Animal Products: Their Preparation, Commercial Uses, and Value

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Committee of Council on education, 1877 - Animal products - 416 pages
This work ... is intended to serve, in the first instance, as a descriptive guide to the collection of Animal products at the Bethnal Green Branch of the South Kensington Museum.

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Page xiv - Arranged to meet the requirements of the Syllabus of the Science and Art Department of the Committee of Council on Education, South Kensington.
Page 417 - A DESCRIPTION OF THE HUMAN BODY: Its Structure and Functions, Illustrated by Physiological Diagrams, designed for the Use of Teachers in Schools and Young Men destined for the Medical Profession, and for Popular Instruction generally. The Work contains 260 quarto pages of Text, bound in cloth, and 240 Coloured Illustrations, arranged in 11 Folio Plates, measuring 15 inches by 7|. in a limp Cover. Price of the Quarto Volume and Small Folio Atlas, 21.
Page 272 - Some twenty or thirty years ago, there was a most wasteful destruction of the fur seal, when young and old, male and female, were indiscriminately knocked on the head. This imprudence, as any one might have expected, proved detrimental in two ways. The race was almost extirpated ; and the market was glutted to such a degree, at the rate for some time of two hundred thousand skins a year, that the prices did not even pay the expenses of carriage.
Page 417 - An Entirely New Edition, extended and revised by the Author. Eleven Diagrams, life-size,' each on paper 7 feet by 3 feet 9 inches, Coloured, price 12s.
Page 412 - A PLEA FOR ART IN THE HOUSE. With especial reference to the Economy of Collecting Works of Art, and the importance of Taste in Education and Morals. By WJ LOFTIE, BA, FSA With Illustrations.
Page 417 - MOHAMMED AND MOHAMMEDANISM: Lectures Delivered at the Royal Institution of Great Britain in February and March, 1874. By R. BOSWORTH SMITH, MA, Assistant Master in Harrow School; late Fellow of Trinity College, Oxford. With an Appendix containing Emanuel Deutsch's Article on "Islam.
Page 188 - Fahrt. — the cord is first soaked in fat fish liquor, it is then dried in the frost, and afterwards rubbed by hauling it through the eye of an axe ; to complete the operation it is well greased, and any hard lumps masticated until they become soft, by which process a line is produced of great strength and pliancy, and which is not liable to crack in the most severe cold. To obtain thread, the fibres of the sinews are separated and twisted into the required sizes. The Moose furnishes the best quality...
Page 184 - In the deer the cells are so numerous as to occupy the whole of the body of the hair, and so irregular that no particular place of subdivision can be traced ;" and his figure quite corresponds with this, the cells being there shown as amorphous ; but it will be seen from the above figure that they are truly polygonal — for the most part hexagonal, and there are very distinct septa and lines of separation. In fact, as Dr...
Page 81 - A small saddle of plaited rushes is laid on him, when sacks made of goats'-skins, and filled with corn, are lashed on his broad and able back. A leather thong is passed through the cartilage of his nose, and serves as a bridle, while on the top of the load is mounted, the owner, his wife, or his slave.

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