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LONDON : Printed by WILLIAM CLOWES and Sons, Stamford Street, and Charing Cross




1. Selections, Grave and Gay, from Writings published and

unpublished by Thomas De Quincey. Edinburgh

and London, 1854-60. 14 vols. 12mo.


II.-1. Les Moines d'Occident depuis Saint Benoît qusqu'à

Saint Bernard. Par le Comte de Montalembert, l'un

des Quarante de l'Académie Française, Tt. i.-ii.

Paris, 1860.

2. The Monks of the West, from St. Benedict to St.

Bernard. Authorized Translation. Vols. I. and II.

Edinburgh and London, 1861


III.-1. The Works of Virgil. Translated by the Rev. Rann

Kennedy and Charles Rann Kennedy. 2 vols. 1849.

2. My Book. By James Henry. 1853.

3. The Works of Virgil : closely rendered into English

Rhythm. By the Rev, Robert Corbet Singleton.

Vol. I. 1855.

4. Virgil: literally translated into English Prose. By

Henry Owgan, LL.D. 1857


IV.-1. Ancient Law: its Connection with the Early History

of Society and its Relation to Modern Ideas. By

Henry Sumner Maine. London, 1861.

2. The Province of Jurisprudence determined. Second

Edition. By the late John Austin, Esq. London,



V.-1. My own Life and Times, 1741-1814. By Thomas

Somerville, D.D., Minister of Jedburgh, &c. Edin-

burgh, 1861.

2. Autobiography of the Rev. Dr. Alexander Carlyle,

Minister of Inveresk. 1 vol. 8vo. Edinburgh and

London, 1860.

3. Domestic Annals of Scotland. By Robert Chambers.

3 vols. 8vo. Edinburgh and London, 1858-61.

4. Sketches of Early Scotch History and Social Pro-

gress. By C. Innes. 8vo. Edinburgh, 1861.

5. Reminiscences of Scottish Life and Character. By

E. B. Ramsay, M.A., LL.D., F.R.S.E., Dean of

Edinburgh. Sixth Edition. 12mo. Edinburgh,

1860. Ditto, Second Series. 12mo. Edinburgh,


6. Familiar Illustrations of Scottish Character. By the

Rev. Charles Rogers, LL.D., F.S.A., Scotland.

12mo, London and Edinburgh, 1861,



7. The Days of the Fathers in Ross-shire. By the Rev.

John Kennedy, Dingwall. Second Edition. 12mo.

Edinburgh, 1861.

8. History of Civilization in England. By Henry

Thomas Buckle. Vol. II. 8vo. London, 1861 139

VI.-1. The Russians on the Amur; History of Discovery,

Conquest, and Colonization up to the Treaty of

Peking in 1860 : with a detailed Description of the

Country, its Inhabitants, Productions, and Com-

mercial Capabilities, together with Personal Accounts

of Russian Travellers. By E. G. Ravenstein, F.G.S.,

Corresp. F.G.S., Frankfurt. London, 1861.

2. Travels in the Regions of the Upper and Lower

Amoor, and the Russian Acquisitions on the Confines

of India and China. By Thomas Witlam Atkinson,

F.R.G.S. and F.G.S., author of • Oriental and

Western Siberia. London, 1860.

3. Japan, the Amoor River, and the Pacific, with Notices

of other places : comprised in a Voyage of Circum-

navigation in the Imperial Russian Corvette 'Rynda,'

in 1858-1860. By Henry Arthur Tilley. London


4. Les Nouvelles Acquisitions des Russes dans l'Asio

Orientale : le Fleuve Amoûr. Par V. A. Malte

Brun. Paris, 1860.

5. The Progress and Present Position of Russia in the

East: an Historical Summary. London, 1854.

6. Commentaries on the Productive Forces of Russia.

By M. G. Tegoborski, Privy Councillor and Member

of the Council of the Russian Empire. London,


7. The Chinese Empire. By M. Huc, formerly Mis-

sionary Apostolic in China. London, 1859.

8. Correspondence respecting Affairs in China. Pre-

sented to both Houses of Parliament. 1859-1860 - 179

VII.-1. Opere Politico-Economiche del Conte Camillo Benso

di Cavour. Cuneo, 1857.

2. Camillo Benso di Cavour. Per Roggero Bonghi.

Torino, 1861.

3. Count Cavour, his Life and Career. By Basil H.

Cooper, B.A. London, 1860


VIII.-1. The Rebellion Record : a Diary of American Events,

1860-61. Edited by Frank Moore. London, 1861.

2. Causes of the Civil War in America. By John

Lothrop Motley, LL.D. London, 1861.

3. Considerations on Representative Government. By

J. S. Mill, London, 1861



1.-1. The Works of Percy Bysshe Shelley. Edited by

Mrs. Shelley. One volume. London, 1854.

2. Life of P. B. Shelley. By Thomas Jefferson Hogg.

London, 1858. Vols. I. and II.

3. Shelley Memorials from Authentic Sources. Edited

by Lady Shelley. London, 1859.

4. Recollections of the Last Days of Shelley and

Byron. By E. J. Trelawney. London, 1858.

5. Fraser's Magazine, Nos. 342 and 361, Memoir of

Percy Bysshe Shelley. By T. L. Peacock

· 289

II.-1. Reports of Her Majesty's Inspectors of Coal-Mines.


2. Our Coal and our Coal-Pits: the People in them and

the Scenes around them. By a Traveller Under-

ground. 1853.

3. The Coal-Fields of Great Britain : their History,

Structure, and Duration. By Edward Hull. 1861.

4. Transactions of the North of England Institute of

Mining Engineers. 1852-59


III.-1. The Philosophy of the Inductive Sciences. By

William Whewell, D.D. 1858.

2. History of the Inductive Sciences. By William

Whewell, D.D. 1858


IV.-1. Memoirs of the Life, Writings, and Discoveries of

Sir Isaac Newton. By Sir David Brewster. London,


2. Addresses on Popular Literature, and on the Monu-

ment to Sir Isaac Newton. By Henry, Lord

Brougham, F.R.S. London, 1858


V.-Bell's Annotated Series of British Poets. London.

Twenty-nine volumes -


VI.-Plutarch's Lives. The Translation called Dryden's,

corrected from the Greek and revised by A. W.

Clough, sometime Fellow and Tutor of Oriel College,

Oxford, and late Professor of the English Language

and Literature at University College, London. In

five volumes. 1859

- 459

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