I Am a Miracle: You Too

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Createspace Independent Pub, Oct 12, 2013 - Religion - 180 pages
The message of our Bible is that the God of life that created the universe from the atom to the cosmos that we could hardly imagine and comprehend is always within the “Temple of the Holy Spirit” from her conception until it crumbles back to the earth where it came from. The original vision of God was to perpetually commune with His best loved creation—us, man. However, we opted to oppose the power that makes us alive instead of learning the ways of our creator. We learned to misuse our godliness. That misuse has become a habit seeded deeply in our subconscious, and has developed into an artificial self that is not able to figure out how to revert back to what our creator intended us to be. In the beginning God said let us make man in our image, after our likeness. He took the dust from the earth and breath life on it, and that dust became a being with a living soul. The Hebrew term used in the verse is pronounced “neshama” that could mean either breath or spirit. That means by the Word of God, His Spirit is in man. This is the Christ, the Word, the light in everyone. God was raising god (Adam) from the dust of the earth. However, man made a mistake of using the power of his mind against his godliness by thinking that he was not God. So, man lost being God as desired. By the same decision and desire, man lost sight of all the heavenly host and circumstances around them in Eden. From then on, the dark host continue to make us believe that we are not children of the most high. By man's power of mind and emotion the circumstances has become like what we have today on earth. It is very clear that the troubles that we have on earth today is not the will of God but the will of man. Although it seems that God has turned away his face from us, the truth is that we have turned away our face from our creator. Now, the dark host is accusing God as a murderer for the great deluge, Sodom, Gomorrah, commanding the destruction of Jericho, and all the disaster that we have in the world. The truth is that we can never accuse God of murder for withdrawing life from any one for God was the one who bestowed it to everyone in the first place. No one can accuse God of killing the innocent for He is the only one who knows who is guilty and those who are not. God cannot be accused of murder because He is constantly allowing those who physically died to be born again and allow their souls to be molded by their Karma. Satan, the great accuser of God is actually guilty of his own accusation. He was the one who injected death in the DNA of Adam and Eve that reduced their immortality to 900 hundred years. He is guilty of genocide for leading the mind and heart of man away from the image of God in man that makes him alive to worshipping inanimate idols of metal and earthen sculptures. This lead to human problems of hunger, sickness, war, tyranny and even slavery, and now reduced the average lifetime to only 70. Now, Satan is accusing God for all evil because God is allowing him to do it. However, we have learned our lessons about his tricks. If God prevents him from doing his ways, he will accuse God of slavery and puppetry. God is now putting the responsibility and authority to man to use the divine power in him by virtue of the breath that makes him a living soul. God remains true to His word in the beginning when He gave man dominion over all life on earth. God wants to achieve this not by puppetry but by allowing man to realize that he has to turn back to his creator by his own choice and free will. God makes Himself available all the time as light in every man to be recognized, accepted and received. God always respects our decision. So, we can only blame ourselves if we choose to go astray. The choice is very clear, so let us choose wisely to be on the right side. It is not easy but God is always available from within to make it possible.

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