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156 ff.; use of perfects in -κa 159
ff.; Drerup on (Italian ed.) 240;
suspected flaws in similes of 271 ff.;
spuriousness argued from repetition
of simile 272 ff.; and from unsuita-
bility 277 ff.; Athenian interpola-
tions in 419 ff.; justice in age of
484 ff.; see Iliad.

Horace, odes and epodes, Shorey-Laing
504 ff.

Igórot, grammar of the language
spoken by the Bontoc, Seidenadel
365 ff.

Iliad, Wilamowitz on 37 ff.; various
views of 38 ff.; objections to
Wilamowitz' theory considered 38;
borrowings from other parts of
Homer 39 ff.; dependence on the
cyclics 42 ff.; and on Hesiod 44 ff.;
linguistic peculiarities 45; repeti-
tions 45 ff.
inēdia (Lat.) 315

inscription, Greek, a new Argive 219 ff.
intercapedo (Lat.) 318

Ionic in the Argolic Acte 206 f.
ire and venire, figurative uses of,
Mood 241 ff.

Ithaca, topography of, Goekoop 105

jalǎkā (Skr.) 318

Jerome, catalogue of Varro's works
334 ff.

Jews, opposition to, at Alexandria,
Wilcken 248

Kelts and Ligurians, 385 ff.

κοπάδιον (Gr.) 319

labial mutes, Greek, variation between
208 ff.

land tenure in Egypt under the
Romans, Eger-Jur 256; Rostowzew
355 ff.

language, dead, and dead languages,
Postgate 106

law, Greek, justice in the age of
Homer 12 ff.; the witness in Attic,
Leisi 123 ff.

Mégis, Stoic use of 444 ff.
Libanius, and Demetrius, epistolary
types of, Weichert 230 ff.; works
of, Foerster 235
libido (Lat.) 320

Ligurians, and Kelts 385 ff.
literature, tenacity of types in 323
Longus, erotic teaching in 68
Lucan, adnotationes to, Endt 252 ff.
Lucian, erotic teaching in 57, 71
Lucretius, notes on 850 ff.

Lycophron, sources of, Gasse 245 ff.
Lysias, interpretation of 19.22 and
18.14 481 ff.

Macedonian 8 equals general Greek
211 ff.

manuscripts, the early silver and gold

144 ff.; of Propertius 282 ff.
Marcellus of Side, remaining works of,
Zervos 105 ff.

Martial, selected epigrams of, Post
488 ff.

Menander, familiarity of Romans with
75; four plays of, Capps 99 ff.
meter, Latin, proceleusmatic in 321
morphology, Latin, ss instead of inter-
vocalic r 221

mythology, use of, in erotic teaching
62 ff.

nature-legends, Dähnhardt 255 ff.
noun-formation, Greek, studies in 197
ff., 450 ff.

Novius, emendation of 321

Odyssean character, alleged, of 38
ὠμάδιος (Gr.) 319

omen, the, of sneezing 429

oratory, of Brutus, concerning the 325
ff.; Aristotle's attitude toward 177;
Dionysius' attitude toward 177 ff.
oriundus (Lat.) 317
oscedo (Lat.) 317

Ovid, erotic teaching in 58 ff.

palaeography, 283 ff., 301

Latin, for use of schools, Ihm 242
ff.; manual of, Prou 117 ff.

papyri, Greek, unpublished texts in
the Geneva collection, Nicole 254;
Giessen papyrus documents, Meyer
254 ff.; see Phidias
Parthenius, and Gallus 74 ff.
Peisistratus, Nestor's son, in Homer
344 ff.

perfects in -ka, Homeric use of 159 ff.
Perkedneis (Oscan, gen. sg.) 319
Petrarch and Propertius 285 ff.
Petronius, MS of 289 ff.
Phidias, the trial of, Nicole 490 ff.
philosophy, Greek, von Arnim 106 ff.;

Roman, Stoicism, Arnold 491 ff.
Philostratus, and Propertius i. 2 71
Philumenus, de venenatis animalibus,
Wellmann 248 ff.

ppáris, Stoic use of 444 ff.
Pindar, ancient scholia to, Drachmann
225 ff.

Plato, review of Moraites' Apology,

Crito, and Gorgias, Gardikas 250 ff.
Plautus, separation of attributive
adjective in, Keep 502 ff.
Plutarch, text of Stromat. 2 86 ff.;
2.471 D, emendation of 210; erotic
teaching in 62

Poggio, and Propertius 289 ff.
Pollio, the identity of the child in

Vergil's 78 ff.; the, a salutatory
poem 82 ff.

Porphyry, emendation of de abstinentia
351 ff.

poverty of Latin in short syllables 8
Priene, topography of, Zippellius-
Wolfsfeld 128

rhetoric, Greek, Süss 109 ff.; Aris-
totle's theory of 164 ff.; Dionysius'
theory of 167 ff.

rhythms, prose, in Demosthenes, Zan-
der 494

religion, Greek, sacrificial rites of,
Stengel 508 ff.; the Hellenistic
mystery-religions, Reitzenstein

509 ff.

Roman, studies in, Domaszewski
505 ff.; prayer and its relation to
ethics 180 ff.

oriental, in Rome, Cumont 490
romance, the realistic, origin of among
the Romans 252 ff.

Rome, papers of the British school at
379 ff.

Renaissance, Propertius in the 285 ff.
repetitions, in Homer 45 ff.; 271 ff.
rotundus (Lat.) 317

Salutati and Propertius 286 ff.
satura, the genesis of a literary form
129 ff.

schools, public, of the Roman empire,
Barbagallo 499 ff.; in Miletus, Zie-
barth 104 ff.

scrolls. See books

semantics, "-eating," in proper names
319, 324; in names of diseases, pas-
sions, pains 316; allocation of
meaning to flexion, 322

Seneca, select letters of, Summers
380 ff.

sex-prophesying, a literary and folk
usage 78 ff.

Propertius, erotic teaching in 56-77; Sicily, cults and myths of, Ciaceri 251

the MSS of 282 ff.

prose and poetry, distinguished by
Aristotle 173 ff.; by Dionysius 175

Prudentius, anonymous commentary
on, Burnam 125 ff.

quantity in English verse 11
Quintilian, clausula heroica in 410 ff.

rhetorical theory, of Aristotle 164 ff.;

of Dionysius 164 ff.; modern 178 ff.

sneezing, the omen of 429
sociennius (Lat.) 319

Socrates, essays on, Taylor 361 ff.
Solon, trochaics of, to Phokos 216 ff.
Stoics, their use of Mégis and pois
444 ff.

style, Aristotle's appreciation of 165;
Aristotle's theory of 166 ff.; Diony-
sius' theory of 167 ff.
suffix, irradiation of 316; Greek -edwv,
-nov 316; Latin -eden 315, 317

syllable division in Latin 6
syntax, Greek, from Homer to De-
mosthenes, Gildersleeve 358
Latin, the unity of the subjunctive,
Sonnenschein 113 ff.; early Latin,
Bennett 367 ff.

teaching, erotic, in Roman elegy 56 ff.
τηκεδών (Gr.) 316
teredo (Lat.) 318

τερηδών (Gr.) 318

Terence, Heauton Timorumenos of,
Ballentine 232 ff.; xópov in the
Heauton of 485

testudo (Lat.) 318

text criticism, Greek, emendations of
Plutarch Stromat. 2 86 ff.; Por-
phyry de abstinentia 351 ff.; Chry-
sippus fr. 574 (von A.) 477 ff.;
Lysias 18.14 483

Latin, emendations of
of Apuleius
Meta. ii. 29 90; Cicero de senec-
tute 10 and 37 483 ff.; text of
Propertius 282 ff.

theater, Greek, the rule of three actors,
Rees 227 ff.

Themistocles, tomb of, Dragatse 382 ff.
Theocritus, the article in, Leutner
383 ff.

Tibullus, collation of MSS of 283;
erotic teaching in 58 ff.

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