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persons shall hold

maining commissioners shall liave power to fill the vacancy,
or vacancies, thereby created until the next annual election

when another or others shall be chosen for the unexpired Justice and term of the person or persons originally elected. The justice

of the peace resident in the said town (or if there be none, election. the nearest justice of the peace) and two citizens of the said

towni, chosen by the people present entitled to vote, shall hold
the said election and shall decide the legality of the votes

They shall receive the ballots, ascertain the result, and

certify the same on the books of the commissioners. At such Qualifica election every male and female taxable of said town above the

age of 21 years, who shall have paid the town tax last assessed
to them shall be entitled to vote.

The commissioners first chosen under auth-
ority of Section 2 of this act shall within five days after re-
ceiving the certificates of their election meet at some suitable

place, to be by them selected in the said town, and duly Manner of organize by the election of one of their own number as chairorganizing.

man of the board; and it shall also be the duty of the town

comunissioners chosen in any year thereafter to ineet on the Time of Tuesday following their election and organize the board in

like manner. The chairman of the board of town commis-
sioners shall preside at the regular meetings of the board
when present, and shall perform and discharge all such duties
as shall be prescribed by the ordinance and regulations of
said town.

In case such chairman be absent at any meeting the board

may elect a chairman pro tem for the special occasion. The Warrants. warrants on the town treasurer for the payment of any money eigned. shall be signed by the chairman of the board, or in case of

his absence by the chairman pro tom.

SECTION 5. There shall be four stated meetings of the commissioners in every year as follows to wit,: On the

second Saturday of Jay, September, January and April; and Derasional also such additional meetings as may be provided for by ordimay be held nance in that belialf, or whenever any three of the said com

missioners or any twelve taxables of the said town shall in
writing, addressed to the chairman of the board, request a
special meeting, and in such request the object for special
meeting shall be stated. At any such stated or special
meeting ordinances or rules for the good government of the
said towni

, the improvements of its streets, the repairs or con-
struction of drains and water courses, the planting and pro-


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and treas. urer.


tecting of ornamental trees, and for all other matters relating to the general welfa reof the said town may be ordained and enacted.

SECTION 6. The commissioners first chosen, under authority of Section 2, and their successors in office, shall at Shalldetertheir first stated meeting in every year determine the amount wine of taxes to be raised in said town for that year, including tax taxes to be on real and personal property, poll tax and tax on dogs, and they shall - ppoint an assessor, who may or may not be one of point an their own number, to make an assessinent of persons and assessor. property in said town, and they shall also appoint a collector Shalapand treasurer. In case the comiissioners to be chosen underlector authority of Section 2 shall have not been chosen before the second Saturday of May, in the vear 1887, then and in that case they shall hold a special meeting on the Saturday next Special succeeding their election, at which special meeting they shall he held in perform the duties by this section designated and imposed.

SECTION 7. It shall be the duty of the assessor of the said Duts of town, within thirty days after his election, to make a true, correct, just and impartial valuation and assessment of all real estate and assessable perso:ial property within said town, and also an assessment of all the male citizens residing within the said town above the age of 21 years, as well as those owning as not owning real estate within its limits; and also to ascertain the number of dogs within the said town and assess the owner or keeper of a dog, or dogs, one dollar for each male dog and two dollars for each female dog. In making assess-Shall be ments for other than dogs the said assessor shall be governed by county by the valuation fixed and ascertained by the county assessments, as well to poll tax as to real estate and personal property, and if there be any assessable property within the limits of the said town which does not appear upon the county assessment, or if there be individuals residing within the said town, who would be subject to poll tax, who do not appear upon such county assessment, the assessor shall assess all such iipon a valuation and basis corresponding with the county assessinent. When such assessment shall be completed the assessor shall forth with make and return a duplicate thereof to the commissioners, and the commissioners shall make shall forth with give notice to the effect that they will sit together in a certain place and on a certain day, to be desig- Notice of nated by them, not less than five days from the date of such notice hearing apbetween the hours of three and six o'clock in the afternoon, flow given. to hear appeals from said assessment. At such time they



a duplicate.

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shall fix the

and warrant to be


Levy Court

use of the streets.

shall have full power and authority to correct the same.
After such appeal day the commissioners shall forthwith as-
certain and fix the rate necessary to raise the sum which they

shall have determined to raise, together with the costs and exDuplicate penses of collecting the same, and shall deliver the duplicite

or a copy thereof, with their warrant in that behalf, to the Helivered to collector of the said town whose duty it shall be collect the lector. amount rated to each taxable. The collector shall have and Powers of be possessed of all the powers and remedies for the collection

of the said town taxes as now are, or shall be hereafter, be
conferred by law upon the collectors of county taxes.

SECTION S. It shall be the duty of the Levy Court of shall wake Kent County annually to appropriate and pay over to the treaspriation for urer of the said town of Clayton, such sum as said Levy Court

shall deem just and reasonable, to be expended and used in
the maintenance or repairs of the streets of said town, which
are now largely made up of parts of the public roads of Kent
County, and which are now maintained at the county ex-

SECTION 9. It shall be the duty of the town commission- n. ers annually to appoint an alderman and town constable for

said town, and if there be a justice of the peace resident in
said town, he shall be chosen alderman.

SECTION IO. It shall be the duty of the alderman of the
said town and of the town constable to suppress all riotous,
turbulent or noisy assemblages, or gatherings of persons in or
at any building used for any public assemblage in the said
town, or in the streets, lanes or alleys thereof, at any time or
season whatsoever, to prevent all gatherings whatsoever which
may obstruct or interfere with the free use of the streets,

lanes, alleys or sidewalks; and for this purpose it shall be the Duty of duty of the said town constable to seize and arrest any person

so offending, and take them or him before the alderman of
the said town, whose duty it shall be to hear and determine
the case, and upon conviction the alderman shall sentence
any person so offending to pay a fine not exceeding ten dol-
lars, and the costs of the hearing, and may commit the party
or parties to prison for a period not exceeding thirty days or
until the said fine and costs shall be paid. It shall be the
duty of the alderman of the said town, upon complaint made
to him of any such turbulent or noisy assemblages, as afore-
said, to issue his warrant to the constable aforesaid, com-
manding him to arrest and bring before him any person or
persons violating the provisions of this section for trial.

Powers and luty of alderu an.


Shall issue warrant,



shall be the duty of the constable aforesaid, to arrest upon Constalle view, any drunken or disorderly person he may find in the upon view. streets of the said town, and forthwith to take such person before the a derman, who shall hear and determine the case, and upon conviction, shall sentence the person so offending in the same manner and to the like punishment as herein before provided in this section, as to other offences herein enumerated. The fees of the alderman and of the said co11stable for every such trial and arrest shall be 50c. to each of them for each offender. In all other cases the alderman and constable shall each be entitled to receive the same fees as are by the laws of this State, provided to be paid to justices of the peace and constables in like cases. SECTION II.

The commissioners nained in the first section of this act shall receive for their services two dollars per day for every day actually employed, and such compensation, Compensatogether with the expenses of the survey, shall be paid upon their certificate by the commissioners of the said town, out of the first money which shall come into their hands from the funds of the said town.

SECTION 12. That this act shall be deemed and taken to public act. be a public act.

Passed at Dover, April 15, 1887.


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AN ACT for the relief of the Commissioners of the town of Laurel,

Sussex County,

Commis. sioners of the town of


Pay preceding commis

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the State of Dilanare in General Assembly met:

SECTION 1. The commissioners of the town of Laurel in

the county of Sussex, for the present year A. D. eighteen Laurel are hundred and eighty-seven, be, and they are hereby authorized

and directed to pay over to the commissioners of the past

year, eighteen hundred and eighty-six, the amount of insioners a debtedness incurred by said commissioners during the past exercil s101. year for the use and benefit of said town not exceeding the

suum of one hundred dollars ($100.00) out of any funds which may come into their hands for the use of said town the pres

And the receipt of said commissioners of the past year, or of the treasurer thereof, shall be to them a sufficient. voucher for the proper expenditure of the same.

Passed at Dozer April 18, 1887.

sum not to

ent year.



AN ACT to amend an act entitled “ An act to re-incorporate the Town of


Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatice's of the State of Dilaurare in General Assembly met tal-thirds

of each branch of the Legislature concurring): Section 1 of SECTION 1. That Section 1 of the act entitled “An act to titlel. An re-incorporate the town of Dover," passed at Dover, February porte intern 27, 1879, be and the same is hereby amended by striking out

the words "and sold" in the forty-ninth line of said section, a mensial. and that said section be further amended by inserting after

town of Dover.

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