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llon. STEPHEN J. FIELD, Associate Justice United States

Supreme Court. Hon. JOHN M. HARLAN, Associate Justice United States

Supreme Court. Hon. ALBERT H. HORTON, Chief Justice of Kansas. Hon. U. M. ROSE, Little Rock, Ark. Hon. HENRY HITCHCOCK, St. Louis. Hon. S. D. THOMPSON, St. Louis Court of Appeals. Hon. SAMUEL MAXWELL, Chief Justice of Nebraska. Hon. J. G. WOERNER, Judge St. Louis Probate Court. Hon. MATTHEW P. DEADY,

United States District Judge, Oregon. Hon. ELI S. HAMMOND, United States District Judge,

Tennessee. JOHN D. LAWSON, Nutley, N. J. HENRY WADE ROGERS, Professor of Law in Ann Arbor

Law School,
JAMES BARR AMES, Professor of Law in Harvard Law

W. F. ELLIOTT, Indianapolis, Ind.
SOLON D. WILSON, Chicago, Ill.
L. HOCHEIMER, Baltimore, Md.
E. L. RUSSELL, Mobile, Ala.
R. C. PENCE, Kansas City, Mo.
W. W. THORNTON, Indianapolis, Ind.
H. CAMPBELL BLACK, Williamsport, Pa.
D. H. PINGREY, Bloomington, Ill.
RUSSELL H. CURTIS, Chicago, Ill.

S. S. MERRILL, St. Louis, Mo.
WM. M. ROCKELL, Springfield, Ohio.
W. L. STONEX, Goshen, Ind.
J. R. BERRYMAN, Madison, Wis.
D. R. N. BLACKBURN, Albany, Oregon.
M. D. EWELL, Chicago, III.
JAMES M. KERR, Rochester, N. Y,
NATHAN NEWMARK, San Francisco, Cal.
CHAS. A. ROBBINS, Lincoln, Neb.
E. E. DONNELLY, Bloomington, Ill.
FRANK P. BLAIR, Kansas City, Mo.
B. R. WEBB, Baird, Tex.
JAMES A. MITCHELL, Birmingham, Ala.
WM. H. BURNETT, Philadelpbia, Pa.
L. P. CUNNINGHAM, Kansas City, Mo.
SAMUEL S. SPARKS, Warrensburg, Mo.
JOHN A. FINCH, Indianapolis, Ind.
GEO. A. P. CODWISE, Boston, Mass.
L. M. KEN, Sioux City, Iowa.
HENRY J. SWAN, Denver, Colo.
M. W. HOPKINS, Danville, Ind.
J. A. CARTWRIGHT, Nashville, Tenn.
JOSEPH A. JOYCE, San Francisco, Cal.
H. J. WHITMORE, Denver, Colo.
EDWARD H. PARK, Denver, Colo.
S. S. BLOOM, Columbus, Ohio.

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Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1890, by

CENTRAL LAW JOURNAL COMPANY, In the Office of the Librarian of Congress at Washington.



This list includes only those cases noticed editorially or commented upon in our Notes of Recent
Decisions, or in full annotated. The abbreviation C. E. indicates noticed editorially; R. D., com-
mented upon in Notes of Recent Decisions; and ann. case--annotated case.

Adams v. Fletcher (R. I.) Nuisance-Negligence-De-

fective Sidewalk, R. D. 450.
Alabama G. S. R. R. v. Hill (Ala.) Damages-Physical

Examination of Plaintiff, ann. cage 376.
Allen v. Intendant and Councilmen of Lafayette (Ala.)

Municipal Corporations-Power to Borrow-Ultra

Vires-Implied Contract, R. D. 371.
American Express Co. v. People (I11.) Game-Receiv.

ing for Transportation in Close Season-Penalty-

Constitutional Law, ann, case, 271.
Anheuser-Busch Brewing Ass'n. V. Mason (Minn.) Sale

-For Unlawful Purpose-Validity, R. D. 489.
Ash v. Baltimore & 0. Ry. Co. (Md.) Death by Wrong.

ful Act-Action by Foreign Administrator, R. Ď.

Aszman v. State (Ind.) Murder-Intoxication-Insanity

-Instruction, ann. case, 108.
Augusta & S. R. Co. v. Randall (Ga.). Trial-Improper

Remarks of Counsel-New Trial, R. D. 285.
Ballock v. State (Md.) Criminal Law - Lotteries-

Foreign Bond, R. D. 322.
Barney v. Pinkham (Neb.) Veterinary Surgeon---Neg.

ligence, R. D. 124.
B. C. R. & N. Ry. Co. v. R. R. Commissioners of Iowa

(Iowa). Carriers -Constitutional Law-The lowa

Joint Rate Case, R. D. 305.
Beck v. Mo. Pac. Ry. Co. (Mo.) Imputed Negligence--

Carriers-Damages, R. D. 266.
Behrens v. Behrens (Ohio). Administration-Probate

-Establishing Lost Will-Presumption, R. D. 452.
Benton v. Shafer (Ohio). Lis Pendens, ann. case, 52.
Black Henry G. Allen Co. (U. S. 0. C. N. Y.) Copy.

right-Infringement- Articles in Encyclopedia, C. E.

Boettcher v. Colorado Nat. Bank (Colo.) Banks and

Banking – Checks -- Assignment - Pleading, ann.

case, 347.
Borne v. First Nat. Bank (Ind.) Banks Certified

Check-Payment, R. D. 23.
Briegel v. City of Philadelphia (Penn.) Municipal Cor.

porations--Public Buildings-Negligence, ann. case,

Brown v. Grand Lodge of Iowa (Iowa). Mutual Benefit

Association-Changing Beneficiary, ann. case, 130.
Brown v. James H. Campbell Co. (Kan.) Chattel Mort.

gage-Notice-Right of Possession, ann. case, 395.
Burnham v. Haselton (Me.) Attorney and Client-Mis-

conduct-Purchase of Claim, R. D. 267.
Burrus Ex parte (U. S. S. C.) Federal Courts-Jurisdic-

tion-Custody of Infant-Habeas Corpus, R. R. 42.
Cameron In re (Kan.) Criminal Law-False Pretenses,

R. D. 208.
Campbell v. City of Kansas (Mo.) Dedication-Ceme.

tery-Abandonment, R. D. 222.
Caswell v. Hazard (N. Y.) Trade-marks--Good wlll-

Firm Name, ann. case, 149.
Chicago & N. W. Ry. Co. v. Chapman (III.) Carriers of

Goods-Limiting Liability, R. D. 83.

Chicago City Ry. Co. v. Wilcox (III.) Iunputed Negli-

gence--Parent and Child, R. D. 64.
Christensen, In re (U. S.C. C. Cal.) Intoxicating Liquors

-License--Municipal Regulation, C. E. 449.
City of Detroit v. Osborne (U. S. S.C.) Federal Courts

-How Far Bound by State Decisions, R. D. 82.
Columbus & W. R. Co. v. Ludden (Ala.) Carriers-

Warehousemen--Liability, apn. case, 89.
Common Council v. Rush (Mich.) Elections and Voters

--Australian Ballot System-Preparation of Ballots,

R. D. 492.
Commonwealth v. Union League (Penn.) Association

-Club-Expulsion-By-laws, R. D. 202.
Conrad v. Fisher (Mo.) Pledge-Warehouse Receipt-

Warehouseman, C. E. 81.
Cook v. Gilmore (Ill.) Trustees-Compensation, R. D.

Croom v. State (Ga.) Criminal Law-Homicide--Killing

Officer, ann. cese, 498.
Crowley v. Christensen (U. S. S. C.) Intoxicating

Liquorg-- License-Municipal Regulation, C. E. 449.
Cumberland Telephone and Telegraph Co. v. United

Electric Ry. Co. (U. S S. C. Tenn.) Telephone Com.

pany--Electrical Railway-Injunction, R. D. 243.
Doe v. Roe (Me.) Seduction of Husband ---Action by

Wife, C. E 241.
Duffies v. Duffies (Wis.) Husband and Wife-Loss of

Husband's Society-Enticement-Action by Wife,

ann. case, 29.
Edwards v. Lake Shore & M. S. Ry. Co. (Mich.) Carriers

of Passengers-Ejection-- Tickets-Conditions, D.

Emmel v. Hayes (Mo.) Specific Performance-Parol

Contract-Part Performance-Statute of Frauds, R.

D, 370.
Emmons v. City of Lewistown (Ill.) Hawkers and

Peddlers-License-Municipal Corporations, R. D. 3.
Ferguson v. Gies (Mich) Civil Rights--Colored Person

-Restaurant Accommodations, R. D. 470.
Ferguson v. Nelson (R. I.). Married Woman-Liability

for Servant's Torts, R. D. 306.
Gainesville H. & W.R. Co. v. Hall (Tex.) Constitutional

Law-Consequential Injuries--Damages-Evidence,

ann. case, 456.
Gainesville Nat. Bank v. Bamberg (Tex.) Sale-Fraud.

ulent Representations--Commercial Agencies, R. D.

Goodrich v. Houghton (N. Y.) Contract-Purchase of

Lottery Tickets-Illegal Consideration, R. D. 65.
Hancock v. Yaden (Ind.) Constitutional Law-Pay.

ment of Laborers' Wages, C. E. 41.
Harris v. Mayor and City Council of Baltimore (Md.)

Partnership+Power of one Partner to Bind the
Firm-Rights of Assignee of the one Partner, ann.

case, 310.
Haskell v. Haskell (Mass.) Divorce-Adultery-Custody

of Children, C. E. 281, 449,

Havemeyer v. Superior Court of San Francisco (Cal.)

Receiverg--Writ of Prohibition, C. E. 201.
Hays v. Jordan (Ga.) Conditional Sales--Installments

-Lease, R. D. 431.
Healey v. Mutual Accident Ass'n. (III.) Accident Insur:

ance-Construction of Policy-Death by Accidental

Poisoning, ann. case, 419.
Herreshoff v. Boutineau (R. I.) Contracts not to Teach

School Within State-How far Valid, ann. case, 70.
Hines v. Commonwealth (Ky.) Dying Declarations-

Parol Evidence, R. D. 3.
Hirsch v. Case Threahing Machine Co. (U.S.C.C. Iowa).

Corporation-Citizenship-What Determines, ann.

case, 92.
Kansas City M. & B. Ry. Co. v. Smith (Ala.) Evidence-

Photographs--Negligence, R. D. 451.
Kentucky Flour Co.'s Assignee v. Merchant's Nat. Bank

(Ky.) Banks and Banking-Set-off-Debt Due From

Depositor, R. D. 264.
Kubach, Ex parte (Cal.) Constitutional Law-Municipal

Ordinance--Contract--Eight Hours' Labor, R. D. 391.
Late Corporation of Church of Jesus Christ v. United

States (U. S. S. C.) Religious Societies-Mormon

Church Case-Annulment of Charter, C. E. 21.
Lembeck v. Nye (Ohio). Waters- Riparian Righty- In-

land Lakes-Trespass-Injunction, R. D. 221.
Loomis v. Rockford Ins. Co. (Wis.) Insurance-Sever.

able Contracts, R. D. 162.
Marlet v. Hinman (Wis.) Chattel Mortgage-Construc.

tive Notice-Malfeasance on Recording Officer, ann.

case, 211.
McCall v. People (U. S. S. C.) Constitutional Law-

License Tax-Railroad Company-Interstuto Com

merce, R. D. 122.
McCay v. Ohio River R. Co. (W. Va.) Carriers of Passen.

gers-Ejection--Refusal to Pay Fare, R. D. 303.
McClung v. Dearborne (Penn.) Master and Servant-

Liability for Servant's Torts, R. D. 43.
Metropolitan Exhibition Co. v. Ward (N. Y.) Injunction

--Breach of Contract-Baseball Player, R. D. 62.
Metz v. California South. R. Co. (Cal.) Carriers of

Passengers-Loss of Baggage, R. D. 430.
Mobile & Ohio Railroad Co. v. People (III.) Railroad

Company-Station Accommodations-Mandamus, R.

D. 162.
Montana Union Ry. Co. v. Langlois (Mont.) Carriers-

Use of Passenger Platform, R. D. 242.
Moore v. City of Minneapolis (Minn.) Employment

Agencies-Regulation, R. D. 124.
Moore v. Francis (N. Y.) Libel-Imputation of In-

sanity, ann. case, 10.
Moore v. Norman (Minn.) Chattel Mortgage-Tender-

Extinction of Lien, R. D. 164.
Moore v. Rugg (Minn.) Photographs-Use of Negative,
ann. case,

Morasse v. Brochu (Mass.) Slander-Words Spoken by

a Catholic Priest-Special Damage, R. D. 391.
Munro V. Pacific Coast Dredging & Reclamation Co.

(Cal.) Death by Wrongful Act-Parties-Measure

of Damages, R. D. 282.
Murdock Parlor Grate Co. v. Commonwealth (Mass.)

Claims Against the State-Statutory Construction-

Torts, R. D. 264.
Murray v. Buell (Wis.) Assignment-Chose in Action-

Conspiracy, R. D. 142.
Nashua & N. L. Corp. v. Boston & L. R. Corp. (U.S.S. C.)

Federal Courts -- Jurisdiction-Citizenship-- Corpo.

ration, R. D. 842.
National Bank of Commerce v. Chicago B. & N. Ry. Co.

(Minn.) Sale--Payment by Check-Innocent Vendee

--Bill of Lading, R. D. 410.
Neugass v. City of New Orleans (Lu.) Municipal Cor.

porations-Negotiable Paper, ann, case, 251.
Nightingale v. Eiseman (N. Y.) Contract-Sale-Divisi-

bility of Deliveries, R. D. 86.
O'Brien v. State (Ind.) Criminal Evidence- Witness-

Inspection of the Body-Constitutional Law, R. D.

O'Neill v. State (Ga.) Seduction-Evidence-Virtuous

Unmarried Female, R. D. 453.
Ortiz' Estate, In re (Cal.) Executors and Adminis.

trators--Collection of Foreign Assets, R. D. 491.
Patterson v. State (Ga.) Criminal Law-Intent, R. D.

Pentield v. Chesapeake, O. & S. W. R. R. Co. (U. S. S. C.)

Residence-Limitation of Actions, R. D. 22.
People v. Remington (N. Y.) Insolvency-Dividends to

Creditors-Collateral Securities, ann. case, 330.

People v. Rogs (Cal.) Criminal Law-Former Jeopardy

--Discharge of Jury-Constitutional Law--Due Pro.

cess of Law, R. D. 343.
Peters v. Borst (N. Y.) Replevin-Literary Property-

Manuscript of College Professor, R. D. 86.
Phenix Ins. Co. v. Tomlinson (Ind.) Fire Insurance-

Forfeiture-Acceptance of Premium After Logs-

Waiver, ann, case, 439.
Pittsburgh, etc. R. Co. v. Shields (Ohio). Negligence-

Master and Servant-Torpedoes on Railroad Track,

ann. case, 168.
Price v. Lush (Mont.) Elections and Voters-Australian

Ballot System-Ballots, R. D. 493.
Rice v. Sanders (Mass.) Mortgage--Vendor and Vendee

-Transfer of Mortgage Land, R. D. 342.
Richards v. Vacarro (Miss.) Attachment-Fraudulent

Transfer-Burden of Proof, R. D. 144.
Richardson v. Emmert (Kan.) Covenant-Not to En-

gage in Trade-Breach-Injunction, R. D. 390.
Rogers v. City of Buffalo (N. Y.) Constitutional Law-

Civil Service Reform Law, C. E. 429.
Rowell v. Town of Vershire (Vt.) Parent and Child-

Support of Child--Emancipation, R. D. 204.
Sayward v. Carlson (Wash.) Master and Servant-

Fellow Servant, R. D. 65.
Seaver v. Adams (N. H.) Seduction of Husband-Action

by Wife. R. D. 23; O. E. 21.
Singer v. State (Md.) Constitutional Liw Police

Powers-Trade License, R. D. 245.
State v. Chastain (Ore.) Intoxicating Liquors-Sale by

Agents, R. D. 102.
State v. Creditor (Kan.) Constitutional Law-Regulat.

ing Practice of Dentistry, R. D. 287.
State v. Dowell (N. C.) Criminal Law-Assault With

Intent to Rape-Complicity of Husband, R. D. 83.
State v. Howell (Mo.) Criminal Law-Homicide-Evi-

dence--Alibi, R. D. 284.
State v. Kindle (Ohio). Criminal Evidence-Homicide

--Dying Declarations, R. D. 142.
State v. Lee (Iowa). Criminal Law-Disorderly House

--Evidence-Reputation, R. D. 165.
State v. Nebraska Distilling Co. (Neb.) Corporation-

Contract-Restraint of Trade-Monopolies, R. D. 283.
State v. Spendlove (Kan.) Murder-Threats-Charac-

ter, ann. case, 229.
State v. Steele (N. C.) Innkeepers -- Regulations of

Hotel-Right of Guests, R. D. 63.
State v. Tutty (U. S. C. C. Ga.) Marriage--Between

White Person and Negro-Conflict of Laws, R. D. 43.
State of Kansas v. White (Kan.) Constitutional Law-

Statute-Crimes and Punishments-Rape, ann. case,

478; C. E. 470.
Talcott v. Philbrick (Conn.) Elections and Voters-

Australian Ballot System-Ballots, R. D. 492.
Territory V. Ah Lim (Wash.) Constitutional Law-

Opium Smoking, R. D. 432.
Town of Summerville v. Pressley (S. C.) Municipal

Corporation-Constitutional Law-Police Power, R.

D. 184.
Town of Van Buren v. Wells (Ark.) Criminal Practice

--Former Acquittal-Municipal Ordinances, R. D.

Ulrich, Ex parte (U.S. C. C. Mo.) Criminal Law-Former

Jeopardy-Discharge of Jury-Due Process of Law,

R. D. 313
Union Nat. Bank v. Bank of Kansas City (U. S. S. C.)

Partnership-Assignment for Benefit of Creditors-

Mortgage--Preference, R. D. 261.
United States v. Brown (U. S. C. C. Vt.) Federal Offense

-Postal Laws-Unmailable Matter, R. D. 434.
United States v. Norsch (U. S. C. C. Mo.) Federal Courts

-Jurisdiction-Cancelling Decree of Naturalization,

R. D. 323.
United States v. Reid (U. S. C. C. Mich.) Evidence-

Spiritualism-Test of Occult Power, R. D. 304.
Van Horn v. Van Horn (N. J.) Conspiracy-Damages-

Civil Action-Malice, R. D. 472.
Werpse v. McPike (Mo.) Executors and Administrators

-Allowance of Claims-Judgment, R. D. 1.3.
West v. Camden (U. S. S. C.) Contract--Corporation-

Directors--Public Policy, C. E. 101.
Williams v. People (II.) Railroad Company-Bond-

Municipal Aid-Constitutional Law, R. D. 205.
Williamson v. Johnson (Vt.) Gifts-In Contemplation

of Marriage, R. D. 413.
Yates County National Bank v. Carpenter (N. Y.) Ex.

ecution-Exemption--Pension, R. D. 2.

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