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Blisters, Setons, Cauteries.


Progress of homoeopathy in Europe.

Opinions of eminent allopathists on the practice of homoeo-

pathy such as Hufeland, in Germany; Broussais, in France ;

Brera, in Italy; I. G. Millingen, in England; Valentine

Mott and James McNaughton, in America.

Allopathists converted to homoeopathia.

Reputation of homoeopathists and homoeopathy.

Professorship of homoeopathia.

Homoeopathic hospitals.

Infirmaries and societies.

Dr. Crosserio's opinion about the progress of homoeopathia

in the United States.

Instructions to patients at a distance, afflicted with chronic
inaladies – the manner in which to communicate their cases
to a homoeopathic physician.

PREFACE. In publishing a work like the present, the usual preface in the form of apologies would but too justly be considered a species of mock modesty entirely superfluous, and out of keeping with the nature and design of the following pages, of the undeniable truths which they contain, and the importance of their being forthwith promulgated to the world. I shall therefore offer no apologies to any man, or body of men, for doing my duty to my God, and to my fellow-beings. I have written what I clearly and conscientiously believe to be facts, and have laid open to the eyes of the multitude what they, in justice, should know, and in language divested of all sophistie cated mystery, and with the scalpel of truth, (guided only by the hand of experience and common sense,) have laid bare what can never again be concealed by the mystic garb of false philosophy. And while I would, (in common courtesy) "pray all the forms," am well aware, on the one hand, of the discomfiture which this work will cause in the medical camp, and of the cavalcade which will be raised to cut their way through, and trample under foot the doctrine of "homoeopathia.But it is vain,-it has already too many votaries of the highest standing in medical science, whu have conscientiously left the ranks of the old school,* and laid down their most dangerous weapons at the feet of that shrine which has lighted up their enquiring minds with those glorious rays which has wrought a conviction as clear as the sun-beam ; and their influence upon other stars in the medical profession are swelling the tide of human investigation to a vast torrent of public opinion, which will at length roll back upon, and bury in oblivion, the hydramonsters of mercurials, and all the rest of the vampires which have been let loose to a most alarming extent upon a gullible world. But thank God there are,* and always have been, (even in the darkest ages) some among the great mass of the learned, who, being dissatisfied with hypothetical perplexities and antiquated theories, will read these pages with an awakened determination, investigate and watch with a diligent eye the result of homoeopathic practice, and whose candid mind will suffer no formal prejudices from adopting the only true and successful science in the practice of medicine.

*I can produce letters, says the enlightened Dr. Rau, of eminent physicians. who have candidly declared, that since they became convinced of the truth of homoeopathy, they think it to be against their conscience to practice any longer according to the principles of the old school,

* Homoeopathy makes rapid progress in New York, Philadelphia, Boston, etc. The whole west and south, however, is still a barren field.

NOTE. In order to strengthen my own arguments, as well as to embellish and enhance the value of this little work, I have drawn copiously from the springs of great minded men who have thrown out much clear and lucid truth in the practice of medicine. I would but mention Drs. CURRIE, Rav, BELLINAYE, TOURTELLE, TICKNOR, etc.

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