A new Greek and English lexicon: principally on the plan of the Greek and German lexicon of Schneider

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Page 89 - Frequently the same words, placed in different relations with each other, will stand in contrast to themselves ; as in the expression, " A fool with judges ; among fools, a judge ; " * and in that given by Quinctilian, " non ut edam vivo, sed ut vivam edo ; " " I do not live to eat, but eat to live...
Page 115 - ... from the German lexicographer, he may omit any of its meanings, and therefore gives every sense and signification which the German words can by possibility bear ; in doing which he wanders widely from the meaning of the original Greek. There is a ludicrous instance of his ignorance in ' 'AnxaSwIu, to sleep separately ; to sleep out of one's house — to be fond of sleep — to sleep upon — sleep with another.
Page 302 - E^xjuio;, ou, аф'. pertaining to festivals of Bacchus, or to feasts in which the praises of victorioui champions were sung ; pertaining to praise, and eulogy, Find, encoiniastical. . . a

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