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Officers and candidates ineligible.

Removal for mig. conduct, etc.

Petition for appointment of registrars.


To remain on file, open to inspection.

lowing his appointment, has polled a less number of votes in the district than some other party. No person who holds, or is a candidate for, a public office shall act as registrar.

The County Commissioners shall also be empowered to remove any of the said registrars for misconduct or malfeasance in office.

Section 2. The names of two suitable persons to be registrars shall be suggested to the County Commissioners by petitions duly filed for each precinct or ward, by the party representatives of the two leading parties of the precinct or ward. These petitions shall be signed by five electors of the district, and shall set forth the names, addresses, occupations, and political affiliations of the persons suggested. The signers of the petitions shall swear to the truth of the facts set forth therein. The petitions shall remain on file, open to public inspection, at least ten days before the persons named therein shall be appointed, except in cases where a vacancy occurs in the office of registrar within ten days of a registration day, when the appointment can be made without such delay. If no petitions are filed the County Commissioners may appoint without regard to party. No appointment shall be made unless the person who desires to be appointed personally appears before the County Commissioners, and satisfies them of his qualifications. In case of reappointment, however, it shall not be necessary for him to appear before them.

At least one week's notice of the time and place of the examination of the suggested registrars shall be given by the County Commissioners, in the daily press; and any elector may appear, either in person or by counsel, and object to the qualifications of any applicant. If the persons nominated are found not to be properly qualified, the County Commissioners may decline to appoint them; and the party authori. ties of the precinct or ward may then suggest another name or other names for the said place or places.

The registrars shall receive a compensation of three dollars a day, for the time actually spent in the work of registration.

Section 3. The registrars of each precinct or ward shall meet at the polling-place thereof on the ninth Tuesday, seventh Tuesday, and third Saturday preceding every November election, and on the third Tuesday preceding every municipal or February election; and shall remain in open session from eight ante meridian to one post meridian, two to six post meridian, and from seven post meridian to ten post meridian, of each registration day. They shall, on said days, receive personal applications from persons who claim that they are entitled to be registered as voters. They

Notice of time and place of examination.


Compensation of registrars.

Registration days.




shall have power to administer oaths, shall examine
said applicants under oath, and shall record on the
registers, the names of such persons as are qualified
to vote as herein provided. Two weeks' notice of
the registration days shall be given, by the registrars
posting notices at the polling-places.
Section 4. Every person claiming the right to vote

Registration. must appear in person before the registrars, in the precinct or ward in which he lives, prior to every general November election, and if he has, subsequently to the said November election, moved into another precinct or ward, he must appear in person before the registrars, in the district to which he has thus removed, in order to enable him to vote at the ensuing municipal February election; unless, in either case, he is prevented by sickness or necessary absence from Sickness or abthe city from appearing before the said registrars to be registered in person. In either of these cases, it shall be his right, at any time, to present his petition to the county commissioners; and in case they shall refuse to order his name placed on the registration list, the said petitioner may appeal to the court of Appeal. common pleas of the district in which he resides, if the said court is in session, or, if not in session, to any judge thereof; whereupon the said court shall grant a rule upon the said county commissioners to Rule. show cause why the name of the said person should not be placed upon the registers; and the said court, or judge thereof, shall fix a day certain for the return of Return day. the said rule, at which time the parties can be heard; and upon the return of the said rule, upon a hearing Hearing. duly had, if the said court or judge shall be satisfied that the facts set forth in the petition are true, and that the applicant was prevented by sickness or necessary absence from the city from appearing in person before the registrars and being registered, and is quali. fied to vote, the rule may be made absolute; and the registrars shall be directed to place the name of such person or persons upon the registers.

Every person appearing before the registrars, after being sworn, shall answer the questions put to him by them. These answers must be recorded on a single line, in two registers, which shall have the following Registers. form. The size and character of the registers shall be determined by the County Commissioners:


Form of.


[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Instructions on registration form.


Manner of registering answers.

Immediately above the form shall be printed the following instructions: The applicant must be sworn or affirmed that the information given by him in reference to his right to be registered shall be the truth. Any wilful false statement constitutes perjury, and is punishable as such.

Every register shall be indexed alphabetically from A to Z. The answers of the applicants shall be recorded in their presence, in both registers, in the following manner: In the first column shall be entered the surname of the applicant, in the order of his appearance at the polling-place, on the page bearing the index letter of his surname; in the second column shall be entered his Christian name or names; in the third column, his occupation; in the fourth column, the street and number of his residence; in the fifth or sixth columns, whether he is a lodger, lessee or owner, and, if he is a lodger or is lessee of a portion only of a house, the location or number of the room or floor which he occupies; in the seventh and eighth columns shall be entered the length of his residence in the State and district, respectively; in the ninth, tenth, eleventh, and twelfth columns, the location of the house from which he last registered, giving State, city, street, and number, respectively, and the year in which he so registered; in the thirteenth column, the State or territory of the United States, or the foreign country, where he was born; in the fourteenth column, whether, being foreign born, he produces his naturalization papers; in the fifteenth and sixteenth columns, the manner in which he coinplies with the law to the payment of taxes as a qualification of the right to vote, whether by the production of his receipt or by making affidavit; if the applicant is less than .twenty-two years of age, the word "age” shall be recorded in said column; in the seven

th, eighteenth, nineteenth, and twentieth columns, his personal description, designating whether white or colored, his approximate age, height, and weight; in the twenty-first column shall be entered the number of the challenge affidavit of every person who is required to take said affidavit; in the twenty-second. twenty-third, and twenty-fourth columns the election officers shall record, in one register, the obtaining of the ballot, and, in the other, the casting of the vote of the registered elector at the general, municipal or special election, as hereinafter provided.

Section 5. Every person who possesses the qualifications of an elector, as provided in the Constitution and laws of this Commonwealth, or who by continued residence in his election precinct or ward will obtain such qualifications before the next ensuing election, shall be entitled to be registered.

Right of registration,

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