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Art and Illustrated Works-(Continued).

earliest presses established in different cities, towns, and monasteries in Europe, before the end of the fifteenth century, with brief notes upon their printers. Illustrated with reproductions of early types and first engravings of the printing-press.

Alcove A. Hogarth, William.—Biography. By Austin Dobson. (Gt. Artists Series)

Alcove A. Works. From the original plates restored by James Heath, with the addition of many subjects not before collected : to which is prefixed a biographical essay on the genius and productions of Hogarth, and explanations of

the subjects of the plates, by John NICHOLS. Alcove A. Holbein.—Some account of the life and works of Hans Holbein. By R. N. WORNUM.

Alcove A. Portraits of the court of Henry VIII. Alcove A. Biography. By JOSEPH

By JOSEPH CUNDALL, (Gt. Artists Series.)

Alcove A. Iconographic Cyclopædia of Science, Literature,

and Art.-By J. G. PECK. Trans. by S. F. BAIRD. With plates. 6 vols.

Alcove B. Jacquemart, Albert. – History of the ceramic art. A

descriptive and philosophical study of the pottery of all ages and all nations. Trans. by Mrs. Bury PALLISER.

Alcove A. Jameson, Mrs. A.-Sacred and legendary art. 2 vols.

Alcove A. Legends of the monastic orders as represented in the fine arts. 2 vols.

Alcove A. Legends of the Madonna as represented in the fine arts.

Alcove A. History of our Lord as exemplified in works of art : with that of His types ; St. John the Baptist; and other persons of the Old and New Testament. Completed by Lady Eastlake. 2 vols.

Alcove A. Jarves, J. J.-Art thoughts : the experiences and observa

tions of an American amateur in Europe. Alcove A. Jewitt, Llewellynn.-Ceramic art of Great Britain.

Alcove A.

Art and Illustrated Works—(Continued).

Johnston, E. B.—Original portraits of Washington, in-

cluding statues, monuments, and medals. Alcove A.

Keene, Charles.-Our people. From the collection of

“ Mr. Punch."

Alcove A.

Koehler, S. R.-United States art directory and year-

book. 1884.

Alcove C.

Lacroix, Paul.- Arts in the Middle Ages, and at the

period of the Renaissance.

Alcove A.

Manners, customs, and dress during the Middle Ages,

and during the Renaissance period.

Alcove A.

Military and religious life in the Middle Ages, and at

the period of the Renaissance.

Alcove A.

Eighteenth century. Its institutions, customs, and

costumes. France, 1700-1789.

Alcove A.

Science and literature in the Middle Ages, and at the

period of the Renaissance.

Alcove A.

Landseer, Edwin Henry (Sir).-Biography. By F. G.

STEPHENS. (Gt. Artists Series.)

Alcove A.

L'Art.-Revue hebdomadaire illustrée. (Periodical.) From


Alcove A.

Layard, A. H.-Nineveh and its remains; and an inquiry

into the manners and arts of the ancient Assyrians.


Alcove O.

Discoveries among the ruins of Nineveh and Babylon.

Alcove 0.

Leonardo da Vinci.-By J. P. RICHTER. (Gt. Artists


Alcove A.

Lettres et les Arts.-Revue Illustrée.

Alcove A.

Liechtenstein, Princess Marie.-Holland House.

2 vols.

Alcove A.

Linton, W. J.-History of wood-engraving in America.

Alcove A.

Little Masters.-By W. B. SCOTT. (Gt. Artists Series.)

Alcove A.

CONTENTS :-Albrecht Altdorfer, of Ratisbon. Hans
Sebold Beham, of Nürnberg. Barthel Beham, of Nürn-
berg. · Heinrich Aldegrever, of Soest. Georg Pencz, of
Cologne. Hans Brosamer, of Fulda.

Art and Illustrated Works-(Continued).
Lives of the most Eminent British Painters, Sculp-

tors, and Architects.-By ALLAN CUNNINGHAM.

Alcove A. Lodge, Edmund. - Portraits of illustrious personages of Great Britain. 8 vols.

Alcove G. Loubat, J. F.-Medallic history of the United States of America. Etchings by JULES JACQUEMART.

2 vols.

Alcove A. Louvre Gallery.-See EASTLAKE, C. L. Low, W. H.-Lamia. By John KEATS. Illustrated.

Alcove A. Lübke, Wilhelm.-History of sculpture, from the earliest

ages to the present time. Translated by F. E. Bun-
NÈTT. 2 vols.

Alcove A.
Outlines of the history of art. Edited by CLARENCE
2 vols.

Alcove A. Magazine of Art.-From 1885.

Alcove A. Mantegna, Andrea.-By JULIA CARTWRIGHT. (Gt. Artists Series.)

Alcove A. Michelangelo.—Biography. By C. CLEMENT. (Gt. Artists Series.)

Alcove A. Millet, Jean-François.—Peasant and painter. By ALFRED SENSIER. Translated by H. DE KAY.

Alcove A. Mitchell, Lucy M.-History of ancient sculpture. With numerous illustrations.

Alcove A. Murray, A. S.-History of Greek sculpture, from the earli

est times down to the age of Pheidias. Alcove A. Musée de Peinture et de Sculpture; ou, Recueil des

principaux tableaux, statues, et bas-reliefs des collections publiques et particulière de l'Europe. Dessiné et géarày l'eau-forte, par REVEIL. Avec des notices de. scriptive, critiques, et historiques, par Louis et RENÉ MÉNARD.

Alcove A. Musée de Versailles; ou, Tableaux de l'histoire de France.

Alcove A. National Portrait Gallery of Distinguished Americans.-With biographical sketches. 4


Alcove A.

10 vols.

Art and Illustrated Works—(Continued).
National Portrait Gallery of Eminent Americans.-

From original paintings by Alonzo CHAPPEL. With
biographies by E. A. DUYCKINCK. 2 vols.

Alcove A. Old New York. - From the Battery to Bloomingdale. Etchings by E. GREATOREX. Text by M. DESPARD.

Alcove A. Ornamental Arts of Japan.-By G. A. AUDSLEY. 4 parts.

Alcove A. Outlines and Sketches.-By WASHINGTON ALLSTON.

Alcove A. Perrot, Georges, and Chipiez, Charles.-History of art in

Chaldea and Assyria. Translated by W. ARMSTRONG.
2 vols.

Alcove A.
History of art in ancient Egypt. Translated by W.
2 vols.

Alcove A.
History of art in Phænicia and its dependencies.
Translated by W. ARMSTRONG.

2 vols.

Alcove A. Perry, Walter Copland.—Greek and Roman sculpture. A

popular introduction to the history of Greek and Roman sculpture.

Alcove A. Photographs of the Military Railroads of the United States.

Alcove K. Planché, J. R.-Cyclopædia of costume; or, Dictionary of dress. 2 vols.

Alcove A. Portfolio. - An artistic periodical. Edited by P. G. HAMERTON. From 1878.

Alcove A. Portfolio of Proof Impressions Selected from Scribner's Monthly and St. Nicholas.

Alcove A. Raphael.—Biography. By N. D'ANVERS. (Gt. Artists Series.)

Alcove A. Recueil d'Estampes d'apres les plus celebres tableaux de la Galerie Royale de Dresde.-3 vols.

Alcove A. Rembrandt, Hermanszoon Van Ryn. Biography. By J. W. MOLLETT. (Gt. Artists Series.)

Alcove A. Reynolds, Sir Joshua.-By F. S. PulliNG. (Gt. Artists Series.)

Alcove A. Rowlandson, Thomas.-Caricaturist. A selection from

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7 vols.

Art and Illustrated Works-(Continued ).

his works, with anecdotal descriptions of his famous
caricatures and a sketch of his life, times, and contem-
poraries. By Joseph GREGO.

2 vols.

Alcove A. Rosini, Giovanni.-History of painting in Italy. Illustrated by its monuments.

Alcove A. Rubens, Sir Peter Paul. Biography. By C. W. KETT. (Gt. Artists Series.)

Alcove A. Ruskin, John. - Ariadne Florentina. Six lectures on wood and metal engraving.

Alcove Q.
Eagle's nest. Ten lectures on the relation of natural
science to art.

Alcove Q.
Elements of drawing. In three letters to beginners.

Alcove Q.
Elements of perspective. Arranged for the use of

Alcove Q.
Lectures on architecture and painting. Alcove Q.
Modern painters. 5 vols.

Alcove Q.

Alcove Q.
Political economy of art.

Alcove Q.
Two paths ; being lectures on art.

Alcove Q. Scott, Leader.-Renaissance of art in Italy. An illustrated sketch.

Alcove A. Shaler, N. S., and Davis, W. M.-Glaciers. Illustrations of the earth's surface.

Alcove A. Smillie, J. D-Poets and etchers.

Alcove A.
Smith, H. W.-Presidents of America. A series of original

steel engravings taken from paintings and photographs
by distinguished artists. With biographical sketches and

an introductory essay by John FISKE. Alcove A. Snowden, J. R.-Medallic memorials of Washington in the mint of the U. S.

Alcove A. Sterne, Laurence.-Sentimental journey through France

and Italy. Illustrated by MAURICE LELOIR. Alcove A. Stillman, J. D. B.-Horse in motion as shown by instantaneous photography, with a study on animal mechanics.

Alcove A. Strutt, Joseph.--Complete view of the dress and habits of

the people of England from the establishment of the

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