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Division of

Election of Auditors and Assessors. Act into parts Section {and arrange

62. Time and mode of election of auditors and assessors.
ment of

Supplemental and Exceptional Provisions,
63. Right of women to vote.
64. Polling districts.
65. Notices as to elections.
66. Time for filling casual vacancies.
67. Illness, &c., of mayor or returning officer.
68. Election of councillor in more than one ward.
69. Elections not in churches.
70. Omission to hold election, or election void.
71. Burgess roll to be in operation until revision of new burgess roll.
72. Non-compliance with rules.
73. Election valid unless questioned within twelve months.
74. Offences in relation to nomination papers.
75. Offences in relation to lists and elections.
76. Revival of former law on expiration of Ballot Act.


Corrupt Practices. 77. Definitions. 78. General penalties for corrupt practices. 79. Disqualifications and avoidance of election for corrupt practices by

80. Disqualifications and avoidance of election for corrupt practices by

agents, and for offences against this Part.
81. Avoidance of election for general corruption.
82. Paid agents and canvassers.
83. Payment for conveyance of voters.
84. Prosecutions for corrupt practices.
85. Striking off votes.
86. Personation.

Election Petitions.
87. Power to question municipal election by petition.
88. Presentation of petition
89. Security for costs.
90. Petition at issue.
91. Municipal election list.
92. Constitution of election court.
93. Trial of election petition.
94. Witnesses.
95. Withdrawal of petition.
96. Abatement of petition.
97. Withdrawal and substitution of respondents.
98. Costs on election petitions.
99. Reception of and attendance on the election court.
100. Rules of procedure and jurisdiction.
101. Expenses of election court.
102. Acts done pending a petition not invalidated.
103. Provisions as to elections in the room of persons unseated on petition.
104. Prohibition of disclosure of vote.


Corporate Land.
105. Power to purchase land for town hall, &c.
106. Power to borrow with approval of Treasury.
107. Power to acquire land with the approval of the Treasury.

Division of Section 108. Restrictions on alienation of corporate land without approval of Act into parts Treasury.

[and arrange109. Power to dispose of land with approval of Treasury.

ment of 110. Council may renew leases, &c.

sections). Working Men's Dwellings. 111. Sites for working men's dwellings.

Repayment of Loans. 112. Power for Treasury to impose conditions as to repayment of money

borrowed. 113. Provisions as to sinking fund.


Purchase or Compensation Money. 114. Provision for replacing purchase or compensation money paid to trea115. Investment of proceeds of sale or exchange authorized by Treasury. 116. Power for Treasury to authorize application of certain investinents for benefit of borough.

Misappropriation. 117. Penalty for misappropriation of moneys.

Corporate Stock 118. Transfer of and other dealings with corporate stock.

Borough Bridges. 119. Maintenance of borough bridges.

Loans for Municipal Buildings. 120. Power to borrow for buildings.

Arvou sons and similar Rights. 121. Obligations and powers in respect of advowsons, &c. 122. Regulations as to sale of ecclesiastical patronage belonging to municipal corporation.

Special Rates. 123. Power to continue rates special purposes.

Misapplication of Corporate Properto. 124. Prohibition of expenditure of corporate funds on parliamentary elections.

Transitory Provisions, 125. Transfer of investments made before 1860 in names of trustees. 126. Scheme respecting mortgage debts incurred before 1860. 127. Consolidation of debts incurred before 1860. 128. Saving for sales, &c., in pursuance of past contracts and resolutions. 129. Saving for rates in respect of past debts. 130. Saving for rights of creditors in respect of tolls or aucs. 131. Saving for lawful debts contracted before 5 & 6 Will. 4, c. 76. 132. Saving against new liability to debts contracted before 5 & 6 Will. 4,

c. 76.


Charitable Trusts. 133. Administration of chari able trusts and vesting of legal estate.

Division of

Special Trusts and Powers. Act inlo parts Section [and arrange

134. Corporation to be trustee where corporators trustees. ment of

135. Appointment of members of council to be trustees in cases of joint trusts sections). and other cases.

Local Acts.
136. Transfer of powers of local authorities to municipal corporations.
137. Power for council to extend local lighting Act.
138. Exercise of powers under local Acts.


Borough Fund.
139. Payments to borough fund.
140. Application of borough fund.
141. Orders for payment of money.
142. Payments to and by treasurer.
143. Application of surplus of borough fund.

Borough Rate.
144. Power for council to make borough rate and assess contribution thereto.
145. Collection of borough rate in undivided parish.
146. Collection of borough rate in divided parish.
147. Rating of owners instead of occupiers for borough rate in certain cases.
148. Warrants for levy of borough rate.
149. Borough rate to go to borough fund; and its application,

County Rate, 150. General exemption of quarter sessions boroughs from county rate. 151. Liability of quarter sessions borough for prosecution expenses of county. 152. Liability of certain quarter sessions boroughs to other county expenses. 153. Mode of accounting by borough to county.


County Justices.
154. Jurisdiction of county justices in borough.

Borough Justices.
165. Mayor and last mayor to be borough justices.
156. Separate commission of peace.
167. Qualification of borough justice.
158. Jurisdiction of borough justices.
159. Clerk to borough justices.
160. Justices' room.

Stipendiary Magistrate.
161. Appointment of stipendiary magistrate.

Borough Quarter Sessions : Recorder : Clerk of the Peace. 162. Grant of separate court of quarter sessions. 163. The recorder. 164. The clerk of the peace. 165. Recorder to hold court of quarter sessions. 166. Power to appoint deputy recorder. 167. Powers of mayor in absence of recorder and deputy recorder. 168. Power for recorder to form a second court. 169. Liability of borough having quarter sessions for prosecutors' expenses.

Sheriff. 170. Appointment of sheriff in counties of cities and counties of towns.


Division of Section

Act into parts 171. Appointment, fees, &c. of borough coroner in boroughs having separate (and arrangequarter sessions.

ment of 172. Power of borough coroner to appoint a deputy.

sections). 173. Returns by borough coroners. 174. Acting of county coroner in borough.

Borough Civil Court. 175. Judge of borough civil court where there is a recorder. 176. Judge of borough civil court where there is no recorder. 177. Tenure of judge. 178. Registrar and other officers and fees. 179. Solicitors. 180. Time of holding court. 181. Procedure. 182. Power for judge to make rules of procedure. 183. Jurisdiction of court. 184. Saving for borough civil courts and for 35 & 36 Virt. c. 86. 186. Power to extend jurisdiction of borough civil court.

Borough Juries. 186. Provisions as to juries in boroughs.

Exceptional Provisions. 187. Grants to boroughs not affected by subsequent grants to counties. 188. Trial of offences committed in counties of cities and counties of towna. 189. Jurisdiction in places separated from borough.

Part IX.-Police.

Watch Committee; Constables. 190. Council to appoint watch committee. 191. Appointment, duties and powers of borough constables. 192. Quarterly returns as to borough constables. 193. Power for constables to apprehend disorderly persons, fo. 194. Penalties on constables for neglect of duty. 195. Penalty for assaults on conetables.

Special Constables. 196. Appointment of special constables.

Watch Rate. 197. Levy of watch rate. 198. Watch rate in divided parish. 199. Warrant for levy of watch rate. 200. Watch rate to go to borough fund.


201. Definition of freeman.
202. Freedom not by gift or purchase.
203. The freemen's roll.
204. Admission to freedom.
205. Reservation of rights of property to freemen and others.
206. Limit of value and saving as to conditions precedent.
207. Saving for power to question right.
208. Reservation of beneficial exemptions to freemen and others.
209. Reservation of parliamentary franchise, &c.

Division of


Section [and arrange- 210. Power to. Crown in granting charter to borough to extend to it the ment of

provisions of the Municipal Corporations Acts. sections).

211. Reference to Committee of Council, and notice of petition for charter. 212. Power by charter to settle wards, and by fixing dates and otherwise to

adapt the Municipal Corporations Acts to first constitution of new

213. Scheme for continuance or abolition of and adjustment of rights of

existing local authority and officers.
214. Supplemental provisions as to scheme and charter.
215. Provision as to police force in new borough.
216. Validity of charters.
217. Power to settle scheme in case of recent charters.
218. Power to amend scheme.


219. Prosecution of offences and recovery of fines.
220. Exclusion of certiorari.
221. Application of penalties in quarter sessions boroughs.
22!. Duties of clerk of peace as to fines and forfeitures.
223. Service of summons or warrant.
224. Procedure in penal actions against corporate officers.
225. Quo warranto and mandamus.
226. Provisions for protection of persons acting under Act.
227. Power for borough constables to take bail.


Boundaries. 228. Boundaries of boroughs and transfer of parts to counties. 229. Adjustment between boroughs and counties on change of boundaries.

Time. 230. Computation of time.

Distance. 231. Measurement of distances.


232. Notices on town hall.

Inspection and Copies. 233. Inspection of documents.

Fees. 234. Tables of fees to be posted.

Seals and Signatures.
235. Forgery.

Applications to Treasury.
236. Notice of application to and correspondence with Treasury.

237. Acts of deputy not to be invalidated by defect in appointment.

238. Notices to and acting of overseers.

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