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Page 49 - War and the supervision of the Chief of Engineers: Provided, That a board to consist of the Chief of Engineers, the president of the Mississippi River Commission, and a civil engineer chosen from civil life to be appointed by the President, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, whose compensation shall be fixed by the President and be paid out of the appropriations made to carry on this project, is...
Page 50 - ... under construction in that Basin, for which all of the rights of way were furnished by local people through the levee boards. The local people, consisting of 20 levee districts in Louisiana, are today bankrupt. They have issued bonds up to the limit, and in addition to that they have been forced to issue certificates of indebtedness without maturity dates, and it may be years and years before they are ever taken up. That is in addition to bond issues, and more than the limit of the amount of...
Page 6 - I think that is all I have to say, unless there are some questions. The CHAIRMAN.
Page 49 - An Act for the control of floods on the Mississippi River and its tributaries, and for other purposes...
Page 52 - ... stretch of right of way on both banks of the Atchafalaya, for which they paid. They stopped paying for rights of way when some few people asked the Government engineers more than they thought the land was worth. Then they came before the Levee Boards and requested the boards to obtain rights of way, stating that under the local law they could obtain them cheaper than the Federal Government could. While you are on that subject, I would like to call attention to this situation : Mr. Summerlin,...
Page 48 - The committee met at 10 am, Hon. Riley J. Wilson (chairman) presiding. The CHAIRMAN.
Page 50 - Potter was one of the finest hydraulic engineers on the river. Following that the Government engineers advertised for the construction of the first section of the guide-line levees in the Boeuf Basin, which was enjoined by a Mr. Kincaid, one of the property owners, because of the damage done to his property. That case was brought in the Federal Court for the Western District of Louisiana, and WPS tried before Judge Dawkins, and Judge Dawkins ruled in favor of Kincaid. The case then went to the Court...
Page 40 - On the main river it has? Mr. JACOBS. They have set back on some cases some six or eight levees. Mr. WHITTINGTON. Have they enlarged any others? Mr. JACOBS. Yes; they have. In one case there is about 4% miles of levee enlargement, where the levee was smaller than anywhere else on the river, down close to the lower end of the levee side. Mr. WHITTINGTON. And the levees along Baj'ou Vidal and Bayou Alexandria have been practically completed?
Page 39 - ... may be — in the relocations and turnover and enlargement now as compared with 1927 ? Mr. JACOBS. Well, the grade is approximately the same with the exception of one or two cases — I think two cases, as I recall now. Mr. WHITTINGTON. On the west side, in that same area, on down to Algiers, has the Government enlarged that levee or not? Mr. JACOBS. Yes, sir. Mr.
Page 105 - States, and for that reason the act should be amended. Taxation without representation caused our Revolution and this is worse. This is taxation and confiscation without representation and without recourse in law. The fourth reason and the most important reason, gentlemen, is that we have suffered these injustices bravely, patriotically; we have cooperated 100 percent, but we have now reached the point where we can no longer cooperate. Our levee board is bankrupt...

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