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Sec. 26. Persons qualified to vote at next election shall be admitted to regis-

SBO. 27. Method of voting.
SEO. 28. Ballots.
Sec. 29. Privileges of voters during elections.
Sec. 30. General Assembly may prescribe property qualification for voting in

county, city or town elections.
Sec. 31. Electoral boards; appointment and composition; powers and duties of;

who ineligible,
Sec. 32. Qualifications of officers and of notaries public.
Sec. 33. When terms of officers to begin and end.
Sec. 34. Oath to be prescribed.
Sec. 35. Primary elections, who may vote.
SEC. 36. General Assembly shall enact laws to regulate elections.
SEC. 37. Voting machines.
Sec. 38. Duties of treasurers, clerks of county and corporation courts and

sheriffs in regard to making, filing, delivering and posting list of
unpaid poll taxes; how same corrected.



Sec. 39. Departments to be distinct.



Sec. 40. General Assembly to consist of Senate and House of Delegates.
SEC. 41. Number and election of senators.
Sec. 42. Number and election of delegates.
Sec. 43. Apportionment of State into senatorial and house districts.
SEC. 44. Qualifications of senators and delegates; who ineligible; removal from

district vacates office.
SEC. 45. Salaries of members of General Assembly to be fixed by law; members

not to be elected or appointed to civil offices of profit except by

eloction by the people.
Sec. 46. Time and duration of meetings of General Assembly; adjournments;

majority shall be a quorum; power of smaller number than a quorum.
Sec. 47. Powers of each house of General Assembly to elect its presiding officer,

make its own rules, fill vacancies, and judge of the election and

qualification of members, and punish and expel members.
SEC. 48. Privileges of members of General Assembly.
SEC. 49. Journal of proceedings.
SEC. 50. Enactment of laws; tax laws shall specifically state the tax and re-

qniro a vote of majority of members.
Sac. 51. Standing committee on special, private and local legislation.

SEC. 52. Law shall embrace but one object, which shall be expressed in its

title; how laws revived or amended.
SEC. 53. Time when laws take effect.
SEC. 54. Impeachments; proceeding under; extent of judgment under; indict-

ment, etc., to lie.
SEC. 55. Apportionment of State into congressional districts by General

SEC. 56. Directions to General Assembly concerning elections and declaring

offices vacant.
SEC. 57. Power of General Assembly to remove disabilities.
SEC. 58. Prohibitions on General Assembly as to suspension of writ of habeas

corpus, and enactment of laws referring to religion and other laws.
Sec. 59. General Assembly shall not incorporate churches or religious denomina-

tions; may secure church property.
Sec. 60. Lotteries and sale of lottery tickets prohibited.
SEC. 61. Formation and division of counties.
SEC. 62. Power of General Assembly to enact liquor laws.
Sec. 63. Powers which General Assembly shall confer on courts; cases in which

General Assembly shall not enact special laws.
SEC. 64. General Assembly shall enact general laws in cases mentioned in pre-

ceding section, and wherever general laws will apply; amendment or
partial repeal of general law shall not enact special law; restrictions

as to laws.
SEC. 65. Powers of local and special legislation may be conferred by General

Assembly, by general law, on supervisors and councils.
SEC. 66. Clerk of House of Delegates to be Keeper of the Rolls, without com-

pensation; General Assembly shall prescribe number and compen-

sation of its clerks and employees.
Sec. 67. Limitations on appropriations by General Assembly to charitable and

other institutions; exceptions.
Sec. 68. Auditing Committee, appointment and constitution; powers and duties.



SEC. 69. Governor, term of office.
SEC. 70. How and when elected; how result ascertained; how tie or contested

elections decided.
Sec. 71. Qualifications of Governor.
SEC. 72. His place of residence and salary.
Sec. 73. Duties and powers of Governor.
SEC. 74. Further powers of Governor.
SEC. 75. Commissions and grants; how they shall run and how attested.
Sec. 76. Bills, duties of Governor in regard to; proceedings of General Assembly

in passing bills over veto of Governor; effect of failure of Governor

to sign.
SEC. 77. Lieutenant-Governor, election and qualifications.
SEC. 78. Duties of Lieutenant-Governor.

Sec. 79. Lieutenant-Governor shall be President of Senate; compensation a


Sec. 80. Secretary of the Commonwealth, election and duties; disposition of fee

received by him.

SEC. 81. State Treasurer.

SEC. 82. Auditor of Public Accounts.

SEC. 83. Salaries of officers of Executive Department.
Sec. 84. Checks and balances on officers entrusted with collection of revenu

establishment of.
Sec. 85. Bond of officers handling state funds.

, SEC. 86. Bureau of Labor and Statistics.

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Sec. 103. Salaries of judges.

Sec. 104. Removal of judges for cause.
Sec. 105. Judges shall not practice law or hold office of public trust; exception.
SEC. 106. Writs and indictments.
Sec. 107. Attorney-General, election, commission, duties and compensation;

how removable.

Sec. 108. Justices of the peace.

Sec. 109. Applications for bail.

SEC. 110. County officers, number, terms and compensation.
Sec. 111. Magisterial districts, supervisors; how chosen, powers and du
Sec. 112. Elections for county and district officers, when held; terms of officers.
SEC. 113. No person shall hold more than one office at the same time. Additional

security may be required of officer.
Sec. 114. County not responsible for acts of sheriff.
SEC. 115. Examination of books, accounts, etc., of officers handling public funds.

Sec. 129. Free schools to be maintained.
Sec. 130. State Board of Education, composition; vacancies, how filled.
Sec. 131. Superintendent of Public Instruction, how elected, term of office;

how vacancies filled, duties.

SEC. 132. Powers and duties of State Board of Education.

SEC. 133. School districts; school trustees.

Sec. 134. Literary fund.

Sec. 135. Appropriations for school purposes, school age.

SEC. 136. Local school taxes.

Sec. 137. Agricultural, normal, manual training and technical schools.

Sec. 138. Compulsory education; exceptions.
SEC. 139. Free text-books.
Sec. 140. Mixed schools prohibited.
Sec. 141. State appropriations prohibited to schools or institutions of learning

not owned or exclusively controlled by State or some subdivision

thereof; exceptions to rule.
Sec. 142. Boards of visitors and trustees of educational institutions, how ap-

pointed, and term of office.

Sec. 143. Department of agriculture and immigration, where maintained, how

controlled, composition, qualification of members, how appointed

and term of office.
Sec. 144. Powers and duties of same.
Sec. 145. Commissioner of Agriculture and Immigration; term of office; how

elected; powers and duties.
SEC. 146. President of ulture and Immigration to be ex-officio member of

Board of Visitors of Virginia Polytechnic Institute.

Sec. 147. State penitentiary.

SEC. 148. Board of directors of same, number, how appointed, powers; super-

intendents and surgeons.

Sec. 149. Boards of directors for State hospitals for the insane, number of

members; how appointed, powers and terms of office.

Sec. 150. General board of directors of State Hospital for the Insane, compo-

sition and powers.

Sec. 151. Superintendents of State Hospital for the Insane; how appointed;

how and for what removable; powers; how other resident officers

of insane hospitals appointed; terms of office of superintendents.
Sec. 152. Commissioner of State Hospitals for the Insane; how appointed; term

of office, powers and duties; bond, salary.

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