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[Compiled from the “Statutes at Large." The chapters omitted are private acts.]

CHAP. I.-- An Act authorizing the holding of a under twenty-one years, shall be free when they special session of the United States District Court arrive at the age of twenty-five years; and no for the District of Indiana. (15 Dec. 1862.) slave shall be permitted to come into the State

CHAP. III.-An Act to adjust Appropriations here for permanent residence therein.” (31 Dec. 1862.) tofore made for the civil service of the Navy Depart- CHAP. VII.- An Act to improve the organization ment to the present organization of that Department of the Cavalry forces. Each regiment of cavalry Certain sums previously appropriated are trans- to have two assistant surgeons, and each troop to ferred so as to correspond with the pay and organi- have from sixty to seventy-eight privates. (6Jan. zation as authorized by the act of 5 July, 1862. 1863.) (19 Dec. 1862.)

CHAP. IX.-An Act prescribing the times and CHAP. IV.-An Act to amend an Act entitled places for holding Terms of the Circuit Court for "An Act to provide Internal Revenue to support the The Districts of Iowa, Minnesota, and Kansas. Government, and to pay Interest on the Public Debt," Terms of the circuit court to be held each year approved July 1, 1862. Assessors, collectors, &c. as follows: For the District of Iowa at Des Moines, are empowered to administer oaths, but to charge first Tuesday in May and November; for Minneno fees. No instrument to be void for want of par- sota at St. Paul, third Monday of June and Octoticular stamp if legal stamp of equal value be used ber; for Kansas at same place as district court, thereon, proprietary articles excepted. Official fourth Monday of May and November. (13 Jan. documents of United States are exempted from 1863.) duty. Instruments required to be stamped issued CHAP. X.-An Act to provide for the Imprisonprior to 1 March, 1863, without a stamp, not for ment of Persons convicted of crime by the Criminal that reason to be void; but such instruments, be- Court of the District of Columbia. (16 Jan. 1863.) fore they can be used in evidence, must have the

CHAP. XI.--An Act making Appropriations for proper stamps affixed in presence of the court.

the support of the Military Academy for the year Section 24 of chap. 163, act of 1862, repealed. (25 Dec. 1862.)

ending the 30th June, 1864. $183,391 appropriated

for pay of officers, instructors, cadets, musicians, CAAP, V.--An Act to facilitate the Discharge of

for subsistence, repairs, expenses, &c. (23 Jan. Disabled Soldiers from the Army, and the Inspec- 1863.) tion of Convalescent Camps and Hospitals. Eight

CHAP. XIII.-An Act to amend the Act entitled medical inspectors added to the medical corps of

“An Act to amend the Act of the third March, the army. All medical inspectors to make regll. eighteen hundred and thirty-seven, entitled An Act lar and frequent inspections of military hospitals and convalescent camps. (27 Dec. 1862.)

supplementary to the Act entitled "An Act to

amend the Judicial System of the United States." » » CHAP. VI.-An Act for the Admission of the State The Districts of Ohio and Michigan to constituto of West Virginia into the Union, and for other pur- Seventh Circuit, and Districts of Illinois, Indiana, poses. That part of Virginia known as West Vir- and Wisconsin to constitute Eighth Circuit. (28 ginia, embracing the following counties,- viz.: Jan. 1863.) Hancock, Brooke, Ohio, Marshali, Wetzel, Marion, CHAP. XIV.-An Ad to provide for the printing Monongalia, Preston, Taylor, Tyler, Pleasants, of the Annual Report of the Banks of the United Ritchie, Doddridge, Harrison, Wood, Jackson,

States. Report to be completed before first Mon. Wirt, Roane, Calhoun, Gilmer, Barbour, Tucker, day in October, and 5000 copies to be printed be Lewis, Braxton, Upshur, Randolph, Mason, Put- foro first of December. (30 Jan. 1863.) nam, Kanawba, Clay, Nicholas, Cabell, Wayne,

CHAP. XVII.- An Act making Appropriations Boone, Logan, Wyoming, Mercer, McDowell, Webster, Pocahontas, Fayette, Raleigh, Greenbrier, the United States for the year ending the 30th of

for the payment of Invalid and other Pensions of Monroe, Pendleton, Hardy, Hampshire, and Morgan, is hereby declared to be one of the United

June, 1864. $7,685,300 appropriated. (3 Feb. 1863.) Štates, to be known as West Virginia, admitted

CHAP. XIX.-- An Act making Appropriations for into the Union on an equal footing with the ori

the Consular and Diplomatic Expenses of the Governginal States; and, until the next census, to be enti- ment for the year ending June 30, 1864. $1,260,541.34 tled to three members in the House of Representa- appropriated. (4 Feb. 1863.) tives. The act not to take effect until sixty days

CHAP. XX.- An Act in relation to Commissioned from the date of a proclamation by the President Officers of the United States Rerenuc Cutter Service. announcing the ratification of a change in the Con- Commissioned officers to be appointed by Presi: stitution of West Virginia, by which the seventh

dent. Engineers graded into chief, first, and section thereof is to be stricken out, and the follow- second assistants, with pay of first, second, and ing inserted :-“The children of slaves born within third lieutenants. Wages of petty officers and the limits of this State after the fourth day of July, crew same as for like services in merchant service. eighteen hundred and sixty-three, shall be free; Relative rank of oficers when serving in the Navy and that all slaves within the said State who shall, prescribed. (4 Feb. 1863.) at the time aforesaid, be under the age of ten years, CHAP. XXI.- An Act to amend an Act entitled shall be free when they arrive at the age of "An Act for the Collection of Direct Taxes in In. twenty-one years, and all slaves over ten and surrectionary Districts within the United Stules,


and for other purposes," approved June 7, eigh- CHAP. XXXVII.-An Act for the Relief of Per. teen hundred and sixty-two. Prescribes mode sons for Damages sustained by reason of Depreof proceeding, for sale of lands on which taxes dations and Injuries by certain Bands of Sioux reniain unpaid, how payment shall be made, and Indians. This act annuls the treaties with certain for certificate of sale; also how, and by what per- bands of the Sioux or Dakota Indians, in consesons, the land sold may be redeemed. (6 Feb. 1863.) quence of their acts of war and massacre in Min

CHAP. XXIL-An Act to increase the clerical and nesota during the year 1862, and directs that two other force of the quartermaster-General's Office, thirds of the annuities due, and to become due, to and for other purposes. The second section pro- the surviving members of families who suffered

said Indians, to the amount of $200,000, be paid to vides that the affidavit of a commander of a company may be received to prove loss of vouchers. damage by the depredations of said Indians. Feb. 1863.)

Commissioners to execute the act to meet at St. Caap. XXIII.-An Act to authorize the raising to be heard after September 1, 1863. (16 Feb.

Peter's, Minnesota, by April 1, 1863, and no claims of a Volunteer Force for the better Defence of Ken

1863.) tacky. The Governor of Kentucky is authorized, under the direction of the President, to raise

CHAP. XLIII.-An Act making Appropriations twenty thousand

volunteers, to serve for twelve for the construction, preservation, and repairs of months, within the limits of the State, in repel- certain Fortifications and other Works of Defence ling invasion, suppressing insurrection, and pro- for the year ending 30th of June, 1864. $6,900,000 tecting public property. (7 Feb. 1863.)

appropriated. (20 Feb. 1863.) CHAP. XXIV.-An Act to provide for the pro

CHAP. XLIV.-An Act to provide for the aptection of Overland Emigrants to the States and pointment of an Assistant Register in the Treasury Territories of the Pacific. $30,000 appropriated to Department, and a Solicitor for the War Departproride means of protection. (7 Feb. 1863.)

ment, and for other purposes. (20 Feb. 1863.) CEAP. XXV.-An Act making Appropriations

CHAP. XLV.-An Act temporarily to supply vafor the support of the Army for the year ending cancies in the Executive Departments in certain The oth of June, 1864, and for a Deficiency for the

The President is empowered, in case of Signal Service for the year ending June 30, 1863. death, resignation, sickness, or absence of the $29.861,898.80 appropriated. The second section

head of any executive department, to authorize enacts that no money shall be paid to any person

the head of any other department, or other officer assuming to act in an office not authorized by of any department, to perform the duties of the law; or to any person appointed to a vacancy

vacant office. (20 Feb. 1863.) which existed while the Senate was in session, CHAP. XLVI.-An Act concerning Pardons and unless such appointee shall have been confirmed the Remission of Penalties and Forfeitures in Crimiby the Senate. (9 Feb. 1863.)

nal Cases. The President is empowered, wherever CHAP. XXVI.- An Act making Appropriations a person shall be sentonced to two kinds of punishfor the service of the Post Öfice Department ment, -one pecuniary and the other corporal, during the fiscal year ending the 30th of June, 1861. to pardon or remit, in whole or in part, either $12,900,000 appropriated. The Postmaster-Gene- punishment, without impairing the legal validity ral is authorized to provide for transporting mails of the other punishment, not pardoned or remiton steamships running between San Francisco ted. (20 Feb. 1863.) and Victoria, Vancouver's Island, to be delivered

CHAP. XLVII.-An Act to change the times of at Crescent City, Trinidad, Astoria, Portland, Ore holding the Circuit and District Courts of the gon, and Port Angelos, Washington Territory, as United States for the District of Indiana. The often as those steamships touch at or approach District and Circuit Courts for the District of Inthose points going to, or returning from, Victoria. diana shall be held on the first Tuesdays of May (9 feb. 1863.)

and November. (20 Feb. 1863.) CHAP. XXVII.-An Act concerning the District Courts of the Territory of Washington. Terms to holding the Circuit and District Courts of the

CHAP. XLIX.-An Act to change the times of be held as Legislative Assembly shall direct.

United States in the several

Districts in the Seventh (9 Feb. 1863.)

Circuit. The Circuit and District Courts of the CHAP. XXVIII.- An Act to make the State of Wis- Seventh Judicial Circuit shall be held as follows: consin a part of the Ninth Judicial Circuit. (9 Feb. -For the Northern District of Ohio, at Cleveland, 1563.)

first Tuesdays of January, May, and September; CHAP. XXIX.–An Act to promote the efficiency for the Southern District at Cincinnati, first Tuesof the Commissary Department. A brigadier days of February, April, and October; for the general added to the subsistence department, who District of Michigan, at Detroit, first Tuesdays of shall be commissary-general; also a colonel, a March, June, and November. (21 Feb. 1863.) lieutenant-colonel, and two majors. (9 Feb. 1863.)

CHAP. L An Act to allow the United States to Caap. XXXII.-An

Act to supply Deficiencies in prosecute Appeals and Writs of Error without the Appropriations for the Service of the Fiscal giving security. (21 Feb. 1863.) Tear ending June 30, 1863. $109,825,097.50 appro CHAP. LI.-An Act extending the time for carrypriated. (12 Feb, 1863.)

ing into effect the provisions of the Third Section CHAP. XXXIII.- An Act to incorporate the Na of the Act entitled" An Act relating to Highways timal Association for the Relief of destitute Colored in the County of Washington and District of Colum Women and Cuildren. (11 Feb. 1863.)

bia," approved May 3, 1862. (21 Feb. 1863.) CHAP. XXXIV.--An Act to establish the office of CHAP. LII.-An Act to annex a part of the State Register of Deeds for the District of Columbia. of New Jersey to the Collectio District of New (14 Feb. 1863.)

York, and to appoint an Assistant Collector, to reCHAP. XXXVI.-An Act to issue an American side at Jersey City. Hudson and Bergen connties, Register to the Steamship Karnak. (16 Feb. 1863.) N.J., annexed to the New York Collection Dia

trict, and an assistant collector appointed, to who shall purchase or receive arms, &c., from solTeside at Jersey City. (21 Feb. 1863.)

diers ; may be arrested and held for trial by courtChap. LIII.-- An Act for the removal of the Win- martial, and on conviction be punished by fine, nebago Indians, and for the sale of their Reserva- imprisonment, or by any other penalty except tion in Minnesota for their Benefit. The President death. Offenders may be tried by court-martial authorized to set apart for the Winnebago In

after their discharge or dismissal from the ser dians a tract of land beyond the limits of any

vice; prosecutions to be commenced within six

years. Section 8 prohibits officers, agents, or memState, and to remove to and settle said Indians on said tract. The Secretary of the Interior is firms from acting as agents of the United States

bers of banking and commercial corporations and directed, after the removal of said Indians, to

in its business with such banks, &c. (2 March, cause their present lands to be appraised, after which said lands are to be open for pre-emption

1863.) and sale as prescribed in the act. (21 Feb. 1803.) CHAP. LXVIII.-An Act to authorize an increase

CHAP. LIV.-An Act to divide the State of Michi- in the number of Major-Generals and Brigadiergan into two Judicial Districts, and to provide for Generals for Forces in the Service of the Tnited

States. holding the District and Circuit Courts therein.

Thirty additional major-generals, and This act divides Michigan into two judicial dis- seventy-five additional brigadiers, to be appointed tricts--the eastern and western-by an irregular rious conduct in the line of duty. (2 March,

from officers conspicuous for gallant or meritoline traversing the State from north to south near about the centre of the Peninsula. Detroit 1863.) is made the judicial centre of the Eastern District, CHAP. LXIX.-An Act to fix the terms of the where terms of the courts are to be held on the Circuit and District Courts in the Districts of Wis. first Tuesdays of March, June, and November; consin and Iowa. The circuit court for Wisconand Grand Rapids is made the centre of the sin shall be held at Milwaukee on third Monday Western District, where terms of the courts are in April, and first Monday in July, and at Mato be held on the third Mondays of May and Octo- dison on second Monday in November. The cirber. (24 Feb. 1863.)

cuit and district courts for Iowa to be held at CHAP. LV.-An Act to establish certain Post Des Moines shall be held on second Tuesday of Roads. The third section of this act grants to the May and third Tuesday of October; and the fall Overland Mail Company the privilege to occupy

term of district court at Dubuque, on third Tuescertain lands on their route where their stations day in November. (2 March, 1863.) are fixed, with right of pre-emption. (24 Feb. 1863.) CHAP. LXX.–An Act to amend an Act entitled CHAP. LVI.-- An Act to provide a temporary

“An Act to provide a Temporary Government for the Government for the Territory of Arizona, and for Territory of Colorado.” Section 1 of this act etother purposes. (21 Feb. 1863.) (See title Arizona.] larges and defines the general powers of the Gover

CHAP. LVIII.-An Act to provide a National nor, and fixes his term of office; section 2 confers Currency secured by a Pledge of United States

the veto power; and section 3 makes radical alterStocks, and to provide for the circulation and re- ations in relation to the judicial power, which is demption thereof. (25 Feb. 1863.) [See title NA- by this act vested in a supreme court, district TIONAL BANKING LAW.]

courts, probate courts, and justices of the peace. CHAP. LIX.-An Act making Appropriations for and two associate justices, who shall hold an an

The supreme court shall consist of a chief justice the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial Expenses of nual term at the seat of government. The Ter. the Government for the Year ending June 30, 1864, ritory shall be divided into three judicial districts, and for the Year 1863, and for other purposes. and one of the judges is to reside in each district, $7,866,476.17 appropriated. Section 2 authorizes and hold a district therein. Justices of the peace the appointment of a number of additional clerks shall have no jurisdiction of titles or boundaries and einployees in certain executive offices, to be

of land, or where the sum in dispute exceeds employed during the rebellion, and for one year $300. Probate courts shall have no jurisdiction thereafter. (25 Feb. 1863.)

of debts or claims above $1000. The supreme, CHAP. LX.-An Act to prevent Correspondence district, and probate courts shall possess chanwith Rebels.-Correspondence with Rebel Govern- cery as well as common-law powers. Appeals ment or agents punished by fine not exceeding may be taken to Supreme Court of United States. $10,000, and by imprisonment not less than six Section 4 extends provisions of sections 1 and 2 to months nor exceeding five years. (25 Feb. 1863.) the Territory of Dakota. (2 March, 1863.)

CHAP. LXI.-An Act to amend an Act entitled CHAP. LXXI.-An Act to amend the lars relat“An Act to prevent Members of Congress and Offi- ing to the Post-Office Department. (3 March, 1863.) cers of the Government of the United States from For abstract of this important act, see title taking Considerations for procuring Contracts, Post-OFFICE DEPARTMENT.] Office, or Place from the United States, and for other purposes." Provisions of act to embrace Twenty-Sixth Section of the act of the Legislative

CHAP. LXXII.-- An Act to disapprove of the any agent of the Government. (25 Feb. 1863.)

Assembly of the Territory of Nerada, and for CHAP. LXVII.-An Act to prevent and punish other purposes. Section 26 of an Act of the LegisFrauds upon the Government of the United States. lative Assembly of Dec. 20, 1862, required all militia, who shall present any

false claim against having their principal place of business ontsido the Government, or false voucher, or make false of Nevada, to remove their

places of business to oath, or forge 'any signature, or utter forged some point inside of the Territory, within six papers in relation thereto, or conspire to defraud, months, under penalty.

This act of Congress or steal or embezzle moneys or property of the disapproves and annuls said Territorial Act, and Government; any contractor who shall conceal further empowers all incorporated companies to property; any person who shall give false receipts sue and be sued, &c. in the several courts of in the purchase or delivery of arms; any person Nevada. (3 March, 1863.)

CHAP. LXXII.-An Ad to provide Ways and certain and speedy Collection of Claims in favor of Mears for the Support of the Government. The the United States, and for other purposes. After Secretary of the Treasury may borrow $300,000,000 July 1, 1863, all invoices of goods imported into for the fiscal year 1863, and $600,000,000 for 1864, the United States shall be made in triplicate, and issue therefor coupon or registered bonds signed by the shipper, owner, or manufacturer or payable in from ten to forty years from date in agent; and they shall be exhibited to the nearest coid, at not exceeding six per cent., payable in United States consul or agent, properly endorsed coin. Said bonds may be disposed of at discre- by the shipper, &c., to which the consuí shall certion of Secretary, and they and all other bonds tify. One copy shall be retained by consul, and and notes of the United States shall be exempt one be transmitted to collector of port in United from taxation under State authority; and the States, where goods are to be entered; and no aggregate of bonds, treasury notes, and United goods shall be admitted to entry unless the inStates notes under this act outstanding at one voices conform to the provisions of this act. If time shall not exceed $900,000,000. The Secretary false invoice or certificate is made, goods shall be is further authorized to issue $100,000,000 in forfeited. If triplicate is not received by coltreasury notes, payable at the pleasure of the lector, or if from accident or other cause it is imUnited States, not exceeding three years from practicable to produce invoice, goods may be date, and bearing interest not above six per cent., entered by owners giving bond, and upon terms payable in lawful money. Said notes to be of to be prescribed by the Secretary of the Treasury denominations not less than ten dollars, and they in regulations. The Solicitor of Treasury shall may be made legal tender for their face value, take cognizance of all frauds upon the revenue, exeluding interest, or they may be made ex and the collectors shall report to him all seizures. changeable for other notes, for which purpose of Making entry by false samples or collusion is exchange the Secretary is anthorized to issue punished by fine not exceeding $5000, or impri$150,000,000 of United States notes. The Secre-sonment not exceeding two years, or both. Omtary is farther authorized, if the public service cers who knowingly admit to entry goods for shall require it, to issue $150,000,000 for the pay- less than the legal duty, or who accept from imment of the army and navy and other creditors. porters, &c. any fee, gratuity, or emolument, are In lieu of postage currency, fractional notes may punishable by fine of $5000, or imprisonment for be izned; but the whole amount of fractional two years. Any importer, &c. who shall offer currency, including postage currency, shall not any gratuity or present to a revenue officer is exceed $50,000,000. The Secretary may receive subject to fine of $5000, or imprisonment for two gold coin and bullion on deposit, and issue certi- years. Any person who wilfully conceals or deEcates therefor, which gold shall be retained in stroys any invoice for the purpose of suppressing the Treasury for the payment of certificates on evidenco is subject to fine of $5000, or imprisondemand; and certificates representing coin in the ment for two years. If it shall appear upon aftiTreasury may be issued in payment of interest on davit before a district judge of the United States, the public debt, and they shall be receivable for that any fraud upon the revenue has been duties, but said certificates shall not at any time attempted, he shall issue his warrant directing exceed the coin in the Treasury more than 20 the collector to enter any premises, and seize per cent. Section 7 of the act imposes a tax of invoices, books, and papers relating to such two per cent. per annum on a portion of the cir- fraud, which papers, &c. shall be retained by the culating notes of all banks, and of one per cent. United States, subject to the control of the Secreper annum on all the remainder, except frac- tary of the Treasury. The Solicitor of the Treational notes, which are taxed ten per cent, per sury may rent or sell unproductive lands and ansamn. It also imposes a tax of one-fourth of

other property of the United States acquired in one per cent. per annum on certain portions of judicial proceedings. Upon reports of the attorbank deposits. Returns showing the particulars neys of the United States, claims may be comon which these taxes are to be levied must be promised. District attorneys shall be allowed made by the bank officers under oath. (3 March, two per cont. upon collections under revenue

laws in full for costs and foes; and in suits Chap. LXXIV.-An Act to amend an Act enti- against collectors for acts done in the performdlad - An Act to procide Internal Revenue to sup- allowed reasonable and proper compensation for

ance of official duty, district attorneys shall be port the Goeernment and pay Interest on the Public appearing in defence; and they shall make an

Debt, approved July 1, 1862, and for other pur nual returns of all suits, proceedings, &c., to the poses. (3 Yarch, 1863.)

Solicitor of the Treasury, which returns shall [Por abstract of provisions of this act, see title ISTERXAL REVENUE, under general head of Trea- to Congress. Certain acts limiting the time for

show dates and particulars, and be transmitted sury Department.]

commencing actions or proceedings for the recoCLAP. LXXV.-An Act for Enrolling and call- very of fines, penalties, or forfeitures, under the ing out the National Forces, and for other pur- revenue laws, are repealed by this act. (3 March, Foss. This act declares what persons shall con- 1863.) stitute the national forces, provides for enrolling sed calling them into actual service, how long Laws imposing Duties on Imports, and for other

CHAP. LXXVII.-An Act to modify existing they shall serve, and to what service they may purposes. Prior to June 1, 1863, certain goods in be assigned. It also provides for the appointment bond may be entered for consumption at rates of of provost-marshals, &c., the detection and pun. Chap. 163, Acts of 1862. Cotton and raw silk as aishment of spies, deserters, and persons who ob- reeled from the cocoon, when they are the prostruct the execution of the act. (3 March, 1863.) [For abstract, see title ARMY OF THE UNITED imported from places this side, are exempted from

duct of places beyond the Cape of Good Hope, and States, ander general head of War Department.) any additional duty for two years after passage

CEAT. LXXVI.- An Act to prevent and punish of this act. The prohibition of the exportation Preuds upon the Revenue, to provide for the more of guano is suspended in certain cases. The pro

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