Reports of the Inspectors of Coal Mines of the Anthracite Coal Regions of Pennsylvania for the Year ...

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Page 123 - Domini one thousand eight hundred and ninety-one, entitled -"An act to provide for the health and safety of persons employed in and about the anthracite coal mines of Pennsylvania, and for the protection and preservation of property connected therewith...
Page 124 - The ventilating currents shall be conducted and circulated to and along the face of each and every working place throughout the entire mine, in , sufficient quantities to dilute, render harmless, and sweep away smoke and noxious and dangerous gases, to such an extent that all working places and travelling roads shall be in a safe and fit state to work and travel therein.
Page 124 - The minimum quantity of air thus produced shall not be less than two hundred (200) cubic feet per minute for each and every person employed in any mine, and as much more as the circumstances may require.
Page 27 - Per Lord Blackburn, at p. 881. " Assuming that there was a breach of the rule and culpable neglect at the time (by one of the vessels which came into collision), yet the consequences of that neglect could have been avoided by ordinary care on the part of the (other vessel).
Page 129 - Outside of its greater economy the electric mine locomotive has other great advantages over the steam locomotive, and over mules ; its greatest feature is the entire absence of smoke, steam and gas, the non-consumption of oxygen.
Page 2 - That defendant on said day was using said car or cars as cages for the purpose of lowering and hoisting persons Into and out of...
Page 105 - Shenandoah, belonging to the Philadelphia and Reading Coal and Iron Company, as well as a sketch of the appliances used for its accomplishment under the supervision of Mr.

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