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lying within the boundaries of a Township, shall, for the purposes of this of Townships ;

nor shall TownAct, be held to form any part of such Township, nor shall it be lawful to !

ship elections be appoint any election of Township Councillors to be held within the limits held there. of any such City, or the liberties thereof, or within the limits of any such Incorporated Town or Village. XVIII. And be it enacted, That without any new election, the officers Continuation in

office of present and persons elected or appointed in each and every Township in Upper- Officers, &c., or Canada, or to be elected or appointed under the laws now in force therein, Townships. shall continue in office until the fourth Monday of January, in the year of our Lord, one thousand eight hundred and fifty, and until their successors shall be elected and sworn into office.

XIX. And be it enacted, That if the Municipal Council of any Dis- As to elections in trict in Upper Canada shall not think fit, within the term and the down

Townships not

divided into manner prescribed for that purpose, to divide any Township into rural Rural Wards. Wards, as provided by this Act, then and until such Township shall be divided into such Wards by the Municipality thereof, the election of Councillors for such Township shall be by the votes of the electors of the whole Township at a general Township meeting, to be held at the place where the last annual Township meeting, for the election of District Councillors and the appointment of parish and Town Officere was held in each Township, or in the case of Townships united or attached to each other, as aforesaid, then at the place where the last annual meeting for such purposes was held in the Senior Townships to which such other Township or Townships shall or may be attached or united as aforesaid, and such place shall continue to be the place for holding such elections under this Act in such Township until it shall be otherwise appointed by the Municipality thereof by any By-law or By-laws to be passed for that purpose: Provided always nevertheless, firstly, that it Proviso as to shall not be lawful in any such By-law to appoint such place of election places of election within the limits of any Incorporared Village, Town or City, or the liberties thereof; and provided also, secondly, that when the place at Proviso: if the which the last Township meeting shall have been held previous to the last election was

e in a City, &c. passing of this Act, shall be within the limits or liberties of any City, Town or Incorporated Village within the meaning of this Act, it shall be the duty of the Municipal Council of the District wherein the same is situated at such special meeting as aforesaid, to appoint by By-law some place within such Township and without the limits of such City, Town or Village for the holding of the first election of Township Councillors for such Township under this Act. XX. And be it enacted, That in all cases in which the election of Who shall be

Returning OffiCouncillors for any such Township shall be by general vote of the whole cer in such case. Township at a general Township meeting as aforesaid, and not by Ward elections as hereinbefore provided for, the Township Clerk for such Township, whether appointed under this Act or before the passing thereof, shall be the Returning Officer for holdiug such election.

XXI. And be it enacted, That on the first Monday in January, in the Election of year of our Lord, one thousand eight hundred and fifty, and on the first Township Coun

cillors when to Monday in the same month, in each succeeding year, there shall be be held. held an election either by general Township meeting or by Wards for Township Councillors for each Township in Upper Canada. XXII. And be it enacted, That it shall be the duty of the Collector for Production of a

copy of the Roll the Township, who shall be in office at the time of any such election, o

of freeholders whether appointed under this Act or before the passing thereof, to pro- and householders

by Township duce at the opening of every such elecțion for a Township or for any by

Ward thereof, either by himself or by some other person, a fair copy of
the Collector's Roll made up next before such election, so far as such
Roll contains the names of the freeholders and householders of such

Township, if the election shall be by general Township Meeting; or so far as such Roll contains the names of the freeholders and householders of the Ward for which such election is held, if the election be for a Ward of such Township; with the amount of the assessed value of the real property for which they shall be respectively assessed on such Roll,

which said copy shall be verified by affidavit or affirmation of such Attestation of Collector, appended to or endorsed upon such copy, and sworn or affirmsuch copy. ed before any Justice of the Peace for the County, to the effect that the

same is a true copy of such Roll, so far as the same relates to the place for which such election is to be held, and that it contains the names of all the freeholders and householders in such Township, if such election be by general Township Meeting, or of such Ward, if the election be for a Ward of such Township, and the amount for which they shall have been assessed, as entered upon such Roll as aforesaid ; and the persons entitled to vote at such election, shall be those whose names are upon the said copy of such Roll, thus verified, and who at the time of the election shall be resident in such Township, or Ward of such Township,

as the case may be : Provided always nevertheless, firstly that the holder Proviso as to parties occupy- or occupier of any separate portion of a house having a distinct commuing portions of a nication with a road or street, by an outer door, shall be considered a house,

householder within the meaning of this Act, in case he shall be assessProviso as to ed therefor as a house upon such Collector's Roll as aforesaid : Provided qualification of

also, secondly, that no person shall be qualified to be elected as a Townan elector.

ship Councillor at any such election who shall not have been entered upon the said Roll as assessed for rateable real property held in his own right or that of his wife, as proprietor or tenant, to the value of one

hundred pounds of lawful money of Canada. Five Councillors XXIII. And be it enacted, That at each of the said yearly Township to be elected

elections, there shall be elected either by a general Township vote or by annually.

Wards, five Councillors for the Township, who shall hold office until the third Monday in January, in the year next after that for which they

shall have been elected. Place and time of XXIV. And be it enacted, That the Township Clerk, whether appointmeeting of newly ed under this Act, or before the passing thereof, or in case of there being pality.

no such Township Clerk, then any one of the Councillors returned at such Election shall, when no place is appointed for that purpose by By-law of the Municipality of such Township, appoint the place for the first meeting of the newly elected Municipality after such Election, which meeting shall be held on the second Monday next after such Election, or if not held on that day, then on some day thereafter, of which appoint

ment he shall give notice to the Member or other Members of the Election of a Municipality; and at such first meeting the Councillors shall proceed to Towureeve. elect from amongst themselves a Townreeve, and in Townships which

shall have five hundred resident freeholders and householders on the Collector's Roll as aforesaid, one Deputy-Townreeve for such Township

for such year. Adjournment of XXV. And be it enacted, That the said Township Municipalities ineetings.

shall and may severally adjourn their meetings, from time to time, at their pleasure, and the Towereeve, or in case of his death or absence, the Deputy Townreeve, shall have power at any time to summon a

special meeting thereof. Meetings to be XXVI. And be it enacted, That the meetings of each Township held in such places as Muni

Municipality shall be held at such place within the Township as they cipality shall shall themselves, from time to time, appoint by adjournment, or by any appoint. By-law to be passed for that purpose. Who shall pre- XXVII. And be it enacted, That the Townreeve shall preside at all side at Meetings. meetings of the Township Municipality, or in his absence the Deputy

Townreeve when there is one, except only when there shall be no Townreeve or Deputy-Townreeve, in which case some other member of such Municipality to be appointed by them for that purpose, shall preside in such Municipality.

XXVIII. And be it enacted, That the Municipality for each Township Appointment of shall, so soon as conveniently may be after their own election or ap

Assessors and

Collectors. pointment, nominate and appoint three Assessors for the Township and one Collector for the same; and that the said Assessors and Collector shall hold office from the time of their appointment respectively, until

Term of office. · the third Monday in January of the year next after their appointment as

aforesaid, and until the Municipality of such Township shall appoint new Assessors or a new Collector in their place, or in the place of any one of them, and in case of a vacancy in the office of any Assessor or Collector by death or removal of residence from the Township, the As to vacancies, Township Municipality shall fill up the vacancy by a new appointment, at its then next meeting, or as soon thereafter as conveniently may be.

XXIX. And be it enacted, That the Municipality of each Township Audit of acshall, upon the Report of the Auditors of the Township, finally audit and counts. allow all accounts chargeable against the Township, and in case any such charges shall not be specially regulated by law, it shall be their duty to allow for the same such sums as may be just and reasonable, and they shall in like manner also audit and allow the accounts of the Township Treasurer and of the Township Collector, except so far as Exception. respects any County Rate collected by such Collector. XXX. And be it enacted, That the boundary lines of the different Boundary lines

of Townships to Townships in Upper Canada shall hereafter be ascertained and estab- .

be permanently lished upon a permanent footing, under the authority of an Act of the established, and Parliament of that Province, passed in the thirty-eighth year of the how. Reign of His late Majesty King George the Third, intituled, An Act to Act of U. C. 33 ascertain and establish on a permanent footing the Boundary Lines of the G. 3, c. 1.. different Townships of this Province, or under the authority of any Act of the Parliament of this Province, to be passed in the present or any future session of Parliament for that purpose, upon the application of the Municipality of each Township respectively, or as such other Act may direct, and not upon that of the Quarter Sessions of the Peace, as required by such first mentioned Act: Provided always, nevertheless, Proviso. that no application of freeholders shall be necessary to enable, such Municipality to make the necessary application for such purpose. XXXI. And be it enacted, That the Municipality of each of the Municipalities

to make By-laws Townships in Upper Canada, shall have powerand authority to make a By- torina

for certain law or By-laws for each, all or any of the following purposes, that is to say: purposes.

Firstly. For the purchase and acquirement of all such real and per- Purchase of real sonal property within the Township as may be required for the use of property. the inhabitants thereof as a Corporation, and for the sale and disposal of the same, when no longer required.

Secondly. For the erection, security, preservation, improvement or Town Hall. repair of a Town Hall, and of all other houses and buildings required by or being upon any land acquired by or belonging to such Township as a Corporation.

Thirdly. For the purchase and acquirement of such real property as School House. may be required for Common School purposes, for building Common School Houses, and for the sale and disposal of the same when no longer required, and providing for the establishment and support of Common Schools according to Law.

Fourthly. For the erection and establishment of one or more Public Public Pound . Pounds in such Township, and settling the Fees to be taken by PoundKeepers.

and other Township Officers.


Pound-keepers, Fifthly. For the appointment, under the Corporate Seal of such TownFence-Viewers ship, of a sufficient number of Pound-Keepers, Fence-Viewers, Over

seers of Highways, Road Surveyors, and of such and so many other Officers as may be necessary for carrying into effect any of the provisions of this Act, or of any other Act of the Legislature of this Province, or of the late Province of Upper-Canada, or of any By-law or By-laws of the Municipality of such Township, and in like manner to displace all or any of them and appoint others in their room, and to add to or diminish the number of them or any of them as often as the said Cor

poration shall see fit. Duties of Town Sixthly. For regulating and prescribing the duties of all Officers acting ship Officers.

under the authority of the Corporation of such Township, and the pen

alties on their making default in the performance of such duties. Their remunera

Seventhly. For settling the remuneration of all Township Officers in all cases where the same is not or shall not be settled by Act of the Legislature, and for providing for the payment of the remuneration by such Act of the Legislature or by the By-laws of the said Municipality

provided and appointed for all Township Officers whatsoever. Bonds, &c., to Eighthly. For regulating the bonds, recognizances or other securities be given by them. to be given by all Township Officers for the faithful discharge of their

duties; for inflicting reasonable penalties for refusing to serve in any

Township Office, and for the infringement of any and every By-law of

• the Municipality of the Township. Drains and water Ninthly. For the erection, construction or repair of such drains and courses.

water-courses as the interests of the inhabitants of such Township shall in the opinion of the Municipality require to be so erected, constructed

or repaired at the public expense of such Township. Highways,

Tenthly. For the opening, constructing, making, leveling, pitching, Roads, &c,

raising, lowering, gravelling, macadamizing, planking, repairing, planting, improving, preserving and maintaining of any new or existing highway, road, street, side-walk, crossing, alley, lane, bridge or other communication within such Township, and for the stopping up, pulling down, widening, altering, changing or diverting of any such highway,

road, street, side-walk, crossing, alley, lane, bridge, or other communiProviso as to en- cation within the same: Provided always, nevertheless, that no such croachments on new, widened, altered, changed or diverted highway, road, street, sidecertain kinds of

walk, crossing, alley, lane, bridge or other communication, shall be laid out so as to run through or encroach upon any dwelling-house, barn, stable, or outhouse or any orchard, garden, yard or pleasure ground,

without the consent in writing of the owner thereof. Highways pass- Eleventhly. For providing, that on each side of any highway, which ing through

shall pass through a wood, the timber shall be cut down for a space not woods.

exceeding twenty-five feet on each side of such highway, by the proprietor of the land on which such timber shall be, or in his default by the overseer of highways or other officer in whose division such land shall lie, such timber to be removed by the proprietor within a time to be appointed by the By-law, or in his default by such overseer of highways or other officer, in which last mentioned case it may be used by the overseer or other officer as aforesaid, for any purpose connected with the improvement of the highways and bridges in his division, or sold by

him to defray the expenses incurred in carrying the By-law into effect; Proviso as to

Provided always, that no such By-law shall authorize or compel the orchards, &c. cutting down of any orchard or shrubbery, or of any trees planted ex

pressly for ornament or shelter.

Twelfthly. For the protection and preservation of any timber, stone, Protection of Timber, Sione, sand or gravel, growing or being upon any allowance or any appropria


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tion for any public road or roads within such Township, and for the sale sale of Tinber of any timber growing or being upon any road allowance, if thought &c. proper, by the Council. Thirteenthly. For regulating the driving and riding on or over any Driving over

bridges. bridge erected or to be erected within such Township.

Fourteenthly. For regulating inns, taverns, ale houses, victualling Inns, taverns, houses, ordinaries, and all houses where fruit, oysters, clams, victuals victualling

houses, &c. or spirituous liquors, or any other manufactured beverage may be sold, to be eaten or drank therein, and all other places for the reception and entertainment of the public within the jurisdiction of the Corporation of such Township, and to limit the number of them, and in all cases when there exists no other provision by law for the licensing of such houses,

Licensing in to provide for the proper licensing of the same, at such rates as to the certain cases. Corporation of such Township may seem expedient; the proceeds of such license, in cases not otherwise appropriated by law, to form part of the public funds of such Township, and to be disposed of as the said Corporation may consider advisable.

Fifteenthly. For making regulations as to pits, precipices, and deep, Pits, precipices, waters, or other places dangerous to travellers.

Sixteenthly. For granting money to the Municipal Council of the Granting of County in which such Township shall be situate, or to that of any ad- money for im.

proving roads, joining County, to aid the making, opening, building, maintaining, widening or improving any highway, road, street, bridge or communication lying between such Township and any other Township in the same or any adjoining County, or in the making, opening, building, maintaining, widening or improving any highway, road, street, bridge or communication within such Township, assumed by the Municipal Council of the County as a county work, or agreed to be assumed by such Municipal Council on the condition of such grant. .

Seventeenthly. For regulating the manner of granting to associated Joint Stock Road Joint Stock Road or Bridge Companies, permission to proceed with any Companies, &c. Roads or Bridges within the jurisdiction of such Municipality, and the manner of afterwards ascertaining and declaring according to law the completion of the works undertaken by such Companies respectively, so as to entitle such Incorporated Companies to levy tolls upon such works, and of all examinations, enquiries and investigations necessary for the proper, efficient and judicious exercise of such power.

Eighteenthly. For taking stock in or lending money to any Incorpora- Taking Stock in ted Road or Bridge Company to which such Municipality shall have Road or Bridge

Companies. granted a license to proceed with such work, in accordance with the requirements of the Statute in that behalf, or in or to any other such incorporated Road or Bridge Company, in whose Road or Bridge the inhabitants within the jurisdiction of such Municipality shall, in the opinion of such Municipality, be sufficiently interested to warrant them in taking such stock or lending such money for the advancement of such enterprize. All dividends, interest and proceeds to arise or be received As to dividends,

interest, &c. from such stock or loan being at all times applicable to the general pur- in poses of such Municipality, and to go in reduction of the rates required to be levied for such purposes. Nineteenthly. For restraining and regulating the running at large of Running at large

of animals. horses, cattle, sheep, goats, swine, and other animals, geese, turkeys and other poultry, and to impound or provide for the impounding of the same, and for fixing the periods of the year during which such animals or poultry shall be permitted to run at large, and those during which they shall be restrained from doing so.

Twentiethly. For imposing a tax on the owners, possessors or harbour- Tax on Dogs. · ers of dogs; for regulating the manner in which such dogs may be

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