of, to be filed by the master, account to be kept in a

book open to inspection. 18. The recognisance as security, how to be acknowledged, one or more recogni.

sances may be taken. 19. What the recognisance is to contain, form of. 20. The recognisance to be left at the master's office. 21. Time of giving notice of objection to recognisance. 22. Of objections to the recognisance. 23. Objections to be heard by the master, subject to appeal. 24. The hearing and decision either upon affidavit or examination of witnesses. 25. If security be declared sufficient, its sufficiency to be deemed to be established

within the meaning of the 13th section. 26. If objection to the security be allowed, the master or judge to state what

amount he deems requisite to make the security sufficient, &c. 27. How costs to be paid. 28. As to costs of hearing and deciding an objection to recognisance, affidavit of

sufficiency. 29. The effect on an order of the master for payment of costs. 30. The master to make out a “municipal election list,” its contents open to


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