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drawn out and used by “The Mavor and Council of New

Castle" for the purpose of the said purchase or purchasers.
May raise SECTION 2. In order to provide for the payment of both
hy taxation
mums sutie- the principal and interest of said certificates of indebtedness,
ient to say as the same shall respectively become due and payable, the
and interest City Council of New Castle shall raise annually, by taxation

of the persons and property within the limits of said city,
(according to the provisions of the act entitled “An act to
incorporate the City of New Castle," passed at Dover, Feb-
ruary 25th, 1875, and any supplement or supplements there-
to in regard to the assessment and collection of taxes within
said city) such sum as may be necessary for the purpose of
paying both the principal and interest, as they shall become
due and payable in each and every year.

This tax is to be in addition to and augmentation of, any
other tax, now or hereafter to be assessed or collected by the
said City Council of New Castle.

SECTION 3. That “The Mavor and Council of New May tako Castle" shall be authorized to demand and take from the security. treasurer and the collector of taxes of the said city of New

Castle such additional security as they shall deem proper to
secure the city against any loss which might or could occur
under any of the provisions of this act. And upon the failure

to give such security to appoint others in their places.
Surplus. SECTION 4. That if there should be any surplus of the

money authorized to be borrowed by this act remaining in the
hands of the treasurer of said city of New Castle after the
purposes of this act are fully accomplished, it shall be used
exclusively for the benefit, improvement and general manage-
ment of the fire department of said city.

This shall be deemned and taken to be a
public act.

* Adopted at Dozer, February 10, 1887.


How used.


*so enrolled.




AN ACT to authorize the Commissioners of the town of Middletown to

borrow money and erect water works.

Rate of in-


Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the State of Delaware in General Assembly met, ta'o-thirds of each branch thereof concurring therein: SECTION I. That "The Town Commissioners of the town

Commisof Middletown" shall have power and authority under and pioners may by virtue of an ordinance to be passed by the said commissioners, 815.001). to borrow on the faith and credit of said towni a sum of money not exceeding fifteen thousand dollars, and which shall be aj plied, appropriated and expended for the purpose of supplying said towu with water; the said commissioners shall also have authority to issue bonds therefor, of such denominations as May issue they shall deem best, bearing interest at a rate not exceeding six per cent per annum, payable semi-annually; the principal terest. of such bonds shall be made payable at such time or times not less than ten years nor more than twenty years from the Principal: date thereof, and in such manner as shall be prescribed by the abile. said cominissioners. The form of said bonds shall be pre- Bonds. scribed by the said commissioners, and shall be signed by the

signed. President of the said “Town Commissioners' and the treasurer of said town, and sealed with the corporate seal of said town, and shall be exeinpc from all taxation.

SECTION 2. That the treasurer of said town, in addition Treasurer to the security he is now required by law to give, shall give security for the proceeds of the aforesaid bonds, which said security. proceeds shall be kept separate from the other funds of said town and shall be subject to draft as hereinafter mentioned.

SECTION 3. That Henry Clayton, George W. W. Naudain, Martin B. Burris, John H. Parvis, and Gideon E. sioners. Hukill, be and are hereby appointed Water Commissioners," who with the proceeds of the bonds aforesaid are hereby authorized and empowered to erect water works and lay pipes to supply the said town with water, and whenever it shall be necessary or expedient for the said commissioners to acquire land for any purpose connected with said water supply, and such land cannot be acquired by agreement with the owner or Land. owners thereof and the said commissioners, the same may be quired. taken for the purpose aforesaid, in the name of the said town

shall give





to draw upon the treasurer.

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in the same manner and subject to the same conditions and
proceedings as are now prescribed by law in relation to the
said "Town of Middletown" for condemning and taking
land for the purpose of laying out, opening, extending or

widening any street, road, square, lane or alley in said town. Commis- SECTION 4. That the said “Water Commissioners” shall authorized have authority, from time to time, to draw upon the treasurer

aforesaid of the money borrowed as aforesaid, sufficient to
meet the cost of the said water works, and upon the com-
pletion of the said works, shall make a proper delivery
of the same with all the appurtenances to the said “Town
Commissioners” of said town and shall render to the said
“Town Commissioners" a just and full account of their re-
ceipts and expenditures in the construction of the said water
works; the compensation of all of the “Water Commission-
ers" shall not exceed in the aggregate the sum of five
hundred dollars.

SECTION 5. That if any vacancy shall occur in the said
board of “Water Commissioners” by death, resignation, re-
moval from the town, or otherwise, the remaining members
shall fill such vacancy by the appointinent of a taxable citi-
zen of said town.

SECTION 6. That the “Town Commissioners?' aforesaid
Duties of
the com-

shall have authority to employ proper persons to operate said
water works, and shall fix their compensation by ordinance;
and in like manner shall fix the rent or rents which private
consumers of water shall pay, and shall have all the powers
to collect such rents, as collectors of county taxes now have,
to collect such taxes.

Section 7: That before the preceding provisions of this
Town meet- act shall go into effect, it shall be the duty of the said “Town

Commissioners" within thirty days after the passage of this
act, to call a town meeting, upon ten days notice, and at such
meeting the borrowing of the said suum of fifteen thousand
dollars as aforesaid, shall be approved by a majority of the
votes cast thereat; every resident of said town, who shall
have paid a “town tax" for the year in which such meeting is
held, or for the preceding year, shall have the right to cast
one vote for every dollar and every fractional part of a dollar

of “town tax" aforesaid by him or her paid.
Chapter 19 SECTION 8. It is herein provided that Chapter 189, Vol-
Volume 17,

ume 17, Laws of Delaware, is hereby repealed, being an act

to enable the town of Middletown to borrow money for water repealed.


Passed at Dorcr, February 10, 1887.


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A SUPPLEMENT to the act entitled "An act to allow the Commissioners

of the Town of Smyrna to issue bonds for certain purposes," passed at
Dover, March 16, 1885.
Be it enalled by the Senate and House of Representatives
of the State of Delaware in General Assembly met (two-thirds
of each branch concurring therein):

SECTION 1. That the Commissioners of the Town of Commis Smyrna be and they are hereby vested with full power and fine toomas authority to issue bonds of the town of Smyrna to an amount to an not exceeding eight thousand dollars, and of such denomina- to exceed

89,000. tions as they shall deem proper.

Said bonds shall be made payable at such times and places as the said commissioners shall provide by ordinance. The rate of interest thereon

Rate of shall not exceed six per centum per annum, and payable interest. semi-annually from the date thereof, and represented by coupons attached thereto. The form of said bonds shall be

Bonds. prescribed by the said commissioners, which shall be signed How signed by the President of said Commissioners and the Treasurer of said Town of Smyrna, and sealed with the corporate seal of said town and shall be exempt from State, county and

Exempt municipal taxation. As the coupons and said bonds are paid from taxathe same shall be cancelled in such manner as the said commissioners shall direct. SECTION 2. That the money realized or borrowed under

- Money borthis act shall be used and appropriated only for the purpose of rowed to be extending the water mains in said town, and putting in an what puradditional boiler and pumps at the water works, and of doing poses. whatever may be deemed necessary to increase the efficiency of the water works of the said town of Smyrua. SECTION 3. That the said commissioners of the town of

May lery Smyrna are hereby authorized and required to levy upon all and collect the assessable real estate in said town of Smyrna annually a :ll tits tax sufficient to pay the accruing interest on said bonds, and also to levy upon said real estate of said town of Smyrna annually such further tax as shall be deemed necessary to increase the sinking fuud authorized by the act to which this is a supplement to such an amount as will make it adequate to. the payment and redemption of the bonds issued under this. act as well the bonds issued under the act to which this is a supplement.



Faith of toun

SECTION 4. That the faith of the said town of Smyrna is We food for hereby pledged for the payment of the bonds authorized to be

issued under this act.

Passed at Dover, February 25, 1987.


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Time and



SECTION 1. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the State of Delaware in General Assembly met:

That James Montague, Caleb Jackson and Carroll S. Fisher, place of holding an

resident freeholders of the town of Wyoming, in Kent County, election for be and they are hereby authorized and directed to hold an

election at some suitable place in said town by them chosen
for that purpose, from 2 till 4 o'clock P. M., on the first Mon-
day in March, A. D. 1887, for the purpose of choosing by
ballot three commissioners for said towni who shall be resi-
dents and have a freehold therein; and they, or a majority of
them, may select other persons, residents and freeholders, to

assist them in conducting said election. At said election the are chosen. person having the highest number of votes shall be declared

elected a commissioner for three years; the person having the
next highest number of votes shall be declared elected a com-
missioner for two years; and the person having the next
highest number of votes shall be declared elected a commis-
sioner for one year, and until their successors be duly elected
and qualified. At every subsequent election to be held from
2 till 4 o'clock P. M., on said first Monday in March an-
nually, there shall be elected one commissioner to serve for a
term of three years as a successor to the commissioner whose
term of office then expires, and shall likewise elect to supply

vacancies of unexpired terms occasioned by death, resignaWho may tion, removal beyond the town liinits, or otherwise. All male

citizens and every taxable feme soul therein, being twenty-
one years of age and upwards, and having paid all town taxes


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