The First Gentleman of Europe, Volume 1

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Hutchinson & Company, 1906 - Great Britain

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Page 308 - The Grand Old Duke of York, He had ten thousand men. He marched them up to the top of the hill And he marched them down again. And when they were up, they were up, And when they were down, they were down, And when they were only half-way up They were neither up nor down.
Page 5 - Adonis in Loveliness, was a corpulent gentleman of fifty! In short, that this delightful, blissful, wise, pleasurable, honourable, virtuous, true, and immortal PRINCE, was a violator of his word, a libertine over head and ears in debt and disgrace, a despiser of domestic ties, the companion of gamblers and demireps, a man who has just closed half a century without one single claim on the gratitude of his country or the respect of posterity...
Page 133 - What a good name was in Jerusalem, a known name seems to be in London. If you are celebrated for writing verses or for slicing cucumbers, for being two feet taller or two feet less than any other biped, for acting plays when you should be whipped at school, or for attending schools and institutions when you should be preparing for your grave, — your notoriety becomes a talisman — an ' Open Sesame ' before which every thing gives way— till you are voted a bore, and discarded for a new plaything.
Page 89 - The truth is, that, though I gave up the business early, I had a tinge of dandyism * in my minority, and probably retained enough of it to conciliate the great ones at five-and- twenty. I had gamed, and drank, and taken my degrees in most dissipations, and having no pedantry, and not being overbearing, we ran quietly together.
Page 234 - In town let me live then, in town let me die, For in truth I can't relish the country, not I ! If one must have a villa in summer to dwell, Oh give me the sweet shady side of Pall Mall ! HANNAH MORE.
Page 2 - I cannot sufficiently thank you for your praise ; and now, waving myself, let me talk to you of the Prince Regent. He ordered me to be presented to him at a ball ; and after some sayings peculiarly pleasing from royal lips, as to my own attempts, he talked to me of you and your immortalities : he preferred you to every bard past and present, and asked which of your works pleased me most. It was a difficult question. I answered, I thought the Lay.
Page 246 - Wealth, my lad, was made to wander, Let it wander as it will ; Call the jockey, call the pander, Bid them come and take their fill. When the bonny blade carouses, Pockets full, and spirits high — What are acres ? what are houses ? Only dirt, or wet or dry. Should the guardian friend or mother, Tell the woes of wilful waste : Scorn their counsel, scorn their pother, — You can hang or drown at last.
Page 33 - I venture to differ from your Royal Highness's conclusion. I am myself a schoolmaster, and I think that Dr. Hurd pursued the right method, and that Dr. Markham failed in his duty. Hurd desired your Royal Highness to find the word in the Lexicon, not because he did not know it, but because he wished you to find by search and learn it thoroughly. Dr. Hurd was not eminent as a scholar, but it is not likely that he would have presumed to teach your Royal Highness without knowing the lesson himself.
Page 71 - Majesty, his heirs or successors, signified under the great seal, and declared in council (which consent, to preserve the memory thereof, is hereby directed to be set out in the licence and register of marriage, and to be entered in the books of the privy council) ; and that every marriage, or matrimonial contract, of any such descendant, without such consent first had and obtained, shall be null and void, to all intents and purposes whatsoever, II.
Page 246 - Loosen'd from the minor's tether, Free to mortgage or to sell, Wild as wind, and light as feather, Bid the sons of thrift farewell. " Call the Betseys, Kates, and Jennies, All the names that banish care ; Lavish of your grandsire's guineas, Show the spirit of an heir. "All that prey on vice and folly Joy to see their quarry fly : There the gamester, light and jolly, There the lender, grave and sly.

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