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Highlands, which he well knew to be af- and love played apon it, and her liquid fected, but nevertheless took the hint as eye met his without shrinking; there was a protest against his further proposals; neither a blush on the cheek nor a shade and the two strolled on in rather awk- of shame on the brow. Their eyes met ward circumstances, till they met with and gazed into each other for a considerMrs Bell, which was a great relief to able space.-O M'Ion, where was thy Gatty's oppressed and perturbed mind. better angel, that thou didst not avail

“ That night, when she retired to her thyself of this favourable moment, and garret-room by herself, her mind was ill divulge the true affections of thine heart? at ease. She repented her sore of having What delight it would have given to a snubbed her lover's protestations in the tender and too loving breast, and how very first opening of the desired bud, and kindly it would have been received! But in particular, of the ungenerous reflection his evil destiny overcame the dear intent; cast upon his country, which looked like and, instead of uttering the words of afan intended affront. She could not but fection, he snatched up her hand and wonder at her own inconsistency, in pressed it to his lips. Gatty turned away checking the words that she longed most her face, and the tear blinded her eye. to hear, and determined with herself to This was not what she expected, but the make it all up in complacency the next mere fumes of common gallantry; • And time.

is my heart to be made a wreck for this?' “ Another opportunity soon arrived, thought she; No, it never shall. I must for they were to be had every day; and know better on what stay I am leaning though nothing save common-place ob- before I trust my happiness and my repuservations passed between them, with tation in the hands of mortal man, far less some toying and tilting of words, yet it in those of a young and deluding stranproved a happy and delightful afternoon

ger, any more.' to both parties. But, like the other, it “ During the rest of their walk, she passed over without any protestations of kept silence, save by simply giving assent love. Twice or thrice did the tenor of to some of his observations. She was their discourse seem approaching to it; busied in making up her mind to abide, but then, when it came to a certain point, without shrinking, by her former resolueach time it stood still, and silence pre- tion. But as it was the last chance ever vailed till some common remark relieved her lover was to have, she determined to them from the dilemma.

hear all that he had to say. She stood “ There was now but one other time still five or six times to listen to what he remaining, in which, if M'Ion did not was saying, and after he was done, she declare himself, he was never to have was standing and listening still. When another chance in the way that lovers they came to her father's gate, she turned like best. Long was it ere Gatty durst her back on it, to breathe a little before risk that sole remaining chance; for she going in; and while in that position, she hoped always to find matters in a better fixed on him a look so long, and so full train; in a state that the declaration could of pathos, that he was abashed and connot be eluded. Again she condescended founded. It was a farewell look, of which to give him her hand in the dance at the he was little aware, for his constant aim gentlemen's evening parties, (for every had been to gain a hold in her youthful farmer is a gentleman in that country.) affections, and he flattered himself that Again she condescended to give him her he was succeeding to his heart's desire. arm to church, in the face of the assem- But delays are dangerous; at that mo.. bling congregation, and even saluted old ment was she endeavouring to eraze his Elen, as she passed, as if proud of the si- image from her heart; and the speaking tuation she occupied. After these things, look that she fixed on his face, was one she accepted of an invitation to go and of admiration, of reproach, and of regret, visit the Rowntree Lynn, where they had each in its turn. She laid her hand on often been the year before. They admired the lateh, and pressed it slowly down, the scenery, spoke in raptures of the won- keeping it for a good while on the spring. derful works of nature, and the beauties “Would he but speak yet,' thought she, of the creation. They even went so far I would hear and forgive him.' He as to mention the happiness of the little spake not; so the gate opezed slowly, birds, and the delight they had in their and closed again with a jerk behind them; young, and in each other, and then M. and with that closing knell, was the door Ion fixed his manly eyes on the face of of her affections shut against the farther his youthful and blooming companion. encroachments of a dangerous passion. It seemed overspread with a beam of pure So the maiden conceived, and made up and heavenly joy, a smile of benevolence her mind to abide by the consequences. “ From that day forth her deportment cissement might easily have been brought towards her lover underwent a thorough about in such a case; but it seems that change. He lost her countenance, and etiquette had withstood that, for it was no blandishment of his could recover it never effected.” but for all that, love, in either heart, con- We cannot follow the

progress of tinued his silent ravages, and M'Ion re- this most affecting story step by step ; tired from Bellsburnfoot that second year, suffice it to say, that Gatty's misery under grievous astonishment how he had gathers head and is ripe for bursting. offended his beloved mistress, but resolved, « « Did he ever proffer you marriage ?' nevertheless, to continue his assiduities, said Mrs Johnson. until he could, in the full assurance of her •• There you have struck upon the affections, ask and obtain ber as his own. chord from which all the discordance in “ Gatty's mind continued in torment. our love has flowed,' said Gatty ;

-he In the bosom of that maid there was a never did.

And after giving him opporconstant struggle carried on for the su- tunity after opportunity, I took a resoluperiority, by duty and prudence on the tion of standing on my guard, lest all his one part, and love on the other. The professions might have no farther meanformer, indeed, swayed the outward de- ing than common gallantry warranted ; meanour; but the latter continued to and of all things, I dreaded being made keep the soul in thrall. She spent not a the butt of ridicule by his boasting of my thought on the conqueror of which she favours. But I now believe in my heart, did not disapprove, yet she continued to that I have wronged him, and that he think and languish on. . I fear I am in

meant honourably and kindly toward me, love still,' said Gatty; and what a bu- but mistook my reserve for scorn; wheresiness I am like to have of it! And thus, as I meant only to bring him to the test. by a retrograde motion round a small but

I now regret every step I have taken; complete circle, am I come again to the every disdainful look and word I have very beginning of my story.”

bestowed on him.' Quarrels--misconceptions Flirta

" " Hold, hold, my beloved Gatty!'

said the affectionate nurse, interrupting tions on the sly-beatings about the bush—and various arts of self-tor- her rhapsody: You have acted with the

most perfect propriety. When once a menting, follow each other for several

man has declared himself, reserve may month all very knowingly and amu

be partly laid aside, but not till then; and singly described, in the Shepherd's it ought to be a lover's care to set his best manner. Gatty begins to get jeale mistress's heart at ease on that score. ous of cousin Cherry, and MʻIon, like Far be it from me to suspect MʻIon's an ass between two bundles of hay, honour. On the contrary, I think him knows not towards which to direct his all that is becoming and honourable among jaws. Gatty takes a fever and blabs in

his contemporaries. Still, I say that you her delirium-but by judicious medi- have acted properly in checking his adcal attendance her pulse is brought vances, till such time as his object be down to 70 in a few days.

avowed. Had you checked them at an “ Mrs Johnson and Cherry both ac- earlier period, the sequel might have been quiesced in the dame's certification, that fraught with less danger to your peace. Miss Bell looked charming; and the con- But better late than never; for oh, my sciousness of beauty lent that never-fail- dear Gatty! you little know of the perils ing charm, that improves it more than all and disappointments of youthful love, of the borrowed roses and ornaments that which I stand this day a blighted and forthe world produces. What a pity that saken beacon, never more to enjoy hope M'Ion would not come in while that or happiness, except in what relates to lovely bloom continued! It is little that your welfare. Like you, I loved early, most men know either what is said or and but too well; but then I was bewhat is thought of them, and it is some- loved again with an affection that I deemed times a mercy that it is so. But O, what sincere. I was privately married to my a grievous circumstance it was, that one lover, a young soldier, entirely dependant should be sitting fretting and pining in on his rich relatives, and lived several one room, from an idea that he is forbid months with him in this city in the most admission into the one next him ; and perfect felicity. By what means his rethat another dear object should be sitting lations wrought upon him I never knew, in this latter, like a transplanted Aower but I was abandoned, and never more blighted in the bud, fretting, and pining acknowledged, either as a wife or a moeven worse, because he will not enter ! ther, to this day, although I was both. One would have thought that an eclair- They bereaved me of my child ere ever I VOL. XIV.

3 I

knew him-ere ever I had kissed his ten- the more,' returned she. "What right der lips, or pressed him to my bosom, and had such a savage as he to lift his hand all manner of explanation or acknowledg- against a real gentleman ? The boor! ment bas been denied me. Take warning The ruffian ! Would that M'Ion had shot by my fate, and shun that flowery and be. him through the body!'” witching path; for in its labyrinths the At last M'Ion conceiving that Gatty good, the gentle, the kind-hearted, and hates him, resolves out of spite to the benevolent, are too often lost; while marry cousin Cherry. And, upon our the sordid and the selfish scarcely so much souls, had we been offered our choice, as run a hazard. Fly from the danger some thirty years ago, Cherry should with your father. If your lover loves as have been the girl for our money. Mr he ought to do, and as you deserve to be Hoog describes with great power the loved, he will follow you into your re- delighted gratitude of this warmtreats where he first found you. If lie hearted creature towards M'Ion for do not, he is unworthy of being remem

condescending to love her; and albered, and you will soon forget him.

though some may think her prattle Little did I ween from your behaviour

to be tedious, it is really very innothat your heart was so wholly engaged,

cent and piquante. But no sooner else how 1 should have trembled for you!

does Gatty, who had gone home to and even yet my heart is ill at ease; but, Bellsburnfoot, hear of the intendif I can, I will manage all things right,

ed nuptials, than she takes a pain in In the meantime, fly with your father, and leave the matter to me, for there is

her stomach, and goes to bed. "What one great concern ;-as yet, none of us is to be done now? Why, Mrs Bell, knows who or what he is. He is said to

a cunning old fox of a mother, conspend his money freely, and to be named trives, along with Mrs Johnson, the by a property that he possesses in fee. purse, to cheat Cherry out of the Celt But we never so much as heard him name by their united machinations. M'Ion his father; and such a house or clan is confesses to Cherry that he longs for entirely unknown. You may conceive other fruit; she magnanimously gives such a supposition to be ungenerous ; him up to Gatty; and after standing but it is quite possible that he may be out the light of the honey-moon, which an impostor, and spending the money of ought to have been her own, she dies, others. After what you have told me, I poor thing, of a broken heart. This need not ask how you affect this new catastrophe is described with very match that, your parents have provided considerable pathos; although the defor you


your rich and hopeful cousin ?' scription now and then is disfigured "* Oh, how my soul sickens at the by such utterly absurd and unmeangreat boisterous ragamuffin ! cxclaimed ing words, and also by expressions, so Miss Bell. I would not bear his com- totally the very reverse of what the hopany for one natural day, for all the wealth

nest Shepherd intended to use, that it he possesses.' 1. Do not say so much, my dear Gatty. in a field of four-year-olds.

is more than enough to cause laughter I have noted, from experience, that no Cherry being now out of the way, mortal fancy can conceive what a woman

Mʻlon and his Gatty might be hapwill do in cases of marriage. Believe me, I have seen things that I deemed more

py. No such thing. Gatty becomes unlikely, come to pass.'

mopish and pious, and is seized with

a belief that at a certain hour of a “ The very thought of such an event being possible, is enough to kill me,' re

certain morning, she shall surely die. plied Gatty. "I would rather suffer the her husband and parents, are descri

All her fears, and all the anxieties of pangs of dissolution every day, than continue to live three days the wife of such

bed with great prolixity, but with a man. Compare him with M‘lon-the

little effect. At last it would seem amiable, the accomplislied, the high-spi- that she is dead, at the very hour of rited M'Ion!'

her foreboding. This is an old story, “I say again bold there,' said Mrs

ill told ; and could be made impresJohnson. Believe me, you have said sive only by high imagination. In enough. And, at all events, it appears

the Shepherd's verses there are occathat your cousin Richard does not want sional touches of good superstition; but courage. Such feats as he has performed his prose is good only on subjects of a this morning, are not to be found in the very homely or vulgar nature. annals of duelling.'

Gatty, however, is not dead. We “• It is for these that I hate him still extract a long passage, not without force, but sadly exaggerated, and too only a few indistinct sounds like the baba palpable an imitation of the style of ble of a running brook. No human heart Frankenstein.

could stand this; for though the body

seemed to have life, it was altogether an “M'Ion again laid his hand on the unnatural life; or rather, the frame seembreast of the deceased, (if that term be ed as if agitated by some demon that proper,) and still there was a slight mus- knew not how to exercise or act upon any cular motion, though at that time hardly one of the human powers or faculties. perceptible. Daniel, however, felt it, and The women shrieked, and both of them fell lifting up his hands and eyes, he cried out into fits on the floor. M‘lon stood leanin ecstacy, “Yes, yes! Blessed be his ing against a bed-post, shading his face name, there are certainly some remains of with his hand, and uttering groans so prolife! O let us pray to God! Let us pray longed, and in a voice so hollow and to God! for no other hand can now do any. tremulous, that it was frightful to hear thing for us but his.'

him ; in all that terrible scene there was “ With that he prostrated himself on nothing so truly awful as these cries of the bed, with his brow leaning on his dear the distracted husband, for cries they cerchild's peaceful bosom, and cried to the tainly were, rather than groans, though Almighty to restore her, with so much modulated in the same manner. To have fervency and bitterness of spirit, that even heard these cries alone from an adjointhe hearers trembled, and durst hardly ing apartment, would almost have been say Amen in their hearts. Poor man! enough to have put any ordinary person out He neither knew for what he asked, nor of their riglit mind. Daniel, when her face in what manner his prayer was to be an- was first exposed to view, staggered backswered. Let the issue be a warning to ward like one stunned, until he came to all the human race, cautioning them to a seat beside the entrance door, on wbich bow with humble submission to the awards lie sunk down, still keeping his eyes fixed of the Most High. While in the midst on the animated corpse. He was the first of his vehement and unrestrained suppli- to utter words, which were these :- Oh! cation, behold the corpse sat up in the sirs, it's no her! It's no her! It's no her! bed in one moment! The body sprung up They hae looten my bail'n be changed. with a power resembling that produced Qh God, forgie us! What's to come o' by electricity. It did not rise up like one us a' now wi' that being ?' wakening out of a sleep, but with a jerk “ Death would now have been a welso violent that it struck the old man on come visitor indeed, and would liave rethe cheek, almost stupifying him; and lieved the family from a horror not to be there sat the corpse, dressed as it was in described; but now there was no remeits dead-clothes, a most appalling sight as dy; there the creature sat struggling and man ever beheld. The whole frame ap- writhing, using contortions both in body peared to be convulsed, and as it were and feature that were truly terrific. No struggling to get free of its bandages. It one knew what to do or say; but as they continued, moreover, a sort of lobbling were all together in the same room, so motion, as if it moved on springs. The they clung together, and neither sent for women sbrieked and hid their faces, and divine nor physician, unwilling that the de. both the men retreated a few steps, and plorable condition of the family, and the stood like fixed statues, gazing in terror nakedness of their resources, should be at seeing the accomplishment of their exposed to the blare of the public voice. frantic petitions. At length M'Ion had “ Mrs Bell was the first to resume as the presence of mind to unbind the nap- much courage as again to Jay hands on kin from the face. But what a face was this ghastly automaton, which her pride there exhibited! It was a face of death and dignity of spirit moved her to, alstill; but that was not all. The most though in a half-stupified state. “You see extraordinary circumstance was, that there what you have brought us to by your unwas not, in one feature, the slightest re- sanctified rhapsodies,' said she. • This is semblance to the same face only a few the just hand of Heaven. There is no hours before, when the apparent change doubt, however, that it is the body of my took place from life into death. It was child, although it appears that the soul now like the dead countenance of an is wanting.' idiot,—the eyes were large and rolled in Na, na, na!' exclaimed Daniel, that's their sockets, but it was apparent that no my bairn! The spirits hae brought an they saw nothing, nor threw any reflection uncouth form an' changed it on ye, an' inward on an existing mind. There was the body of my dear bairn's ta'en away. Ye also a voice, and a tongue, but between hae neither had the Bible aneath the head, them they uttered no intelligible word, nor the saut an' the candle aboon the

breast. Never tell me that that's the face “ For three days and three nights did o'my Gatty. Dead or alive, here was a this incomprehensible being lie in that bonny face. But what's that like?' drowsy and abstracted state, without tas

“ Mrs Bell loosed the bandages from ting meat or drink, nor did she seem af. the hands and the feet, though not with- fected by any external object, save by out great perturbation; but she suffered M'Ion's entrance into the room. On such the dead-clothes to remain on the body, occasions, she always started, and uttered in the hopes that it might still die away, a loud and unintelligible noise, like someShe tried also to lay it backward, and thing between laughing and anger; but compose it decently on the bed, but felt the sound soon subsided, and generally as if it were endowed with unnatural died away with a feeble laugh, or someforce, for it resisted her pressure, and re- times with an articulation that sounded bounded upwards. It also lifted its hand like 'No-no-no!' as if with intent to put away her arm, but 6 All this time no servant or stranger could not come in contact with it. It was had been suffered to enter that chamber; like the motion of one trying to lay hold and, on the third day, they agreed to raise of something in a dream. It was not up this helpless creature, and endeavour long, however, till the body fell backward to supply nature with some nourishment. of itself, and with apparent ease turned They did so; and now, inured to an initself half over in the bed with its face tensity of feeling that almost rendered away from the light. This was a sensi- them desperate, they were enabled to inble relief to the distracted group; they spect the features, and all the bodily orspread the sheets again decently over the gans, with the most minute exactness. frame, remained all together in attend- The countenance had settled into someance, and by the time that the sun rose thing like the appearance of human life, they heard distinct and well-regulated --that is, it was not so thoroughly the, respirations issuing from the bed. face of a dead person as when it was

“ It is impossible to give anything like at first reanimated; the lips had resumed à fair description of the hopes, the ter- a faint dye of red, and there were some rors, and the transitions from one to ano- slight veins on the cheeks, where the ther of these, that agitated the individuals roses had before blossomed in such beauof that family during this period of hideous ty and such perfection. Still it was a face suspense. These were no doubt propor- without the least gleam of mind-a face tioned to their various capacities and feel- of mere idiotism, in the very lowest state ings; but there is as little doubt that of debasement; and not in one lineament they were felt to a degree seldom expe- could they find out the smallest resemrienced in human nature. There lay the blance between that face, and hers that body of their darling-of that there could had so lately been the intelligent and the be no doubt, for they had never been lovely Agatha Bell. M'Ion studied both from its side one moment—but the judg- the contour and profile with the most ment of God seemed to be upon them; particular care, thinking that these must for they all felt an inward impression ad. have remained the same; but in neither monishing them that the soul had depart- could the slightest likeness be found out. ed to the bosom of its Creator at the very They combed her beautiful exuberance of moment foretold by its sweet and heaven. hair, changed her grave-clothes for others ly-minded possessor, and that the Al- more seemly, and asked her many kind mighty had, in derision of their unhallow- questions, all of which were either uned earnestness for the prolongation of a heard or disregarded. She swallowed the natural life, so little worthy of being put meat and drink with which they fed her in competition with a heavenlyone, either with great eagerness, but yet she made suffered the body to retain a mere ani- no motion for any more than was profmal existence, or given the possession offered to her. The entrance of M'Ion init to some spirit altogether unqualified to to the room continued to affect her vioexercise the organs so lately occupied by lently, and nothing else besides; and the the heaven-born mind. Yet, when they longer his absence had been, the more saw the bed-clothes move, and heard the powerful his impression on her frame, as regular breathings, they experienced many well as on her voice and tongue-for a thrilling ray of hope that all they had that incident alone moved her to utterwitnessed might have been the effect of some strong convulsion, and that she “ It would be oppressive and disgustmight yet be restored to mental light, to ing farther to continue the description of life, and to all their loves. Every time, such a degradation of our nature,--all the however, that they stole a look of the more benign faculties of the soul revolt features, their hopes were blasted anew. from the contemplation of such an ob.


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