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Time of


Time of meetings.

Treasurer and collector.

May draw


duo from State.


That on the first Monday of May, A. D. 1887, the said board, elected as provided in Section 1, shall meet and organize for the year by electing one of tlieir filmber as President, and one as Secretary. The board shall also hold stated meetings once every month; and special meetings

at the call of the President or a majority of the board, the board Board shall shall have power to appoint a Treasurer and also a Collector of appoint

Taxes, both of whom shall be required to give bond withi security for the faithful performance of their duties in such sums as the said board may determine. The Treasurer and Collector may, or may not, be members of the board. The board shall also have power to appoint all other officers, agents and teachers that may be necessary, and to fix their compensation and to make by-laws, rules and regulations for their own government, and for the schools.

SECTION 6. That the said board shall have the right to schools of draw the pro rata share which the school or schools of said said district district shall be entitled to froin the State appropriation to

colored schools by an order signed by the President and attested by the Secretary, and shall have power to fix such sun in addition thereto, as the said board may deem necessary to educate all the colored children in said district.

SECTION 7. It shall be the duty of the said board to make

an assessment list for said district annually in the inonth of assessment. May. All real estate within said district owned by colored

persons shall be assessed according to a certain rate, and upon every hundred dollars of the estimated value of the property assessed if sold for cash, and so pro rata. Every colored

male person above the age of twenty-one years shall be rate Assessment, for a capitation or poll tax in addition to the assessment of how made his real estate at a capital not exceeding $500 nor less than

$100, provided that no property used for religious purposes shall be assessed for school purposes. Upon the completion of the assessment and levy of the school tax in said district said board shall determine the rate on every hundred dollars of the amount of the assessment list required to raise the sum levied with ten per centun added thereto for delinquencies and costs of collection. After determining the rate as aforesaid it shall and may be lawful for the Treasurer of said Board to accept and receive the tax of each and every person liable to pay the same who shall tender the payment thereof before the roth day of June in the year in which said tax is levied, and the said Treasurer shall allow to each person so paying their tax within said time an, abatement of eight per

Time and manner of making

Abatement upon tax assessed to June 10.



centum upon said tax. It shall be the duty of said Board on the ioth day of June in each year, or as soon after that date as practicable, to execute and deliver their warrant, with Warrant, duplicate of the uncollected assessment lists to a collector livered to specially appointed by said board, to execute the said warrant the said collector shall proceed in the manner and have all the powers of a collector of countv taxes. The warrant shall be in the general form as prescribed in Chapter 42, Section 13, Revised Code.

SECTION 8. That it shall be and may be lawful for said Powers of collector after demand made by him for the payment of the collector. tax assessed against any person in said district, and the failure of said taxable to pay the same on demand, to attach any goods or chattels, rights or credits, money or wages, belonging or owing to said taxable, and the proceeding for so doing shall be the same as is prescribed in Chapter 354, Volume 16, Laws of Delaware. SECTION 9.

The Collector shall, within 90 days after Time of receiving the warrant, pay to the Treasurer of said Board the pas ment by amount which he is required to collect, deducting delinquen-leetor. cies, to be allowed by the said Board, and his fees, at the rate of ten per centum on the sum collected when it does not exceed fifty dollars, and eight per centum when it exceeds that sum, and said Collector and his sureties, by virtue of his official bond, shall be liable thereon for every failure of duty and detault in the premises, which bond shall be proceeded on at the instance of the said Board.

SECTION 10. If said Collector shall fail to pay to said i'pon failBoard the money collected by him on said warrant and due, board inay - said Board may, if the amount does not exceed one hundred fue. dollars, sue him in the name of said Board, before a Justice of the Peace residing in Kent County, and recover the same.

SECTION II. That said District shall be exempted from District ex.the provisions of the 48th chapter, vol. 15, Laws of Delaware, frostfrons providing for the levying of a tax by the Levy Court for the Chap. 48, support of colored schools.

SECTION 12. At the election for a member of the Board of Directors to be held on the last Saturday of April, A. D., Who mav 1888, and thereafter, all male colored persons residing in said election of District who have paid the school tax for the preceding year, and no others, shall be entitled to vote at said elections. Any one voting illegally shall forfeit and pay a fine not exceeding Penalty for $25 and be imprisoned for a term not exceeding three months. illerinde

Passcd at Dover, April 1, 1887.





AN ACT to transfer the farms and dwellings of John L. Rogers and
Joshua V. B. Murray from School District No. 156 to United School
Districts Nos. 32 and 108, in Sussex County.

Be it cracted by the Senate and House of Represntatives of

the State of Delaware, in General Assembly met: Farm

SECTION 1. That the farms and dwellings of John L. transformed en bittrice Rogers and Joshua V. B. Murray, now situated in School Now Band District No. 156, in Sussex County, be and they are hereby

transferred to United School Districts Nos. 32 and 108, in Sussex County:

Pirsscd at Dozer, «pril 3, 1887.

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AN ACT to transfer the houses and lot of Wm. T. Brasure from School

District No. 31 to 173 in Baltimore Hundred, Sussex County,

Britonacted by the Senate and I louse of Representatives of

the State of Delaware, in General 1ssembly met: Tootanii

SECTION 1. That the lot and buildings thereupon of Wm. building

T. Brasure, 110w situated in School District No. 31, in Baltito District more Huudred, Sussex County, be and they are hereby

transferred to School District No. 173, in said Hundred and Couty.

Passed at Dozer, Ipril 3, 1887.


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AN ACT to authorize School District No. 119, in Kent County, to borrow

money and for other purposes.


how deter

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the State of Delaurare in General Assembly met:

SECTION 1. That the School Committee of School Dis- School rict No. 119, in Kent County, is hereby vested with full authorizeri power and authority to borrow the sun of six hundred to borrow dollars for the purpose of erecting an additional school building in said District as an annex to the present building in order to afford suitable facilities for the education of the children therein, and to give them the advantage of a graded school. Provided, however, that the legal school voters of said District at a meeting at the school-house therein, which shall be held on the second Saturday of Mav next between the hours of 2 o'clock and 5 o'clock in the afternoon, may by vote on a majority thereof present determine whether a less amount be borrowed than the sum of six hundred dollars shall be borrowed by the said School Committee for the purpose aforesaid. If the said voters at said meeting shall," by a majority of the votes present, decide that a sum less than six hundred dollars shall amount, be borrowed for the purpose aforesaid, then the said School ined Committee shall only have power to borrow the amount so determined. The said School Committee shall give written Written notice of such meeting at least five days before the day of moeting. such meeting, posted in at least five of the most public places in said District. Such notice shall state the object of the meeting

SECTION 2. That for the purpose of securing to the loaner the payment of the money so to be borrowed under the provisions take to of this act, with interest thereon; the said School Committee · is hereby authorized and empowered to make, execute, and deliver the bond of said School District with warrant of attorney for the confession of judgment thereon, and also a mortgage upon any or all real estate owned by the said School District at the time of the execution thereof, which bond and mortgage shall be signed by the said School Committee, and shall be sealed by the seal of the said School District hereinafter provided for. Such bond and mortgage shall be made to become due and payable in four equal annual installments with low

payable. the accrued interest on the whole sum unpaid and shall bear interest at any rate not exceeding six per centum per annum. interest.

- notice of

Bond and

be given.

Rite of



Real estate to be assessed at its


That for the purpose of raising the funds necessary to pay the money authorized to be borrowed by this act, with its interest, the said School Committee of said

School District is hereby further authorized, empowered and Taxes, how directed to annually assess, levy and collect a sufficient

amount to pay each instalment of said bond and mortgage until the whole thereof is paid; provided, and it is hereby made the duty of the said School Committee in assessing the tax by this Section authorized, so far as the same shall be


real estate, to assess such real estate at its assessed value upon the general assessment of Duck Creek real values and Kenton Hundreds, instead upon the clear rental value.

SECTION 4. That commencing with the year A. D. 1887,

and annually thereafter the said School Committee of said Amount

School District shall have the authority to assess, levy and school pur collect for general school purposes in the same manner as now

provided by law a sum not exceeding seven hundred and fifty dollars.

SECTION 5. That the time for the erection of the said New build

school building or buildings contemplated by this act shall be to be rotor" submitted to the legal voters of said School District at any

stated, adjourned, or occasional meeting thereof, and a majority of the voters thereof in favor of any particular time at which such building shall commence shall govern the action of the said School Committee of said School District in respect to the same.

SECTION 6. That the faith of the said District and the District

annual dividend from the school fund belonging to said Displedged for trict are hereby pledged for the payment of the money which ment of the may be borrowed under this act; that the said School Com

mittee is hereby required to procure a common seal for the use of said School District, with such device thereon as said committee may determine.

Passed at Dover, April 5, 1887.

ing, time
for erection



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