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much more than most people can have the other side of the Atlantic: but any notion, to the diffusion of friend- they must hope that the benefit would ly and benignant feelings between the ere long be quite reciprocal ; and far inhabitants of the two countries. Look be it from us to hope otherwise. As to Germany for an example. Surely things are, they have the mortification there are more natural ties between us to see their best writers publishing and our American cousins, than be- here rather than at home ; and in fact, tween the subjects of the different even at this moment the thing tells states of that country. Yet their li- much more against American genius, terature is considered as a common than it does for American purses. property, which it were sin and shame There would be something very deto leave unprotected ; and the poet lightful in the spectacle of two great who writes and publishes in Berlin, nations, whose blood is the same, and draws as much profit from the copies of the far best part of whose feelings and his book sold in Dresden, Munich, or manners must be the same also, thus Hanover, as if these were the capitals, recognizing the rights of that genius, not of other kingdoms, but of other which, whatever may be the course of counties. Why should it not be so external events, nothing can prevent with those who have the same Shake- from being and continuing to be a comspeare, and the same Franklin ?

mon property, -and, we should fain The proposal would certainly come believe, an equal pride. with the best grace at present from


Dear North,

sorry that we have ever suffered the How is Tickler? I have not had Roman Catholics to fall into the hands the pleasure of seeing him these some of that fanatic faction ; but let Tim months, but have vast fears for his rave as he pleases about the ingratisanity. Did you observe him at his tude of the Roman Catholics, it would last potation at Ambrose's look any be contrary to all the plain dictates of way rabid, and manifest a stupendous human nature, if they did not cling to horror at the vision of a tumbler of that body of men by whose agency punch ? Does he froth at the mouth, they imagine they will be able to acand make articulate noises, very much complish their admission to what resembling the barking of a dog? Does every one of every sect must be anxi. he imagine his posteriors transmogri- ous for-rights equal to those enjoyed fied into flint-glass, and his head by their fellow-subjects. Now, the sprouting out into the configuration of bulk of us Tory folk are ram-stam, a cabbage? Answer me, my dear right-a-head against that ; and what friend, by return of post, for I love wonder is it, let me ask you, that they the senior in my inmost heart, and should flee into the bosom of Whigfeel an interest in his welfare. I think gery, and lie among the pots ? If I his last letter on Lawless decidedly had no other reason of wishing for insane. Not at all that I object to his Catholic Emancipation, than the cerbadgering the Irishman to his heart's tainty that the carrying of that meacontent-he may growl at the gor- sure would make the Roman Catholic mandizer until he bursts; but I am party come over to us without delay, truly sorry to see him dragging in the --would make them quit the colours cursed question of Emancipation, and of the ungodlythat one consideration talking in the fashion of Sir Harcourt would make me wish for it. At preLees, Bart.

sent, a Roman Catholic gentleman is In short, Kit, let that question and much to be pitied. Being a gentleman, all belonging to it be far from your of course he hates whiggery as he does pages. Let it furnish quaking for the swindling—but is nevertheless obliged Quarterly, and elegiacs for the Edin- to look to it as the pass for him into burgh ; but let it not be manufactured the citadel of the Constitution. He is into Balaam for Blackwood. I agree obliged to butter Brougham, magnify with Tickler, of course, in his repro- Mackintosh, ay, and even knuckle to bation of the Whig people, and am Newport ! Turpe et miserabile! His stomach is beyond doubt turning, and me, the old fellow is gulled, bammed, his gorge rising ; but what will you humbugged, bamboozled, and bit. Í have him to do, as long as we are de- forget who it is that says, Nullum est termined to keep him away from us, magnum ingenium sine mixturâ deexcept catch hold of any implement, mentiæ.” Whoever said it, was a senhowever filthy, which will buoy him sible fellow, and I now feel the full up? Tickler, I am sorry to say, has force of it. You know I have my own used some very disingenuous argu- mad fits now and then ; but I never set ments. For example, he says, the them down to the cause of my great peasantry are murdering, burning, genius, until I beheld Timothy's wonbrain-battering, crowbar-twisting, et derful aberration from common sense. cætera, et cæterorum, in the south of Now, indeed, I have reason to feel Ireland--the peasantry are Catholics proud of them, and I am confirmed in therefore the Catholics should not be my opinion when I look about me. emancipated. Now, this is not fair, Byron's affection is evident to the Timotheus. It is not their Catholicism, whole world—it has certainly lasted but their ignorance, their want, their an alarming length of time. Coleridge oppressed state, that sets them in mis- too, is, I think, pretty generally allowchievous motion. Make them as com- ed to be rather frequently a fit subject fortable as your fat Yorkshire clown, for St Luke's. Southey's Vision is in ay, or as the snug shepherds round itself evidence sufficient as to his state your own snug cottage at Southside, of mind at po distant period; and Sheland you will soon see that their reli- ley must have been insane, when begion will not excite them to the deeds moaning his friend Johnny as Adonais, of arms which you so pathetically de- and roaring forth his horrors in the precate. Your bantling is, I am sorry Cenci. Leigh Hunt, I must confess, to hear, of a sickly temperament, cross, is a favourite of mine-there is someof course, inclined to squall eternally thing ingenuous and jaunty about him -most destructive of your peace of that pleases, and I shall therefore admind, and, in fact, the complete bane mit him into my list of mad geniuses. of every domestic enjoyment. I shall I pronounce his madness to be somenot easily forget the scene that was thing like Ophelia's, who, like him, going forward, on that memorable sung “ hey, nonny nonny" songs, and evening, when I had the misfor- adorned her head with flowers, blue, tune to drop in unexpectedly on you. red, and yellow, as he does his thighs I need but barely hint at it, Tim, to with inexpressibles of the last-menmake all the facts at once present to tioned colour. Perhaps, however, more your mind. If I might venture to in- strictly speaking, his malady is a nertrude on domestic privacy, and to in- vous affection, arising from his being terfere with family arrangements, I too much addicted to tea. would beg leave to recommend you Be this as it may, it is no wonder and Mrs T. to put young Timothy out that Tickler should share in the weakat nurse instanter, especially if you ness of his contemporaries, but it is tend to see your friends occasionally, very ridiculous to behold the old cock, as I am sure you do. I suspect that who has been crowing so vociferously your infant's unevenness of temper is over the remains of detected and vanthe cause of your late increasing bit- quished humbug in the Quarterly, in terness, and, very probably, of your the Edinburgh, in everywhere, in fact, last month's indignation against the where it existed, shewing in his own Irish. Now, the heir of Southside is person that human nature will still a staunch member of the kirk, and ever be liable to its inroads. He talks still, neither you nor your beloved of Ireland, and of Irish affairs, with as spouse ever thought of attributing his much earnestness and gravity, as if he unhappy disposition to his connection were Secretary for that country, and with that body, which had for its gives as dismal a picture of priests and founder the sourest of all the polemical of their doings, as if he were the Laugentlemen of his time. No, my old reate himself, holding forth on Spain boy, contrive to make the child as fat and the Inquisition in the Quarterly. and fair as the young sons of Erin, and This is very foolish. I will not feel at your cot will once more be the scene all surprised if in your next Number of quiet and content.

he gives an equally luminous dissertaIn fact, North, between you and tion on the Sibalams and Lisators of


Tombuctoo, who, I am grieved to of John Lawless, Esq. the Irishman, learn, are the two parties who at pre- hope, or make efforts, to have the Rosent distract that fine country. He man Catholic Church predominant in raves, too, about Orangeism, and Irish Ireland. What idea does the senior papers, and such small deer, as if he endeavour to convey by this awful were one of the herd, and most deeply hint? Is it that these mysterious perinterested in the subject; but he just sons are sighing to have their religion knows as much of the politics of the the general religion of the country? sister kingdom, as a very different cha- If so, let me tell him, that they are racter, (but equally ancient as Timo- taking trouble at interest, since such thy, if not more so, being a grandfa- has been the case for more years than ther,) M. Jay, does of its geography, even Timotheus, in all the pride of This worthy Liberal, in that very silly his seniority, can remember. Or is it work, L'Hermit en Prison," intro- that they entertain an expectation of duces a young gentleman, saying with seeing theirs the Church established, all the appearance of vraisemblance, and loaded with the riches and ho“ I proceeded to Cork, and took lod- nours which now adorn the Protesta gings in a tavern near the harbour." ant? I will scarcely suspect him, with Now, M. Jay, knowing that Cork had all his insanity, to be guilty of such a harbour, never thought of inquiring stupidity. No—the greatest blockhow far distant it might be from the head in Great Britain would not be city, but clapped down the above, ass enough to imagine, that such a chuckling, no doubt, at his knowledge, thought could ever enter into the head and in no danger of being detected by of the most inveterate fool in the whole his Parisian admirers. As well might Emerald Isle. I will lay any wager, your friend Dr Scott declare, in his that, upon the strictest examination, forthcoming tour to France, I put there would not be found, from North up at an hotel in Paris, within a few to South, three old women, (even exs doors of Versailles.” Tickler acts just tending the phrase to its metaphorical as oddly, and with as great an air of sense,) who, in the course of their absurdity, as Monsieur ; but who has long career, bestowed one thought on been quizzing him, I can't conceive. the matter. I believe Sir Harcourt Sir Harcourt Lees has, I find, had the was the first to make the discovery, sense to give up scribbling, seeing, I and even he had sense enough to persuppose, the folly of the thing; but is ceive, that eighty thousand pilgrims, it possible that he has transmitted his each with a piece of artillery on his materials to Tim? It is, at least, the back, were to be landed from Loretto only probable supposition that occurs in the south, before the business beto me at present, and certainly my gan. If this be thy meaning, Tim, to friend's effusion has all the appearance what art thou reduced ? WHO HATH of being half-brother to some of the BEEN BAMMING THEE? Reverend Baronet's lucubrations. This, too, I am ashamed to say, is

Grieved to behold such prostration Tim's chief weapon. He brandishes of intellect, I shall pick out, and dis- it in superior style in three different miss with a few words, some of the places, and even says, that if we were most prominent fooleries to be found convinced of the futility of this arguin the “Fragment,” for Tim's benefit, ment against emancipation, all our opand that of the public, as my friend. position would be at an end ! This is ship for both parties will not permit surely reducing the question to a point, me to remain silent. I hope to be able and if the present were the only obto convince the one, of the prudence jection, we should not be long getting of remaining taciturn, until his facul- over it. I shall only say, that if it be ties be perfectly restored ; and to pre- his great resting-point, his intellect vent the other from unwarily adopt- must verily be in a most deplorably ing his last insane imaginings as the shattered condition. sentiments of The Tickler, for whom, Indeed, shocked as I must be to dein common with myself, it must ever clare it, I fear that this is indubitably entertain the most profound affection the case. In a lucid interval, evidently, and esteem.

he wrote some good sense about the Amongst other silly matters, then, appearance of the Shiels, O'Connells, he gravely expresses his suspicions &c. in Parliament, but in less than that some person or persons, friends half a page afterwards, he raves most emphatically about surrendering one were burning to be a Nabob, and found of the bulwarks of the Constitution. pleasure even in writing down the meaThis is certainly the most decided sure of his wished-for wealth. Tim ! piece of bam to be found in the Tim ! I fear thine is a broken spirit; whole fragment, and I shall therefore but even in its fall, it may do mischief to beg leave to say a word or two concern- unreflecting minds; and I shall thereing it. In the first place, the “ Bul- fore say a few words about the dazwarks of the Constitution” is a fine, zling argument against the “millions.” full-mouthed, imposing sonup206 Bos I deny then, flatly, that it is the same of a phrase, and is consequently caught thing whether the Penal Code affects a at most greedily, and hackneyed most thousand or a “ million.” If the omgrievously, by the humbuggers at both nipotence of Parliament had enacted, sides of the water. This being the that whoever presumed to wear yellow case, it has, of course, lost all definite silk breeches, should be subject to cermeaning, and Tickler, if called on can- tain penalties, it would be of very litdidly by a friend, could no more ex- tle consequence at the present moment. plain what he meant by the expres- Leigh Hunt would be the only person sion, than could his own most inte affected by it, and the injustice would resting babe. To make use of it, not be very, material. But if some therefore, is bam of the most pel" millions of the population imalucid description—and that is to say gined, truly, or otherwise, that such enough about it. But supposing it to inexpressibles becaine them, and shewhave a signification, what does it ed their figures to advantage, and amount to? That by allowing the pos- therefore adopted them, I stoutly sibility of the sages above-mentioned maintain that such a statute would obtaining a seat in the House, the Bri- then be most oppressive, and most wortish Constitution would lose one of its thy to be repealed. I, of course, agree chief protections !!! Yes, Tim--stare most cordially with Tim, that if it at me as much as you please with your weighed heavy on L. H. alone, or afgreat protruded eye-balls, and exclaim, fected not a single member of the com

Stop there, my man. Have I not munity, it should not for a moment proved most satisfactorily in the very disgrace our statute-book, but be abosame paragraph, that nothing would lished as effectually, as was the act give me greater pleasure than to see against witchcraft some time ago. these gentlemen drawn out, as it were, Every one, not actually non compos, for decimation, in the parliamentary will side with me in this point, and ranks of Whiggism?” I allow you admit that it is therefore perfectly fair have, most excellent Timotheus, is for the friends of emancipation to my reply; and, therefore, does your bring forward as an argument the marvellous incoherence afford another number of the injured ;-as to its bemelancholy proof of your humbug oring an argument to our fears, the eighty insanity. Take which cap you choose. thousand pilgrims stand up most imI think the former, on the whole, will posingly to deny the fact. I will not fit you better.

be so mad in my turn as to advance Another insanity of frequent recur- the position that emancipation would rence in the “Fragment,” is soine blus- directly and immediately affect the tering about “millions.” It appears to “ millions.” Most certainly not ; but me, on mature consideration, that a it is in the nature of things, that by very probable cause of my friend's un- raising the political condition of the happy state of mind, has been the few thousands who compose the head prospect of providing for an increasing of that immense mass, the Catholics of family, which has brought into action Ireland, it would also help, by slow the avariciousness of disposition, natu- and certain degrees, to drag the whole ral to old age, that would otherwise body from the depth into which polihave withered beneath the noble and tical degradation, in union, it is true, ardent imaginings of his soul. That with many other causes, has contribuI have some ground for the supposi- ted to plunge it. I could say more on tion, will seem clear to any one who this subject, if I were not writing, not casts his eyes over the pages of which on that eternal question, but on the I am speaking. He will there see the woeful insanity of Tickler. word " millions” staring him in the The next proof of his lunacy, shall face at every coruer, as if Tim othy be derived from what he says of Orangeism and Orangemen. Rational to it, would we have seen him distilmen have been sickened of late with ling such tears of sorrow over the men hearing of them and their politics; so of the loom? I shall say as little as possible of the The last assification I shall notice, folk. Tickler declares, that the much is one that would settle the business misrepresented and unoffending gen- in the most scrupulous court de Lunatlemen composing the society, have tico inquirendo ; I mean what is said been driven into union by their fears of the non-resistance of the people to —that they do not like visits from a sacerdotal horse-whipping. This is Captain Rock; and that therefore they so extraordinarily frappant, that the flock together—that their secret signs celebrated controversial baronet I have are convincingevidence of their shrink, so often alluded to, only ventureil to ing timidity and apprehension ; some- put it forth once, to the great delight thing, I suppose, like yous of the pri- of his fellow-mortals ! As Tim takes mitive and persecuted Christians. This such an interest in Hibernian affairs, is a pitiable description of the associa- he cannot do better than reside for a tion ; but, from first to last, it only summer among the bogs; and, as he shews that Tim is insane, or quizzed. is of a venerable and portly appearIn the first place, Captain Rock holds ance, he may easily pass himself for a his court about two hundred miles priest, by making the necessary alterafrom the seat of Orangeism ; so that to tion in his habiliments. Provided with depict their fears of a visit from the a horse-whip, let him stalk forth to gallant leader of the Dahallow forces, experimentalize on the non-resistant is quite in the M. Jay style-nothing Milesians; and if he returns to his excan be more so. In the next place, in pectant spouse with a whole head and stead of their modest and retiring ha- an unbroken sbank, he may serenely bits, which the author of “ Lights and pass the remainder of his days in penShadows” could not touch more ten- ning most piquant papers against the derly than Tickler, there is not a body prostrating power of popery, and the of men in the empire, at least from the pernicious popularity of the priestspecimens which I know of it, which hood. Ah! ÎIM, who hath BEEN comes up, in any degree, like this band BAMMING THEE? of lily-of-the-valley-like gentlemen, to Sorry am I to find that all he has the beau idèal of ranting, roaring Irish- written is most destitute of originality men. If anything, they are too savage - Not a single invention of his own is for the character. To speak seriously, to be discerned--all is copied and bor-. the Orange system, with all its secret, rowed, without acknowledgment, from and timid, and cautionary signs, and the most stupid sources, so that there symbols, and regulations, is an engine, iseven no pleasure in perusing it. John which, if at present merely ridiculous, Bull acts differently; for John invents may, in the twinkling of an eye, be- most indefatigably, and sports an evercome most perilous to the state-an varying stock of novel circumstances, institution, in fine, of which no man for the entertainment of his subscri. of Tickler's late good sense, would bers, which is certainly highly praisehave ever brought himself to speak worthy. Tickler, on the other hand, is in the manner he has done. Poor dis- not ashamed to derive dulness from the tressed beings! What an extinguish- Morning Chronicle ! nor even (what er of their comforts must it be to re- is still more atrocious, and in -o vile frain in public and mixed assemblies bad taste”) to call the Pope an “old from huzzaing to a toast which five- woman,” having borrowed this exquisixths of the kingdom think an insult, site bijou from an old, foolish, forgot--whether prudently or not, is no con- ten oration of-of-of-Sir Francis sideration, but, on the other hand, Burdett !!! “ Quantum mutatus ab how must they be consoled to see To- illo,&c. ries on your side of the water most In writing the above, I have been consistently bewailing their misfor- merely proving Tickler's non-compositunes ! The plebeians concerned in the ty, (which, I fear, I have done too saplay-house riot have also found com- tisfactorily,) not writing on Catholic miseration from Timothy. If the Pais- emancipation. This is a subject on ley radicals, some years ago, had done which you well know my opinion. I an action of the same nature, and if think the measure a measure of justhe like importance had been attached tice, and, being so, of policy. You

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