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Original essays on phrenological subjects will form part of the Journal; as also reviews of phrenological and anti-phrenological works; nor shall we fail to present to our readers such matters of interest and importance as may be found in foreign phrenological works of standard excellence, and which are not generally accessible to the American public. Our FACTS we pledge ourselves shall be bona-fide such; and, as often as practicable, we shall accompany our descriptions with illustrative cuts.

Comparatively few persons are aware of the amount and value of the matter already published on this science. For six or eight years past, ably conducted phrenological journals have been published at Copenhagen and Paris. The English Phrenological Journal (published at Edinburgh till 1837, and since that time in London, (has now reached its twelfth volume, and is acknowledged, by the best judges, to be one of the most valuable periodicals in Great Britain. The increasing demand for that work, and the high price set upon its back volumes, furnishes strong evidence of this fact. They have usually published only a few extra copies aside from supplying their regular subscribers. And we were recently informed by Mr. Combe that it was now almost impossible to obtain entire sets of this Journal, it being out of print. Those who do possess them, will not part with them for any consideration whatever; and the only opportunities offered, where money can procure them, are, when some person owning them dies, and his effects must be disposed of at public sale.


We do not expect phrenological matter will be so eagerly sought for, or so highly valued, in this country for many years. But we do know that the time will come, when works of real merit on the science will be properly estimated and extensively circulated. view of these facts and considerations, this Journal will be stereotyped, and no pains whatever will be spared to render it worthy of a liberal support. We expect, however, that, for the present, the expenses of the work will considerably exceed its receipts. But as it is commenced from far higher considerations than from mere motives of pecuniary gain, it will never be forced upon phrenologists for support. It must rest entirely upon its own merits; and if it is not deserving patronage, we do not ask it. Be its fate what it may, we shall never complain.

We intend to republish the best articles in the Edinburgh Phreno logical Journal; and by connecting these with American facts and original matter, the value of both will be greatly enhanced. We hope, as the work progresses, to embody in its pages nearly all the matter published on the science, which can be of particular interest to our readers, or of permanent value for future reference.

Phrenology in the Family; or the Utility of Phrenology in

Early Domestic Education. By Joseph A. Warne, A. M.
Remarks on the Organ of Watchfulness.





Notice of Mr. Jones's Work-Dr. Hamilton's Discourse-

Correspondents-Mr. Combe's Lectures.

Extract of a letter from George Combe, Esq.
Mr. Combe's Lectures in Philadelphia.

Southern Medical and Surgical Journal-Dr. Barber in Scotland
-Phrenology in Buffalo and Syracuse, N. Y.-Mr.
Combe's Lectures in Philadelphia.

Death of Broussais-Phrenological Society in Buffalo, N. Y.-
Mr. Combe's Lectures in Philadelphia-Acknowledgment
of books, &c.

Dr. Buchanan in Alabama-Interesting Fact-Phrenology in
Ohio-Phrenology in Philadelphia-Officers of the New
York Phrenological Society-Enlargement of the Journal
-Morton's Crania Americana.

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Mr. Combe's Second Course of Lectures-Lectures of Rev.
J. A. Warne-Dr. Elder's Address.
Dr. Buchanan in Florida-The American Journal of the Medical
Sciences-Knickerbocker-National Magazine, and Repub-

lican Review, and Boston Quarterly Review, on Phrenology
-Dr. Elder's Address.









Crania Americana-Eclectic Journal of Medicine-Phrenology

in Wheeling, Va.


Phrenology in France-Dr. Vimont on Comparative Phrenology. 487

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