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number of such ballots and cards of instruction for each polling place of such election or town meeting.

Each officer or board charged with providing official ballots for any polling place, shall have the official ballots and sample ballots provided and in the possession of such officer, board or clerk thereof, and open to public inspection as follows: the official ballots four days before the election, and the sample ballots seven days before the election for which they are prepared, unless prepared for a village election or town meeting held at a different time from a general election, in which cases the official ballots shall be so printed and in possession at least one day and the sample ballots at least two days before such election or town meeting. L. 1890, ch. 262, 88 16, 37, 38, 41. L. 1891, ch. 296, 88 5, 8.

$ 87. Distribution of ballots and instruction cards to polling places. — The county clerk of each county charged with providing official ballots, shall on the Saturday before the election at which they may be voted, deliver to the clerk of each town and to the city clerk of each city in such county the official ballots, sample ballots and instruction cards required to be provided for each polling place in such town or city election. Each kind of official ballots, all the sample ballots and all the instruction cards for each election district shall be so delivered, in separate sealed packages. The official ballots in each package shall be unfolded and arranged in the order of the printed numbers on the stubs thereof. Each such package shall be clearly marked on the outside thereof with the number and kind of ballots or instruction cards inclosed therein respectively, and the designation of the election district for which it is provided.

Receipts for the packages so deliverd, specifying the town and city clerk receiving them, and filed with such county clerk who shall keep a record of the time and manner of the delivery thereof.

Each town and city clerk receiving such packages shall cause all such packages so received and marked for any election district to be delivered unopened and with the seals thereof unbroken to the inspectors of election of such election district, at the opening of the polls of such election therein, and cause a receipt to be then taken from such inspectors for such packages, specifying the number and kind thereof, which receipt shall be filed in the office of such clerk.

Town, city and village clerks required to provide ballots for town meetings, city and village elections held at different times from a general election, and the boards of the cities of New York and Brooklyn required to provide the ballots for elections held therein, respectively, shall in like manner, deliver to the inspectors or presiding officers of the election at each polling place at which such meetings and elections are held, respectively, the official ballots, sample ballots and instruction cards required to be provided therefor, respectively, in like sealed packages marked on the outside in like manner, and shall take and file receipts therefor in like manner, in their respective offices. L. 1890, ch. 262, $$ 20, 38, 41. L. 1891, ch. 296, 8 8. (See Forms 13, 14, post p. 476.)

$ 88. Correction of errors and omissions in ballots.-Upon affidavit, presented by any voter, that an error or omission has occurred in the publication of the names or description of the candidates nominated for office, or in the printing of the sample or official ballots, the supreme court, or a justice thereof, may make an order, requiring the county clerk, or other officer or board charged with the duty in respect to which such error or omission occurs, to correct such error, or show cause why such error should not be corrected. The county

clerks or such other officers or boards, shall, upon their own motion, correct without delay, any patent error in the ballots which they may discover, or which shall be brought to their attention, and which can be corrected without interfering with the timely distribution of the ballots to the inspectors of election in the election districts. L. 1890, ch. 262, $ 19.

$ 89. Official distribution to polling places of substitutes for missing official ballots.— If the official ballots required to be furnished to any town or city clerk, shall not be delivered at the time required, or if after delivery shall be lost, destroyed or stolen, the clerk of such town or city shall cause other ballots to be prepared as nearly in the form of the official ballots as practicable, but without the indorsement, and upon the receipt of ballots so prepared from such clerk, accompanied by his statement under oath that the same have been so prepared and furnished by him, and that the official ballots have not been so delivered, or have been so lost, destroyed or stolen, the inspectors of election shall cause the ballots so substituted to be used at the election, in the same manner as near as may be as the official ballots. Such ballots so substituted shall be known as unofficial ballots. L. 1890, ch. 262, $ 21.



SEC, 100. Opening the polls.

101. Persons inside the guard rail; general regulations,
102. Watchers; challengers; electioneering.
103. Delivery of ballots to voters.
104. Preparation of ballots for voting.
105. Manner of voting.

Bec. 107. General duties of poll clerks. 108. General duties of inspectors of election in connection

with the balloting. 109. When unofficial ballots may be voted. 110. Challenges; preliminary oath and examination. 111. General oath on challenge. 112. Minutes respecting persons challenged. 113. Allowance of time for employes to vote. 114. Canvass of votes by inspectors. 115. Certified statement of canvass. 116. Proclamation of result. 117. Delivery and filing by inspectors of papers relating to

the election. 118. Judicial investigation of ballots objected as marked for

identification. $ 100. Opening the polls.- The inspectors of election, poll clerks and ballot clerks of each election district, shall meet at the time duly appointed for opening the polls of each election for which official ballots are required to be provided, at the polling place therein, within the space inclosed by the guard-rail, for the purpose of conducting such election. Within the meaning of this article, the territory in which the voters, entitled to vote at any such polling place reside, shall be deemed an election district; the presiding officers of such election at such polling place shall be deemed inspectors of election of such district, and any inspector or other officer duly designated to distribute official ballots to voters thereof shall be deemed a ballot clerk thereof.

The inspectors of election shall then and there have the ballot-boxes required by law for the reception of ballots to be voted thereat; the box required for the reception of unvoted ballots; the sealed packages of official ballots, sample ballots and instruction cards required to be delivered to them for such election; and if it be an election at which registered voters only can vote, the register of such voters, and the certified copies thereof, required to be made and kept therefor.

Each such poll clerk shall then and there have the book required for keeping the poll list of such election, The inspectors shall thereupon open the sealed pack. ages of instruction cards, and cause them to be posted conspicuously, at least one, and if printed in different languages, at least one of each language, in each of the voting booths of such polling place, and at least three of each language in which they are printed in or about the polling place; shall open the sealed packages of official ballots and sample ballots and place them in charge of the ballot clerks; and shall before any ballots are cast, unlock the ballot-boxes and the box for the reception of unvoted ballots, see that they are empty, allow the watchers present to examine them, and lock them up again while empty, in such manner that the watchers present and persons just outside the guard. rail can see that such boxes are empty when they are relocked.

The instruction cards, so posted, shall not be taken down, torn or defaced during such election.

The ballot clerks with the official and sample ballots, the inspectors with such boxes and registry lists, and the poll clerks with their poll-list books, shall be stationed as near each other as practicable within such inclosed space,

One of the inspectors shall then make proclamation that the polls of the election are opened, and of the time o'clock in the afternoon when the polls will be closed. R. S., 417, L. 1842, ch. 130, $ 5. R. S., 438, L. 1880, ch. 56, $ 6.

1890, ch. 262, $$ 20, 23, 30

8 101. Persons inside the guard-rail - General regulations.– From the time of such meeting for the purpose of conducting such election, until the announcement of the result of the canvass of the votes cast thereat and the signing of the certificate thereof by the inspectors, such boxes and all the official ballots shall be kept within the guard-rail.

No person shall be admitted within the guard-rail during such period, except such inspectors, poll clerks,

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