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oughs and wards created since the census of 1900.

The residue of the county of York, not included in any of the foregoing districts, shall constitute the fourth district, and elect one member.

Section 2. The foregoing apportionment being Townships, borbased on the United States decennial census of one thousand nine hundred, each township, borough, or ward created since the said census was taken, and not specifically named in this act, shall form a part of the district to which, by this act, the township, borough, or ward, of what it was at that time a part, is allotted.

Section 3. The first election under this act shall Elections. be held on the Tuesday following the first Monday of November, one thousand nine hundred and six, and thereafter elections shall be held biennially thereunder, until a new apportionment is made after the next United States decennial census.

Section 4. Nothing herein contained shall operate to shorten the terms of the present members of the House of Representatives.

Section 5. All acts or parts of acts inconsistent Repeal. herewith be and the same are hereby repealed. APPROVED-The 15th day of February A. D. 1906.


No. 6.



To improve the government of cities of the first class within this Commonwealth, by prohibiting the solicitation, collection or receipt, directly or indirectly, by or from officers or employes of such cities, of any assessments or contributions for any political purposes whatever; and by providing that any violation of this act shall be punished as a misdemeanor.

Section 1. Be it enacted, &c., That no officer, clerk Assessments or or employe, under the government of any city of the political purposes. first class within this Commonwealth, shall, directly or indirectly, demand, solicit, collect or receive, or be in any manner concerned in demanding, soliciting, col. lecting or receiving, any assessment, subscription or contribution, whether voluntary or involuntary, intended for any political purpose whatever.

Section 2. Any person or persons who shall violate any of the provisions of this act shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and shall, upon conviction thereof, be punished by a fine not exceeding five hundred dollars, l'enalty. and forfeit his office. Section 3. All laws or parts of laws inconsistent

Repeal. herewith are hereby repealed. APPROVED— The 15th day of February, A. D. 1906.


No. 7.


Secretary of the


To fix the salary of the Secretary of the Commonwealth, and to re

quire him to pay all fees, percentages, and commissions into the State Treasury.

Section 1. Be it enacted, &c., That from and after the twenty-first day of January, Anno Domini one thousand nine hundred and seven, the salary of the Secretary of the Commonwealth shall be eight thousand dollars per annum, payable quarterly.

Section 2. That the salary of the Secretary of the Commonwealth, as fixed by the first section of this act, shall be in lieu of all other compensation payable to him as Secretary of the Commonwealth, as heretofore fixed by law, whether as salary as Secretary of the Commonwealth or as fees allowed to him as such; and that he shall be required to pay all fees, percentages, and commissions received by him, by virtue of his office as Secretary of the Commonwealth or on collections made by him as such, quarterly, into the State Treasury, for the use of the Commonwealth.

Section 3. That all acts and parts of acts inconsistent herewith are hereby repealed. APPROVED— The 15th day of February, A. D. 1906.


Fees, etc., to be paid into the State Treasury.

No. 8.


To designate the amount to be expended by the Board of Commissioners of Public Grounds and Buildings each year in the erection or rebuilding of county bridges, under the provisions of the Act of twenty-first of April, one thousand nine hundred and three, and providing for the punishment of persons who combine or conspire

to prevent competition in bidding thereon. Cuunty bridges. Section 1. Be it enacted &c., That the Board of Com

missioners of Public Grounds and Buildings, in contracting under the act of twenty-first of April, nineteen hundred and three, for the rebuilding of county bridges carried away or destroyed by flood or wind storm, shall not exceed in the aggregate award of such contracts the sum of seven hundred and fifty thou: sand dollars in any one year.

Section 2. Any corporation, person or persons, who Collusive bids, etc. shall do or permit any act which interferes or prevents

fair competition among bidders, or submits a collusive bid, or enters into collusion in the making or submission of bids or in obtaining the same, for any such

construction, repairing or rebuilding, shall be guilty of
a misdemeanor; and, upon conviction, shall be sen-
tenced to pay a fine not exceeding one thousand dol-
lars or to undergo imprisonment for the term of two Penalty.
years, or either, or both, at the discretion of the court.

Section 3. All acts or parts of acts inconsistent
herewith are hereby repealed.
APPROVED—The 15th day of February, A. D. 1906.


No. 9.


To fix the number of Senators in the General Assembly of the

State; to apportion the State into Senatorial districts, as provided by the Constitution; and to regulate the election of, and the terms of office of, the present and future elected Senators.


Section 1. Be it enacted, &c., That until the next Senatorial apporUnited States decennial census is taken and an apportionment made thereon, the Senate shall consist of fifty members, and the State is hereby apportioned into fifty Senatorial districts, each of which shall be known by the number herein attached thereto, and shall each be entitled to elect one Senator, as follows, to wit:

First District—The first, twenty-sixth, thirty-sixth, First district. and thirty-ninth wards of the city of Philadelphia.

Second District—The second, third, fourth, seventh, Second. eighth, ninth and thirtieth wards of the city of Phil. adelphia.

Third District-The fifth, sixth, tenth, eleventh, Third. twelfth, thirteenth, fourteenth, sixteenth and eighteenth wards of the city of Philadelphia.

Fourth District-The twenty-fourth, twenty-seventh, thirty-fourth and fortieth wards of the city of Philadelphia.

Fifth District—The seventeenth, nineteenth, twentieth, thirty-first and thirty-seventh wards of the city of Philadelphia.

Sixth District-The twenty-first, twenty-second, Sixth. thirty-eighth and forty-second wards of the city of Philadelphia

Seventh District-The fifteenth, twenty-eighth, Seventh. twenty-ninth, and thirty-second wards of the city of Philadelphia.

Eighth District-The twenty-third, twenty-fifth, Eighth. thirty-third, thirty-fifth, forty-first and forty-third wards of the city of Philadelphia.















Ninth District--The county of Delaware.
Tenth District—The county of Bucks.
Eleventh District-The county of Berks.
Twelfth District-The county of Montgomery.

Thirteenth District-All that part of the county of
Lancaster not included in the seventeenth district.

Fourteenth District-The counties of Carbon, Monroe, Pike, and Wayne.

Fifteenth District-The county of Dauphin.
Sixteenth District-The county of Lehigh.

Seventeenth District—The county of Lebanon, and
the boroughs of Elizabethtown, Mount Joy, Marietta,
Columbia, Manheim, Lititz, Akron, Ephrata, Adams-
town, and Denver, and the townships of Conoy, East
Donegal, West Donegal, Mount Joy, Rapho, Penn,
Warwick, Elizabeth, Clay, Ephrata, West Cocalico,
East Cocalico, and West Hempfield, in the county of

Eighteenth District-The county of Northampton.
Nineteenth District—The county of Chester.

Twentieth District—The townships of Foster, Hazle, Denison, Butler, Sugarloaf, Black Creek, Wright, Dorrance, Hollenback, Nescopeck, Hanover, Newport, Conyngham, Slocum, Salem, Union, Hunlock, Plymouth, Jackson, Fairview, and Huntingdon, and the boroughs of White Haven, Freeland, Jeddo, West Hazleton, Conyngham, Nescopeck, Ashley, Sugar Notch, Warrior Run, Nanticoke, Edwardsville, Plymouth, Shickshinny, and New Columbus, and the city of Hazleton, in the county of Luzerne.

Twenty-first District-The residue of the county of Luzerne not included in the twentieth district.

Twenty-second District-The county of Lackawanna.

Twenty-third District—The counties of Wyoming, Susquehanna, and Bradford.

Twenty-fourth District-The counties of Columbia, Montour, Sullivan, and Lycoming.

Twenty-fifth District-The counties of Tioga, Potter, and McKean.

Twenty-sixth District-The counties of Forest, Elk, Clinton, Cameron and Clarion.

Twenty-seventh District-The counties of Northum. berland, Snyder and Union.

Twenty-eighth District—The county of York. Twenty-ninth District-The county of Schuylkill. Thirtieth District—The counties of Huntingdon and Blair.

Thirty-first District-The counties of Mifflin, Juniata, Perry, and Cumberland.

Thirty-second District-The county of Fayette.

Thirty-third District-The counties of Adams and Franklin.












Thirty-fourth District—The counties of Clearfield Thirty-lourth. and Centre.

Thirty-fifth. Thirty-fifth District—The county of Cambria.

Thirty-sixth. Thirty-sixth District—The counties of Fulton, Bedford, and Somerset.

Thirty-seventh District—The counties of Jefferson Thirty-seventh. and Indiana.

Thirty-eighth District—The first, second, third, Thirty-eighth. fourth, eighth, ninth, tenth, twelfth, fifteenth, seventeenth, eighteenth, twenty-fourth, twenty-fifth, twenty-sixth, twenty-seventh, twenty-eighth, twenty-ninth, thirtieth, thirty-first, thirty-second, thirty-third, thirty-fourth and thirty-fifth wards of the city of Pittsburg, in the county of Allegheny.

Thirty-ninth District-The county of Westmoreland. Thirty-ninth.

Fortieth District-All the boroughs and townships Fortleth. in that portion of Allegheny county lying north of the Ohio and Allegheny rivers, and the boroughs of East Pittsburg, Turtle Creek, Wilmerding, Pitcairn, Wall, and East McKeesport, and the townships of Plum, Patton, Wilkins, and Braddock, in the county of Allegheny.

Forty-first District—The counties of Armstrong Forty-first. and Butler.

Forty-second District—The city of Allegheny, in the Forty-second. county of Allegheny.

Forty-third District—The fifth, sixth, seventh, elev. Forty-third. enth, thirteenth, fourteenth, sixteenth, twentieth, and twenty-third wards of the city of Pittsburg, in the county of Allegheny.

Forty-fourth District-The nineteenth, twenty-first, Forty-fourth. twenty-second and thirty-seventh wards of the city of Pittsburg, the city of McKeesport, and all the boroughs and townships in that portion of Allegheny county lying between the Allegheny and Monongahela rivers, not included in the Fortieth district.

Forty-fifth District-All the boroughs and town. Forty-Nith. ships in that portion of Allegheny county lying south of the Ohio and Monongahela rivers, and the thirtysixth, thirty-eighth, thirty-ninth, and fortieth wards of the city of Pittsburg, in said county.

Forty-sixth District—The counties of Washington Forty-Blyth. and Greene.

Forty-seventh. Forty-seventh District-The counties of Beaver and Lawrence.

Forty-eighth District-The counties of Warren and Forty-eighth. Venango.

Forty-ninth. Forty-ninth District—The county of Erie.

Fiftieth District—The counties of Crawford and Mercer.

Section 2. That the districts, as above enumerated, based on the decennial census of the United States for the year nineteen hundred, shall take the lines and



Lines and boundarios.

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