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money, in aid of such other moneys as may be raised by the Municipal loan or otherCorporation of such County or Counties, or by voluntary subscrip- wise. tions, for or towards the making, opening, or erecting of any new road or bridge on the bounds of such Village.

Sixthly. For regulating and managing any existing market, and for Regulating establishing, regulating, and managing any new market, for preventing markete, &c. the selling or vending by retail in the public highways any meat, vegetables, fruit, cider, beer or other beverage whatsoever; for regulating the place and manner of selling and weighing butchers' meat, hay, straw, fodder, wood, lumber and fish; for restraining and regulating the purchase and manner of selling all vegetables, fruit, country produce, poultry, and all other articles or things, or animals exposed for sale, or marketed in the open air; for preventing the forestalling, regrating or Forestalline monopoly of market grains, meats, fish, fruits, roots and vegetables; for inonopoly, &c restraining and regulating the purchase of any such things by hucksters or runners living within such Village or within one mile distant from the outer limits thereof; for regulating the measurement, length and weight of coal, lime, shingles, laths, cordwood and other fuel ; and for imposing penalties for light weight, or short count or measurement in Weights and any thing marketed; for appointing Inspectors for regulating weights Measures. and measures in the markets, and within such Village according to the lawful Standard, and for visiting all places wherein weights and measures, steelyards or weighing machines of any description are used within such Village, and for seizing and destroying such as are not according to such Standard ; and for imposing and enforcing the collection of penalties upon any person or persons therein who shall be found in the possession of unstamped or unjust weights, measures, steelyards or other weighing machines, for regulating all vehicles, vessels and other things Vehicles. in which any thing may be exposed for sale or marketed in any highway, street or public place, and for imposing a reasonable charge or duty thereon, and establishing the mode in which it shall be paid ; for seizing and destroying all tainted and unwholesome meat, poultry, fish, Unwholesome or articles of food; and for distraining butchers' meat for the rent of market stalls, and for selling the same after six hours' notice.

Seventhly. For regulating any harbour lying within the limits of such Regulating harVillage, and the vessels, crafts and rafts arriving in it; for imposing and bours, &c. collecting such reasonable harbour dues thereon as may serve to keep such harbour in good order, and provide for the payment of a Harbour Harbour dues, Master, and the erection and maintenance of the necessary beacons Beacons, &c. therein ; for regulating and providing for the erection and rent of wharves, Wharves & piers and docks in the said harbour, and for preventing the filling up or encumbering of any such harbour.'

Eighthly. For regulating the assize of bread, and preventing the use Assize of bread. of deleterious materials in the making thereof: and for providing for the seizure and forfeiture of bread baked contrary thereto.

Ninthly. For enforcing the due observance of the Sabbath; for pre- Observance of venting vice, drunkenness, profane swearing, obscene language, and

Sabbath, pre

venting vice, &e, any other species of immorality and indecency in the streets or other public places, and for preserving peace and good order; for preventing The excessive beating or cruel and inhuman treatment of animals on the

Cruelty to ani, public highways of such Village ; for preventing the sale of any intoxicating drink to children, apprentices or servants without the consent of their legal protectors; for suppressing and imposing penalties on the keepers of low tippling houses and houses of ill fame visited by disso. Tippling houses, lute and disorderly characters; for licensing and regulating victualling

Victualling houses or other houses of refreshment where spirituous liquors are not houses & 05 sold; for the regulation of all public billiard tables, and for licensing

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regulating or preventing bowling alleys or other places of amusement ; for regulating or preventing, restraining or suppressing horse-racing and gambling houses, and for entering into them and seizing and destroying faro-banks, rouge-et-noir, and roulette-tables, and other devices for gambling; for restraining and punishing all vagrants, drunkards, vagabonds, mendicants and street beggars, and all persons found drunk or disorderly in any street or public plade in such Village; for restraining or regulating the licensing of all exhibitions of natural or artificial curiosities, theatres, circuses, or other shows or exhibitions kept for hire


or profit.


Public nuisances Tenthly. For abating and causing to be removed all public nuisances ; &c.

for regulating the construction of privy vaults; for causing vacant lots in central situations when they become nuisances to be properly enclosed; for regulating or preventing the erection or continuance of slaughter houses, gas works, tanneries, distilleries or other manufactories or trades which may prove to be nuisances; for preventing the ringing of bells, blowing of horns, shouting and other unusual noises in the streets and public places; for preventing or regulating the firing of

guns or other fire arms; for preventing or regulating the firing or setting Use of Firearms.

off of fire balls, squibs, crackers or fire-works; for preventing or reguBathing.

lating the washing or bathing in any public water in or near such VilCharivaries, &c. lage; for preventing and punishing parties engaged in charivaries and

other like disturbances of the peace; for preventing any indecent public

exposure of the person, or other indecent exhibition whatsoever; for Obscene language, &c. preventing profane swearing and the use of blasphemous, obscene or

indelicate language, Lock-up houses, Eleventhly. For establishing, maintaining and regulating one or more &c.

public lock-up-houses in and for such Village for the detention and imprisonment of all persons sentenced to an imprisonment of not more ihan ten days, under any of the By-laws of such Village, and of all other persons lawfully detained in custody for examination before a Justice of the Peace or other competent authority on any charge of having committed any offence against the Law or the By-laws of such Village, or detained for the purpose of his transmission to any common gaol or house of correction upon commitment or otherwise either for trial or in the execution of any sentence that may have been passed upon him, either by a Justice of the Peace or other competent authority in

that behalf. Public fountains,

Twelfthly. For the establishing, protecting and regulating of public &c

fountains, wells, pumps, cisterns, reservoirs and other conveniences for the supply of good and wholesome water or for the extinguishment of fires, and to make reasonable charge for the use thereof; and for pre

venting the waste and fouling of public water. Gunpowder, &c. Thirteenthly. For regulating the keeping and transporting of gun

powder and other combustible or dangerous materials; and for erecting, regulating and providing for the support by fees of a Village Magazine for the storing of gunpowder belonging to private parties, and for com

pelling persons to store therein; for preventing or regulating the use of Fire in certain fire, lights, or candles in livery or other stables, cabinet-makers and plaees.

carpenters' shops, and combustible places; for preventing or regulating the carrying on of manufactories or trades dangerous in causing or pro

moting fire; and for regulating the mode of removal and requiring the Ashes,

safe keeping of ashes in proper deposits ; for regulating, removing or preventing the construction of any chimney, flue, fire-place, stove, oven, boiler or other apparatus or thing in any house, manufactory or business

which may be dangerous in causing or promoting fire ; for regulating Chinnies.

the construction of chimnies as to the dimensions and thickness, and

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the carrying of the same to a proper height above the roofs of buildings, and for enforcing the proper sweeping or cleaning of the same by licensed or other chimney sweepers ; for guarding against the calamities of fire by regulating and enforcing the erection of party walls; for compelling Party walls. the owners and occupants of houses to have scuttles in the roofs, and stairs and ladders leading to the same, and for authorizing the Officer to Ladders. be appointed for that purpose to enter at all reasonable times or hours upon the property of any party subject to such regulations for the purpose of ascertaining that the same are properly obeyed; for requiring the inhabitants of such Village to provide so many fire-buckets, in such Fire Buckets, manner and time as they shall prescribe, and for regulating the exami- &c. nation of them and the use of them at fires; for regulating the conduct and enforcing the assistance of the inhabitants present at fires, and the preservation of property thereat; for making regulations for the suppression of fires and the pulling down or demolishing of adjacent houses, Fire Companies. buildings or other erections for that purpose ; for purchasing and establishing and regulating Fire, Hook, Ladder and Property Saving Companies ; for providing medals or rewards for persons who shall distinguish themselves at fires, and for assisting the widows and orphans of persons who may be killed by accidents occurring at such fires.

Fourteenthly. For entering into and examining all dwelling houses, Examining warehouses, shops, yards and outhouses, for ascertaining whetherany such

h dwelling houses,

&c., with respect places are in a dangerous state, with respect to fire or otherwise, and to danger from for directing them to be put in a safe and secure condition ; for appoint- fire. ing fire wardens and fire engineers; for appointing and removing firemen; for making such rules and regulations as may be thought expedient for the conduct of such Fire Companies, Hook and Ladder Companies and Property Saving Companies as may be raised with the sanction of the Corporation of such Village. Fifteenthly. For providing for the health of the village and against Health of the

Village, &c. the spreading of the contagious or infectious diseases; for regulating the interment of the dead, and for directing the returning and keeping of bills of mortality; and for imposing penalties on physicians, ;

tality, &c. sextons and others for default in the premises; and for providing and regulating one or more Public Cemeteries for the interment of the dead.

Sixteenthly. For laying out, improving and regulating any Public Ce- Public Cemetemetery for the burial of the dead that they may obtain and establish for

d that they may obtain and establish for ries, &c. such Village, and for selling or leasing such portions thereof as they may think proper, and for declaring in the conveyance thereof to the purchasers or lessees, the terms on which such portions are to be held, and for making such other regulations for the improvement, ornament and protection of such Cemetery as they may think necessary and proper.

Seventeenthly. For preventing the immoderate riding or driving of Immoderate horses or cattle in any of the public highways or streets of such Village; driving &c. and for preventing the leading, riding or driving of horses or cattle upon the side-walks of the streets of such Village, or other improper places therein.

Eighteenthly. For regulating or preventing the fishing with nets or Fishing with seines, the use of fishing lights, or the erection or use of weirs for eels or nets, &c. other fish in any harbour, river or public waler within the limits of the jurisdiction of the Corporation of such Village.

Nineteenthly. For regulating inns, taverus, ale houses, victualling Inns, Taverna. houses, ordinaries and all houses where fruit, oysters, clams, victuals or &c. spirituous liquors, or any other manufactured beverage may be sold, to be eaten or drank therein, and all other places for the reception and entertainment of the public within the jurisdiction of the Corporation of such Village, and to limit the number of them, and in all cases when

Licensing in there exists no other provision by law for the licensing of such houses, certain cases.

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to provide for the proper licensing of the same, at such rates as to the Corporation of such Village may seem expedient, the proceeds of such license, in cases not otherwise appropriated by law, to form part of the public funds of such Village, and to be disposed of as the said Corpora

tion may consider advisable. Injuring of Twentiethly. For preventing the injuring or destroying of trees plantTrees, &c.

ed or growing for shade or ornament in such Village, and for preventing

the pulling down or defacing of sign boards. Borrowing

Twenty-firstly. For borrowing under the restrictions, and upon the moneys.

security hereinafter mentioned, all such sums of money as shall or may be necessary for the execution of any village work within the jurisdic

tion and the scope of the authority by this Act conferred upon them. Levying

Twenty-secondly. For raising, levying and appropriating such moneys.

moneys as may be required for all or any of the purposes aforesaid, by means of a rate or raies to be assessed equally on the whole rateable property of such Village, according to any law which shall be in force

in Upper Canada, concerning rates and assessments. By-laws for car Twenty-thirdly. For making all such other By-laws as may be nerying their Cor

necessary and proper for carrying into execution the powers herein vesporate powers into execution. ted or hereafter to be vested in the Corporation of such Village, or in any

Department or Office thereof, for the peace, welfare, safety and good

government of such Village, as they may from time to time deem expeGeneral provi dient, such By-laws not being repugnant to this or any other Act of The siou as to By

Parliament of this Province or of the Parliament of Upper-Canada, or laws.

to the general laws of that part of this Province: Provided always, Proviso as to

nevertheless, firstly, that no person shall be subject to be fined more fines.

than five pounds, exclusive of costs, or to be imprisoned more than thirty

days for the breach of any By-law or regulation of such Village : And Proviso

provided also, secondly, ihat no person shall be compelled to pay a greater fine than ten pounds for refusing or neglecting to perform the

duties of any Municipal office when duly elected or appointed thereto. Repealing or Twenty-fourthly. For the repeal, alteration or amendment from time amending By-laws.

to time of all or any of such By-laws and the making others in lieu thereof as to them may seem expedient for the good of the inhabitants of such Village.

V. TOWNS. Inhabitants of LXI. And be it enacted, That the inhabitants of each of the Towns towns mentioned mentioned in the Schedule to this Act annexed marked B, and intituled, in Schedule B, &c., incorpo

"Towns," and the inhabitants of all such Villages in Upper Canada as rated.

shall be erected into Towns by and under any Proclamation to be issued

in that behalf under this Act, shall severally be a Body Corporate, with Corporate

the same Corporate powers as the inhabitants of Villages incorporated powers.

under this Act, except in so far as such powers may be hereby increased,

lessened or otherwise modified; and such powers shall be exercised by, How exercised through and in the name of the Town Council of each of such Towns

respectively. Three Council- LXII. And be it enacted, That for every Ward within the limits of lors to be chosen

any such Town, there shall be chosen three Councillors by the male for every Ward.

resident freeholders and householders of such Ward. Election when to LXIII. And be it enacted, That the elections for each of the said take place. Wards shall take place on the first Monday in January in each year. Appointment of

nu of LIV. And be it enacted, That the Municipality, Town Council or Returning Board of Police in office in each of the said Towns or Villages when Officer.

this Act shall come into force, or who shall be in office when the Proclamation shall issue, erecting such Village into a Town as aforesaid,

shall appoint a Returning Officer for each Ward, to hold the first election pione

Place of clection therein ; and such Returning Officer shall fix the place for the said to be fixed. election, and give notice thereof by posting the same in at least three public places within his Ward, at least ten days next before the election ;

Elections to be and that on the first Monday in January in every succeeding year, a like held yearly. election shall be held, and the Returning Officers and places within each Ward for such elections shall be chosen and appointed by the Town Council in office next before such election, and public notice shall in like manner be given by such Returning Officer of the place of holding such election. LXV. And be it enacted, That it shall be the duty of any person copy of Collec

tor's roll to be having custody of the Collector's Roll, including any Ward or portion of

furnished to Rea Ward of any such Town, to furnish to the Returning Officer, and it turning Officer. shall be the duty of each Returning Officer, at least twenty days before any such election, to procure from such Officer having custody of the Collector's Roll or Rolls as aforesaid, a true copy thereof, so far as the same shall contain the naines of the freeholders and householders within the Ward of such Returning Officer, with the amount for which they are respectively assessed upon such Roll, and every of which said copies Attestation or shall be verified in like manner as the copies of the Collector's Rolls to such copy. be procured at the Township elections as hereinbefore provided : Provided always, that no person shall be qualified to be elected at such Proviso : who election, who shall not be seized to his own use of real estate held by may be elected him, in fee simple or in freehold, or for a term of twenty-one years or electors.

or vote as upwards, of which at least seven years remain unexpired, within the Town for which he is elected, of the assessed value of three hundred pounds, or unless he shall be a tenant from year to year or for a term of years, of real property, within such town, at a bona fide rental of forty pounds per annum or upwards, or shall be in the receipt of forty pounds or upwards of yearly rent or profit, accruing from or out of real property within such Town; and the Councillors aforesaid shall be chosen by the male inhabitants, being either freeholders or householders, who shall be entered on such Roll, and who shall continue to reside within such Ward at the time of the election, and who shall appear upon the said Roll to have been assessed either as proprietors or tenants for a house or for land, or for both, to the value of twenty-five pounds, and by none other. LXVI. And be it enacted, That on the second Monday next after the

Election or said yearly election, the Councillors so elected in any Town shall meet Mayor. and choose from amongst themselves a Mayor for such Town, who shall have the same powers within such Town as are hereinbefore vested in the Townreeve of a Village ; and the Mayor and Councillors shall form Town Council

constituted. the Council of such Town; and the said first meeting shall be held at the place where the Municipality, Board of Police or Town Council form

Meetings. such Town shall have held their usual meetings.

LXVII. And be it enacted, That the Council for such Town shall Powers, &c., of have all and singular the powers, duties and liabilities within and in Town Council. respect of such Town which the Municipality of any Village incorporated under this Act may or can lawfully use or exercise therein.

LXVIII. And be it enacted, That the Gaol, Court House, and House Provision with of Correction of the County within the limits or on the borders of which respect to Gaol,

Court House, every such Town shall be situate, shall be and continue to be the Gaol, cu Court House and House of Correction of such Town as well as of such County, and the Sheriff, Gaoler and Keeper of such County Gaol and House of Correction, shall be bound to receive and safely keep, until duly discharged, all persons committed thereto by any competent power or authority of such Town.

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