Dancing Winds

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AuthorHouse, Oct 25, 2006 - Fiction - 280 pages
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            In Hitler’s Germany it was forbidden for a Jewish boy to fall in love with the daughter of an SS officer.  But that’s what handsome Sender Rosen did when he fell for Katrin Becker in the autumn of 1938. 

            The holocaust took a brutal turn on Kristallnacht -- the night of broken glass -- but Sender Rosen’s terrible ordeal and the horrors endured by his family were not enough to make him forget Katrin, the love of his life.

            The winds of the heavens danced between Sender and Katrin for seven long years of adversity and adventure, but neither of them allowed the winds to stop dancing.

            There were few Nazi officials who possessed the integrity of Katrin’s father, Hauptsturmfuehrer Horst Becker.  When he joined the SS, his job was to deport Jews and confiscate their money, not torture, starve and murder every single one of them.  Hitler’s hatred took Nazi Germany too far – all the way to genocide.   Horst and his family wanted out.

            Katrin’s dream of achieving classical music excellence and Sender’s determination to succeed in films blend with a poignant story of love, hate, murder, adversity, forgiveness, reconciliation and strength of character.

            Sender’s grandmother and sister conspire in a delightful plot to bring the story to an emotive conclusion that is sure to surprise Sender, and please the reader.

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About the author (2006)

            James C. McCrae’s life experience could be claimed by a person twice his years.  A Canadian, trained in Los Angeles for a career in court reporting, the chapters of his life have included reporting in the justice system and the Canadian Parliament, elected office, real estate and writing.

No matter what else he’s been doing, writing has been a constant in McCrae’s multi-faceted life. 

            Without a law degree, McCrae rose to the level of Attorney-General. Without a medical degree, he became Minister of Health. Contemporaries say James McCrae is an ordinary person who rises to extraordinary heights.           

            He’s reached a new summit with Dancing Winds.

            James and his wife Darlene have five adult daughters; all of them participated in the Dancing Winds project.  Who else but a man surrounded by six loving women could write an adventure story with the poignancy of Dancing Winds?

There are six grandchildren, and more are on the way.

            Prior to his recent return to politics as a city councillor, McCrae wrote a current affairs column - “Right On!” - for his local daily newspaper, the Brandon Sun.

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