Educational Systems of the Chief Colonies of the British Empire ...

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Page 460 - Camelot; And up and down the people go Gazing where the lilies blow Round an island there below, The island of Shalott. Willows whiten, aspens quiver, Little breezes dusk and shiver Thro' the wave that runs for ever By the island in the river Flowing down to Camelot.
Page 351 - Council requisite for the due execution of the provisions of this section is not made, or in case any decision of the Governor General in Council on any appeal under this section is not duly executed by the proper Provincial authority in that behalf, then and in every such case, and as far only as the circumstances of each case require, the Parliament of Canada may make remedial laws for the due execution of the provisions of this section and of any decision of the Governor General in Council under...
Page 222 - ... clothe, lodge, and feed him during the whole period for which he is liable to be detained in the school, or until the withdrawal or resignation of the certificate of the school takes effect, or until the contribution out of money provided by Parliament towards the custody and maintenance of the children detained in the school is discontinued, whichever shall first happen.
Page 704 - The time or times during which any religious observance is practised or instruction in religious subjects is given at any meeting of the school shall be either at the beginning or at the end or at the beginning and the end of such meeting...
Page 39 - ... magistrate seems proper for the teaching and training of the child, but not in any case extending beyond the time when the child will attain the age of sixteen years.
Page 462 - You ask me, why, tho' ill at ease, Within this region I subsist, Whose spirits falter in the mist, And languish for the purple seas. It is the land that freemen till, That sober-suited Freedom chose, The land, where girt with friends or foes A man may speak the thing he will ; A land of settled government, A land of just and old renown, Where Freedom...
Page 352 - Catholic district or vice versa, he might send the child to the school of the nearest district of the other section, and in case he contributed to the school the child attended a sum equal to what he would have been bound to pay if he had belonged to that district, he was exempt from payment to the school of the district in which he lived.
Page 350 - In and for the Province, the said Legislature may exclusively make Laws in relation to Education, subject and according to the following provisions:— (1) Nothing in any such Law shall prejudicially affect any right or privilege with respect to Denominational Schools which any class of persons have by Law or practice in the Province at the Union...
Page 38 - That is found wandering and not having any home or settled place of abode, or proper guardianship, or visible means of subsistence ; That is found destitute, either being an orphan or having a surviving parent who is undergoing penal servitude or imprisonment; That frequents the company of reputed thieves.
Page 27 - that his Majesty would be graciously pleased to direct his Government in the Province to appropriate a certain portion of the waste lands of the Crown as a fund for the establishment and support of a respectable Grammar School, in each district thereof ; and also a College or University for the instruction of youth in the different branches of liberal knowledge.