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the amount to be paid for lands used for levee purposes, including rights-of-way.

STATE OF LOUISIANA. I, the undersigned secretary of state of the State of Louisiana, do hereby certify that the annexed and following page contains a true and correct copy of section 6 of article XVI, of the constitution of the State of Louisiana, adopted June 18, 1921, as is shown by comparison with the original on file in this office.

Given under my signature, authenticated with the impress of the great seal of the State of Louisiana, at the city of Baton Rouge, this 2d day of February, A.D. 1931, (SEAL]

Secretary of State.


18, 1921

Lands and improvements thereon hereafter actually used or destroyed for levees or levee drainage purposes shall be paid for at a price not to exceed the assessed value for the preceding year; provided, this shall not apply to batture, nor to property control of which is vested in the State or any subdivision thereof for the purpose of commerce.

If the district has no funds or resources out of which such payment can be made, it may levy on all taxable property situated therein a tax sufficient to pay for said property so taken, not to exceed one fourth of 1 mill on the dollar, to be used solely in the district where collected. This shall not prevent the appropriation of said property before payment.

Senator OVERTON. Mr. Pressburg, you have testified that certificates of indebtedness have been issued by the levee board to the owners of the property on which rights-of-way were obtained.

Are these certificates negotiable, and have a great many of them been negotiated, or are they all in the hands of the original owners?

Mr. PREESBURG. No, sir; quite a few of them have been negotiated.

Senator OVERTON. They have remained obligations of the local levee board ?

Mr. PRESSBURG. Yes, sir; they do.

Senator OVERTON. How long do you estimate, as secretary of the levee board, before the certificates will be paid?

Mr. PRESSBURG. It will be 15 to 20 years before they can be paid, if then.

Senator OVERTON. Before the levee board will be in a financial condition to meet these obligations?

Mr. PRESSBURG. Yes, sir; and by that I mean it would be liquidated over a period of years beginning sometime in the future and extending for that length of time.

Senator OVERTON. Do you mean it might take about 15 or 20 years before they were finally retired?

Mr. PRESSBURG. It would take at least that length of time.

These certificates as issued bear no due date, and are payable as funds may become available.

Senator OVERTON. I think that is all for the present.
(Whereupon, at 1:15 p.m., the committee stood adjourned.)

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